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  1. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    i got a feeling that much of that flipping is due to backswing faults ie, dropping my head, left knee going forward instead of right. And then sliding way forward. Instead of turning. Still need to get my upperbody a bit more over the ball. Instead of leaning back.
  2. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Ah i see, particularly this image.
  3. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Update trying to get my club more on plane. Removing THE cupped position at top of backswing. any remarks? Ideas?
  4. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Took a lesson today, pro pointed out that i should rotate my shoulders more starting my backswing. Like most of you suggested. Results, more stability, consistency, great!
  5. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    I'm trying to get more stable in my backswing and i kind of see and feel more stable. Flaring out the feet and keeping my head centered. But in the downswing i think my sequence is a bit messen up. Im constantly having shots leak to the right. Frustrating... Im also aware of the club overtaking my arms on the follow through but i can't get around the idea that my arms must swing out(straight after impact) but getting my clubhead square... Any ideas?
  6. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    I'm getting some practice sessions tomorrow and the day after. Will update what I'll find:)
  7. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Thank you:)
  8. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Anyones ideas are welcome, i think i get what you are saying. Boiling down to what savyswede said but also focusing on my shoulders. Although video drills would help. I never quite noticed that i flipped my wrist. Untill you guys pointed it out. Thanks for that. As for my grip, i think its in a good place in my hand, ie more fingers than palm but it do have the tendency to overgrip with my left hand. ? What a sport!
  9. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Or like a towel yes? Ive also stumbled upon a video by 5kp saying a drill to keep your lower body more stable is to keep your right goed up during THE whole swing!
  10. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Is it just me or does that 2nd ball really disturb my backswing?
  11. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Great to hear some new ideas, opinions on my swing. Sometimes you just search over and over or over analyze. Im going to the range a couple of times this week and try out some different things. Sorry for the embedding!
  12. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

  13. My Swing (Diego Verbeke)

    Couple of doubt/thoughts i have for my swing. May set my wrists too late encouragung over rotation of my shoulders. Most of THE time trackman shows i have a club path of 5+, a bit much. And obviously lower body stability, but i havent really found a way to do it. Also im not quite sure if i lag properly. I may 'flip' because i have trouble with an open clubface... I really look forward to your guys views, been looking all over and not quite having succes! I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 20 My typical ball flight is: straigthish, leaking right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slicing THE driver Videos:
  14. Camera course VLOGS

    Yes it would defintely be handy if it were handheld, me filming a friends shot and watch it land when zooming in. Like those vlogs. But do you have any idea about alternatives ? Ive just watched his latest vlog and it seems like a professional cam. but considering a gopro do you need a shoulder stabiliser ? You cant just take the gopro and zoom and such? Or would that greatly reduce quality ? Or would a regular videocorder do the trick ? For example [URL]http://www.amazon.co.uk/JVC-GZ-RX115-Camcorder-Black-Optical/dp/B00IUC9GIC[/URL] and what would be ket factors and numbers? So full hd, 60fps ? 120? battery size? Sorry for all the questions!
  15. Camera course VLOGS

    Aah interesting! Do you think thats the best wat to go?