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  1. Take a guaranteed par over a doubtful bogey any day. Correct if the 5 footer coming back missed but if you sunk 50% of 5 footers then its all about risk/reward.
  2. Would you rather... #14: leave a birdie putt 3 feet short or 5 foot past the hole ?
  3. I’ve suffered with it in both elbows at different times. Guard or brace usually works well along with anti-inflammatories. Side note- I noticed your a Hawthorn fan too.
  4. Apologies before hand for the photos. May have to enlarge but here are the photos I took from outside our Proshop regarding the handicap system we have here in Australia.
  5. 6.My group would be #Patrick Reed #Jordan Speith # Club Pro Guy. # Me That would make for an interesting 18 holes of Golf. Speith and Reed have to share a cart as well. Club Pro Guy and myself would be in another. Venue would be The International Golf Club's Pines Course in Bolton, Mass just for laughs as it is the longest course @ 8325 yards short.
  6. I’m a teacher and a ex-student and today I was playing in a comp round with him and he hit a 6 iron 154yards to 3 feet and knock the putt in. It was extraordinary because he hit it out of a dam that had run dry and it was still muddy and not real solid under his feet. Its probably the best single shot hit I have ever seen by an amateur or professional hit live. The fact that it was out of a dry up dam was a one in a million shot.
  7. My old club format was 36 holes Sat/Sun of stroke play to qualify for a top 8 in match play the following week. Sat 36 holes of match play then the 2 out of the 8 play a 36 hole match play on the Sunday to determine the winner. It was brutal. I came 2nd last year in A Grade ( plus caps to 6 handicap) got beat in the last four on Saturday match play to get into the final. The club I’m at now has 72 holes of straight stroke play off the blues.Tips. We have A Grade ( US calls flight) scratch to 9 ( Gross score and net divisions). B Grade 10 - 19 handicap Gross and net C grade 20-36 handicap gross and net. It happens one year it was a gross of 292 in A Grade the next it was 10 under 278.
  8. 75 for net 71. 3 double bogeys in it. 122 degrees Fahrenheit today in Albury - Australia. I played in the first group this morning at 7:08 am. Temp was a chilly 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Had my chances to go really low but 2 bad club selections cost me 4 shots.
  9. Today 75 off the stick. 3 over par 72. Slope 132. 3 birdie putt lip outs. Swing within myself. Enjoyed the round. At the moment on the east coast of Australia we have a huge number of bushfires. So far in the state of New South Wales we have had 2.48 million hectares that have been burnt. A firestorm rolled a 10 tonne fire truck over 3 times. Visability is down to 300 yards. Fires are about 100 clicks from my club.
  10. Agreed. It’s no use having a killer short game if it takes you 4 shots to get on the green. I’ve had mates who were touring Pros. One in Particular “Marshy” played with a scratch marker and myself. I was playing off 5 at the time. I finished with 74, scratch scored 72 and Marshy shot 64.( Par 70). We all played well but Marshy controlled the distances on all his full shots. His ball striking compared to scratch and me was so way above our standard. This was in 2008. He laughed when we both said his short game was great. He said crap, I just hit my full swings the right distance.
  11. I’m a “scratchy” 3-5 capper. Im a great driver of the ball, chip and putt well. My biggest downfall is pushing hard on holes where danger lurks or take a an approach shot that “easy”.( Inside a 110 yards). As I progressively got better you get cocky at times. You risk certain holes knowing you can get up and down. Recently in a monthly medal I shot 83 ( par 72 Slope 133). I hit 2 approaches that bounced at right angles and I ended up in the rough. ( trees scrub and Bush). I have to take a lot more conservative approach as my skills are above average doesn’t mean that old man par will bite you on the @$$.
  12. Missed 3 foot putt and a shank inside 100 yards.
  13. @iacas The short game/putt for dough mantra misnomer as found in LSW and ESC is the paradigm shift that for a majority of golfers don’t want to accept. I too had that same mindset. It’s not until you see the stats and obvious facts that it shatters a lot of preconceived ideas about what separates average and great players. Give me an extra 20 yards off the tee and an added 20 yards on my 3 wood and hybrids and I’d be happy to play in a heap of Senior Events in Australia.
  14. I stand corrected. Radar is a champion. Has some great insights into the game.
  15. I think it’s Luke Elvey. Aussie Sports commentator. https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-elvy-b4803a82
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