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  1. Is that gaining an unfair advantage if you watch a putt or chip, break by other players while watching this through your range finder?
  2. The entire premise like you Shorty is protecting the field. I play in Albury,NSW. We pay our $13 and expect that all players competing in comps are playing by the rules. Hence, protecting the field. In saying that there was one retired AFL player who thought he could take advantage of his fame and play beyond the rules.He was called and ostrasised from every club on the border.
  3. I can’t find any rule that states that you cannot walk the course before a competition round. In Australia it’s not customary to hand out pin sheets before a round. The only time was once in a club championship. Question is it permitted. If that’s the case can I roll a ball to a pin placement? Just wanting to know if it’s permissible as I’m not practicing or playing ?
  4. Right shot, right club at the right time. That’s my aha moment. Ego is a dirty word in golf. The games about scoring not how far you can hit an 9 iron.
  5. Once you get your handicap down past 6. On certain holes Pars don’t cut it. I feel you need at least 3 birdies in your round to off set the occasional bogey. That’s why par 5s are your friend and Par 3s aren’t. For me it’s easier to score a birdie on a par 5 than 3. I think too that your mental state and general thinking around course has to neutral. That is not over amped or not caring at all.
  6. I agree that coaching works to a point. If there is one thing I need is that I have to have a qualified coach look at my fundamentals. I think all golfers of all abilities can have some traits/ habits creep into set up/ grip/ ball position etc that have a profound effect on your ability to shoot good numbers. Example for me is my feet/hips are square to the target except my shoulders which are closed. This can cause a double cross/pull or push slice. Consistently aiming/alignment with a sound grip is 80% of the golf swing.
  7. Thanks Rippy_72. Some great advice there. I’ll check out that software. Very similar story. Talented athlete in Rugby, Tennis and cricket. Played/Represented at Regional and State level. My strengths are off the te about a 2 . Approach shots I’m about a 7 and putting about a 6. Im happy just to see what I’m capable of as far as handicap goes. Thanks again 👍
  8. Background - Been a 2 capper with very little coaching and was able to practice often. Fast forward 15 Years. - Drifted out to 4 have some time to practice ( Got 3 kids always doing something through the week eg piano, swimming or other activities in the afternoon). Question 1 is Will coaching every 2 weeks/ once a month and practicing 3 x a week ( range and 9 holes) help me get back to 2 or scratch ? The coach I’m looking at has coached 3 European players who have won on that tour and numerous other titles. So he has produced a lot of really good golfers Question 2 - I’ve read
  9. I’m just about to go and pick up my new Taylor Made P790. These things are just outright sexy with a capital S. I previously used Titleist 695 mb. 2008 model.
  10. As I said it’s Brooks Koepka. I may come across as a fan boi (which I’m not) but the equipment and ball, which are allowed to go so much more further than 2005. 9 under does seem rathe generous I know but the pros these days don’t care about rough/bunkers any more.
  11. Players: Ricky Fowler (-16) loves it.Masters: Marc Leishman (-15) Is due for it.PGA Championship: Brooks Koepka (-10) it’s Brooks KoepkaU.S. Open: Brooks Koepka (-9) as aboveBritish Open: Rory McIlroy (-7) Will be primed at Royal St George’sFedExCup:Justin Thomas (-19) Great form this year.
  12. Maybe they could roll the WGC and Rolex events into it but change the format a little. 72 holes of stroke play over 4 days does seem to drag a bit.
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