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  1. 409 during a long drive comp. i remember it like it was yesterday. Swing felt nice and smooth, the actual contact... felt absent. I felt like I whiffed at the ball. it was the most perfect contact I have ever had. Started right and moved left just a little, hit the top of a yardage marker on the pole and shot forward like a rocket. It actually left the range and people had to walk in the field to find it. drive ended at 409 on the nose. I won a putter, 125 bucks, and 2 free rounds w/cart. I have never come close to hitting it like that since, and trust me i try every time and it ends badly.
  2. its a little over 2 hours from us, but we played this place today. it is one awesome course!!! I made an album on imgur if you care to see: http://imgur.com/a/NFzOo
  3. my dad was taking practice swings with his old driver. he asked me to stand behind him with my go pro and video him to see how his back swing looked. he took his back swing and the head of his driver flew off. in slow motion i watched it sail towards my nether regions. i was able to turn to the left a little bit and it nailed me right in the hip bone. stung like a &*(%. he laughed, my brother laughed, i cried, we all had a good time.
  4. I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver! I predict that the BLUE (East Coast) TEAM will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 32 to 24 . The MVP will be @GolfLug with 11 points won.
  5. if you get the chance, head south(ish) to Parma and play La Roca golf club. its one of the more unique courses I have played down there (i live in Germany).. Also if you want a once in a life time trip... Play the golf course in Venice, I believe you hit over one of the canals and the rest of the holes are along the lagoon. welcome to TST!
  6. if you ever get the opportunity go play Hubbard Golf Course at Hill AFB.... they should name it tree AFB.. welcome to TST looks of awesome info here
  7. welcome... Northern Cali... Beale or Travis? I used to love playing Beale because it was relatively open for hack such as myself!
  8. Thanks for the post(s) Gent's and Gal's. One of the main reasons I put so much pressure on myself was because it was my first time at anything even remotely close to something like this. I have played in many, many 4 man tournaments before with friends, best ball of course, and they were all just plain fun. They had nothing to do with money or fanfare which is probably why they did not bother me in the least. My main thought the entire day was that I did not want to disappoint the Pro I was playing with. I know that at what I typically shoot I would not come close to Par and since I was being
  9. I played in my first ProAm this weekend. It was a German sanctioned event. The Pro I played with played pretty dang well. The practice day I played ok. The day of I played worse than I have ever played in my life. A little historical info. I am by no means decent at golf. I have had my moments with birdies, eagles and many many pars. I have a higher handicap, 22 at the moment. I had a buddy of mine caddy for me, and he was awesome! He excels at training folks in various work related things and excelled at helping me with chips and putts. When I was on the range things were
  10. I posted this question over at reddit as well but figured it's best to ask here also. I am playing in my first ever PGA sanctioned Pro Am, me being the Am in that, of course. I am playing at what appears to be a very awesome course in Germany. Since I have never done anything like this of course, what type of things should I expect different from this, and just playing with my buddies. I understand I am not going to win at this and the "have fun" part but are there any other tidbits of wisdom someone more seasoned at something like this could pass on? Thanks in advance!
  11. welcome! i play also in Germany at the Neckertal Golfclub in BW
  12. I am proud of where I come from, and I use this even in France. I have only got one or two odd looks over in France, but most people say its a cool looking bag, im proud of it.
  13. I have not seen one, and my iPad is being very funky right now, when I try to search I get a solid white screen... Anyway, for those who decide to have an adult beverage, what s your poison of choice? Right this second for me it is considered one of e finest beers in the world http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripel_Karmeliet
  14. You are not going to want to play in France or parts of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, or Austria at all lol
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