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  1. Valid Complaint or Whining? Westwood on Weekley...

    Quiet, hmmm, really? Was I dreaming or did I hear "olay, olay, olay" from the Euro contingent? I guess I imagined it last Ryder Cup too. I won't apologize for being from the US, born and raised and proud of it, and not shy about cheering for my country. What the hell is olay, olay, olay******something from a bullfight? If you don't like the Ryder Cup, don't waste your time watching it. Personally, I think the team concept is great and love it. I am proud of the Kentucky fans. Can't please everybody all the time. Westwood, go home and stay there. When did Azinger say it was okay to cheer Euro's missed putts. I recorded and watched the entire Cup. Never heard that. Could you be taking something out of context or just improvising what you thought you heard. This time the US had the 13th man. It alternates every two years. These people were cheering their country's pride and those who represent their country, not typical prim and proper golf behavior. I think I saw some leprechauns in the crowd, problem with that too? Ryder Cup is not typical. It is what it is. It is a refreshing change from the individual competition which I love as well.
  2. Valid Complaint or Whining? Westwood on Weekley...

    Did you get a chance to watch the 2006 Ryder Cup or any other Ryder Cups? This is the Ryder Cup, Solheim is the same way. It is not traditional golf. It is a team event. Fans cheer their teams. If you don't like the galleries, refuse to play. It should be a privilege to play for your country or continent but if the galleries might offend you ---- DON'T GET INVOLVED. Etiquette is a huge part of golf, agreed. The part I don't get, this is match play, Boo makes a long unlikely putt and you expect Boo and the crowds to not acknowledge? Get real! The putts that were celebrated needed to be celebrated. You can bet your sweet ass that if Tiger had made a putt like that in tournament play, the crowds would have erupted. Yeah, Boo got excited. He should have, good for Boo. You go Boo!!!! Lighten up. Where is your team spirit? 40,000 spectators were at the Ryder Cup each day. There is a home course advantage and I can't believe you just noticed this for the first time. It is always this way. Oh yeah, speaking of baseball like crowds. What about the par 3 at FBR in Phoenix where they get booed if they miss the green?
  3. Valid Complaint or Whining? Westwood on Weekley...

    IMHO, Westwood was whining. He also whined after a bad round at this year's PGA tournament when he shot in the upper 70's that the course was set up ridiculously hard. I think he shot 77 the first day and he played the same course of those who shot 68's. The Ryder Cup is great. It is so different from normal tournament play. Every two years it alternates from US to Europe. They treat us the same way I am sure. The way I see it, if Westwood doesn't like how the US does things, stay across the pond. Stop whining!!!!!