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  1. My hottest start was probably the first 4 holes in my tournament yesterday. Was pouring down rain and managed to start par, par, birdie, par. My first hole was a 280 ish yard par 4 where you can either hit a iron off to the fairway or try to carry it to the green and the 3 kids in my group had already hit their irons and they told me to hit and I told them I was going for the green and I was going to wait since there was a group in front of us. The kids were like whatever so I tee it up and I crush one at the green and it landed 3 feet from my schools #1 player and rolls out to about 15 feet,
  2. First and only time I have broke 80 the back nine, I am a consistent low to mid 80's player and this fall was playing one of my two home courses and I shot a usual 42 on the front and at the end of the day I shot a 78. Shot an even back nine with one bogey and one birdie and I didn't even realize what I had done until I counted it up after, I was hitting the ball well and I hit 8 of the 9 greens and had barely realized it until I counted up my score and it said I had shot even!
  3. Basically I only have a pitching wedge, gap wedge, and a super old 56 degree vokey that is now banned for high school tournaments and need a new wedge set I don't have money to get fitted for wedges but I think I have enough to buy some decent ones/used ones and we have a nice 2 week break after next Monday Currently hit my pitching wedge 140-150, gap wedge 130 ish, and my 56 I use for anything under 125 Basically I kind of want to replace my taylormade rsi2 gap wedge and my 56 degree for a real full set of 3 wedges but I am not sure which/what degrees
  4. Haven't been on here for a while but first high school golf tournament of the season and shot a 83 (Par 72, raining and 6700 yards) 39-44 and I hit 3 drives into hazards and took a 9 on a par 5 so pretty happy with the round but hope to be in the 70's shortly Much better then my tournament best of last year though which was a 97!
  5. Was not nervous at all for my first tournament earlier this year but in my second tournament I shanked my drive OB and since then I get nervous for the first shot if I am playing with kids from other schools that I don't know. However, after that first shot I am not nervous and when playing casual rounds I have never felt nervous other then the first time that I was about to shoot in the 70's
  6. Highly doubt that is Wake Forest's practice regimen since I saw their top player, Will Zalatoris, last week at the Spirit invitational and even his warm ups were more thorough and productive then that.
  7. Pin in the back/lots of water or other hazards around the green= pitching wedge Pin in the front a knock down 9 Also depends if I'm trying to hit a draw/cut
  8. Meh it doesn't do anything for the game but only time I ever laughed really by someone yelling was the whole mashed potatoes one. No idea why but I just found that hilarious.
  9. When I can play a friend at even and only lose a few bucks and my other friend I can play at half a stroke and lose a few bucks. Used to need 2 strokes from one and 1 stroke from the other just to not lose more then 5 dollars
  10. Height? Weight? Competitive Experience? Swing video? Also depends on what kind of pro, odds that you make it to the PGA tour are slim to none and thats just the truth, but get to play on some mini tours or something of that nature could happen. Doesn't really matter what people on the internet say it comes down to how well you do and how hard you work, anything can happen but odds are not in your favor. I would suggest reading Paper Tiger and start learning as much as you can about pretty much everything in golf. Also to the people who said there are other jobs in golf can
  11. Lost 3 today :/ played a new course that was very tight and I had to hit a lot of 4 irons/hybrids off the tee and yep
  12. Bought myself a scotty cameron select newport 1.5 the matte black one for 290 bucks today so puts me closer to 2500
  13. Just got to 12 about 6-7 months into playing and hoping to be low single digit in the next 6 months!
  14. Started with around a 15 handicap and am currently a 12.7! Shot my personal best a 78 today and have had a lot of rounds in the mid 80's lately. Been hiting between 6-12 greens and the last 2 days I hit 10 and 11 fairways so my driver has been there. Need to work on my long iron play, bunker shots, some more putting, and inside 100 yard wedge shots. Hoping to be shooting under 80 almost every round by the end of the summer and hopefully be a single digit but need to keep practicing and playing!
  15. Considering that in January I had just quit baseball, bought my own pair of golf clubs, had never broken 99, and had the shortgame of a 50 handicapper my game has improved dramatically. Shot my first round in the 70's today and I am hoping to be able to shoot around par in tournaments next year!
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