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  1. Royce Brook East, Rutgers and Colts Neck are all solid and maintained well. Colts Neck comes out of the winter pretty well and the greens are as good as they get anywhere in NJ in March. You pay for it at Royce Brook but for $95 it's a no-brainer unlike Architects for that same price. Unless you like playing on crabgrass. Architects, which I have played twice, is a fun course to say you played it because of what it is. To each his own though. Rutgers is a good value (~$62 weekend w/cart) Not previously mentioned probably because it's further from you would be Eagle Ridge in Lakewood (Pines/Ridge) because it reminds me of Pinehurst or Cape Cod with all the scrub pine and sandy soil. It's about an hour drive. Cheers
  2. The new commercial with the "pick up you tee before it lands" line is great. I'm a little confused by your post. You say that you won't buy the shoes while simultaneously claiming the commercial does exactly what it's meant to do. Isn't the point of a commercial to get people to buy the product. Companies make money when they sell products, not when people talk about or laugh at their commercials.