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  1. Human glacier. That’s gold. $20 bucks he won’t get pinged for slow play.
  2. He claimed that he found “his ball”. It had identical markings to the one in the hole. Titleist Pro V Red 4 with 3 blue dots in a triangle. That’s not a coincidence. He cheated when he said that was his ball regardless of the “other ball”being in the hole. If he had of gone back and played a provisional ball from the same spot as his previous shot then that would have counted as a 2.
  3. The best one I’ve heard was a guy who hit his approach shot to a blind pin, searched for his ball and after 2-3 minutes he said he found it in the rough near the green. The first guy to putts out finds this other players “ original ball “ in the hole. It was a par 4. Would have been a eagle. Wrote 5 instead after a horrible chip and 2 putts. Must have been his conscious that got to him. Serves him right for finding “ his ball “.
  4. I play off 2 or 3. I don’t bomb my drives but they get out to 265 yards. My distance control on all my irons and wedges are good. ( put in tonnes of hours into it)Putting depends on the day. I’m not streaky but solid. Now I’ve played numerous times with a young Aussie Pro by the name of Zac Murray. He recently won the New Zealand open.Played off a plus 5 at my old club. Yes he smashes drives and irons but he picks up his shots from 110 yards and in he is deadly. If you have read LSW distance is a factor because you can’t score well if you hit short drives plus it’s easier to hit a 9 iron into a par 4 than a 6 iron. Zac is deadly from 110 yards and in, is because his drives and iron play allows him that comfort. Consistently hitting fairways with decent length plus good distance control on the second shot is a key factor in scoring plus good course management.
  5. I hit a 7 iron yesterday 190 yards pin high. I hooked the face to make it more like a 5 iron. But hey I hit a 7 iron 190 yards, problem is that I usually hit my 7 iron ( carry about 143 yards of carry). I also opened the face of my 7 iron and hit it 128 yards and it stopped on a dime.
  6. Get the book the lowest score wins. It's much cheaper, based on quite a bit of data, and has helped me immensely.
  7. I hit a stock draw with my woods and irons. When I’m on the tee, I go to the left side, aim left and it draws back on the fairway. Same with approach shots. i can hit a fade if I need to but I prefer my stock draw.
  8. I was trying to highlight the fact that Gary Player likes to pump his own tyres and that the GOAT debate, his name never gets mentioned. FWIW as far as the influence of golf and a generation Tiger is the GOAT. Someone once said Tiger doesn’t move the needle, he is the needle.
  9. Gary Player had 165 international wins. Travelled approximately 15 million miles. He’s never mentioned as GOAT.
  10. What we witnessed yesterday was pure sport, drama and GRIT by the bucket load. I have to admit that I too wrote Tiger off but what he did yesterday was nothing short of outwitting his opponents with the exception of Koepka. Tiger was patient and calculating. When Finau and Molinari dumped it in the water on 12 he made par then watched all the other 9 players around him finished he was in the box seat. To close with a bogey and win by one just goes to show you that he got the job done. Chin up golfers, Tiger proved you can bogey the last hole and win.
  11. No Molinari is gun barrel straight and can putt the dots off the ball. His shot on 12 is a good example. He’s my pick to take it out. Sadly Rory can’t seem to deal with Augusta at the moment.
  12. The cream rises to the top on moving day. Don’t write off the big cat though.
  13. Zac Murray a local golfer in Albury/Wodonga ( border towns) played off +5 at my home course. He’s a pro golfer who won the 100th New Zealand open. He holds our course record at 62 off The the stick. Our course is 6400 yards off the back tees.
  14. Masters: Rory McIlroy (-14)PGA Championship: Dustin Johnson (-7)U.S. Open: Bryson Dechambeu (-1) British Open: Marc Leishman (-11)
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