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  1. New Irons and Custom Fittings

    Thanks for the opinions, my dad just bought them a year or two ago but has started having back problems and maybe plays 1-2 times a year now so he could just use my old ones. I will just plan on going into a shop today and hit a few different types. I am 5'11 so I would think there should not be a problem, and thats what I figured that even with just a little better club I could improve enough to be where I want. I am looking to stay at or under $400, so what are some other clubs you guys would recommend?
  2. Hello all! My first post here so I will explain my background and what I am looking to achieve. First of all I am 26 and have played golf on and off since I was a kid, it has always come sort of natural to me. Not saying I am a good golfer but usually for the amount of times Ive played/practiced shows in my score (more I play the lower the score and vice versa). I seem to usually shoot about 90 or there about depending on the course difficulty. I plan to finally nail my handicap this year as I have never really cared enough to figure it out. About 6-7 years ago my dad bought me a Top Flite all in one, everything you need in a box type thing. The only thing I have done to those is had them re-gripped, which for the amount of time I play has been working well enough but now that I am getting more serious it is time for an upgrade. Anyway here are my questions. 1) My dad has a set of TM Rocketbladez HL irons that I don't think he has even used yet, he said he would be more than happy to give them to me. I plan on going into a shop this week to figure out exactly what my club head speed but I am sure I usually have a high club head speed, my guess is around 90-100. So i know these clubs have the regular flex so just kind of guessing with this info but do i take the clubs with regular flex or buy new ones with a stiff flex? 2) Obviously club fitting is beneficial and I have never had it done but I figure if I plan on playing a lot why not? So I guess my second question is do I really need to do this or should I see where a new set of clubs off the shelf gets me? I am not trying to be a pro but any help is better than none. So what are your opinions on this? Thanks in advance for the help, it is appreciated