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  1. Kangaroos on the Golf Course

    Creatures of leisure boogie.
  2. Kangaroos on the Golf Course

    These photos are from my home course. Albury golf club.
  3. R.I.P. Arnold Palmer

    Rip The king of golf. http://www.news.com.au/sport/golf/golf-great-arnold-palmer-dead-at-87-after-battle-with-illness/news-story/1ed403209767d8a2d8a8800bbcfc9737
  4. Ten Finger Grip

    I use a 10 finger grip after years of a pardon grip. Broke my pisiform bone in my wrist along with a 2mm separation after pounding balls at my local park. You see the ground was hard as a cats head due to no decent rain for 8 months and repeatedly hitting balls off it it took it toll. I have no pain in my wrist when using a 10 finger grip.
  5. Sorry iacas haven't had aim point training. Tried my own variance of aim point with feeling with my feet and using fingers. Im sure there is more to it than that.
  6. Fellow golfers and sand trappers, before I start this thread Im not here to push an agenda or sell anything. What Im about to let you in on is a massive golf game changer. I read CJ Decker's book on Secrets of the fall line and like a lot of things in golf I wasn't to concerned about until I saw with my own eyes how great it was. Its universal, can be used anywhere and is easy to understand. As for those of you who have read LSW green reading has a very high value attached to it. Ta Nagah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6uFbhzU29I https://secretsofthefallline.com/
  7. Cool.Strange coincidence my first born son was born on Wednesday 27th November 2002. Three years to the day on my first hole in one.
  8. I've had a hole in one on the 6th Hole Springwood Country Club NSW Australia 27th November 1999 in a tournament. Had 4 eagles on par 5s and 2 on par 4s. Broke 80 about 40 times . Broke Par twice.
  9. Don't count past 5 on any hole/magic pencil when writing down scores. In all seriousness, relax and enjoy the process of hitting shots. Cocky swing conservative course management.
  10. Your Favorite Golf Movie

    Seve the movie. It gives an appreciation of what he was he like. In his words " Golf is about how many not how" Love that quote.
  11. I I was able to find the video series of Paul Runyons short game.Enjoy. Let me know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VZ_GdIYaJU
  12. Played Metro about 5 times with my mate Cam. Awesome track. Huntingdale and Yarra Yarra are also great courses. I play at Albury and Howlong mostly. Theres a a young guy at Albury who plays on the colts pennant side at the Commonwealth. He plays off 2 at Albury.
  13. @Mjrowe1 Good luck on your venture mate. I play in Albury just up the road from Melbourne. Can I suggest you check golfgooroo.com.au it is a plug for a mate who was the number one hitter at Metro in the div 1 pennant team plus one about 5 club championships there. He got down to a plus 3 Handicap at metro. His insights into the game and how he played 14 consecutive par or subpar rounds. He did this at 5 different courses too. Any Aussies here at the sand trap know that Metro is a sand belt course that is very hard to play to your handicap. All the best on your venture.