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  1. never thought of it as strange but whenever I say 4 hours or 2 hours it is estimated time and because of my schedule. On tuesday I know I can be at the course at 3 o'clock and the sun goes down at 7 = 4 hours.. as an example. Tomorrow morning I have a teetime at 10 which means I will be at the course at around 9 but I also know that I have to be at a birthday party at 2 pm. So thats about 4 hours..
  2. Update oct. 10: New handicap is 22.4. Its slowly going the right way. This weekend vil be busy with a lot of golf. I plan to play atleast 4 hours each of the next 4 days. I hope that on tuesday I can play a good round and lower my handicap to about 21.
  3. update: I only played about 12 hours this week. I wanted to play more but I started a new job this week. I spent 2 hours on the range. 4 hours chipping and putting. And about 6 hours on the course. My handicap dropped from 24 to 23.2.. Hope to get my handicap to about 21-22 before I leave for Florida in late october.
  4. Whats the handicap of the average college golfer(scholarship)? I don't mean like stanford players. I mean the more mortal players like in the NAIA division? Anybody know what the handicap needed to get a scholarship is?
  5. My problem is when I try to hit a draw. I aim my feet and shoulders right of the target. Then I point the clubface right at the target. The problems is that 25% of the time I hit a nice draw. The other 75 % I either hit it straight or it goes far right without ever returning to near my target. Anybody has any idea what i'm doing wrong?
  6. Thanks for the replies. That makes a lot of sense KS. I will try and do something similar in the future. I really hope to get better at putting which is kind of the weakest aspect of my game. If I just get a little better at it I will cut 5+ shots of a round instantly!
  7. yes you can order on the internet I buy from www.direct-golf.co.uk its about half the price compared to Denmark and it gets here in 2 days. Plus there is no taxes like there would be if I ordered from the u.s..
  8. How do you practice putting? what is your routine and how often do you practice putting?
  9. Okay. I will try to do this. I just hate to pay soooooo much for the driver compared to the uk or u.s.. To give you an idea of the price difference, I paid 900 bucks for my wilson di7's... Btw. I'm going to florida in oktober and i've noticed that a lot of ya'll in here is from there. I'm looking to buy a lot of golf clothes and maybe a 52 wedge while i'm there. If anybody from around there could tell me where to go to get the best for a good price i'd appreciate it. I know florida is big but i'll visit almost any part of it. So no matter where your favorite store is, please let me know. thanks
  10. Yesterday I went to the course at 1.30 and I had a 5 o'clock tee time. I started off during the usual hitting about 70-100 balls on the range. Then I chipped with my friend for about an hour. After that we grabbed something to eat and went out to the range again. We spend about half an hour there and then went back to chip and put before our tee time. Is this a good routine? do you have any suggestion as to how I might plan my training? I like to do a lot of training before a round because I tend to realize some new things and then I can use it on the course. Thanks
  11. I can't believe that you can't reduce your handicap after 9 holes? It could actually be a problem here since in theory you could play 18 holes, make 20 points on the front nine and 16 on the back nine. Then you would play par for your handicap but you could just turn in your scorecard like you only played the front nine and scored 20. At my club we have a par 3 course too. Its really difficult and if you wanted to you could actually play your handicap down to scratch on it. I don't understand why but thats what I've been told. I never reduce my handicap when I play the par 3 course though, because for me its not 'real' golf.
  12. I need a new driver. When I started playing I bought a used dunlop driver for about 20 bucks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I am getting better and I have tried my friends drivers and I can see that I hit those a lot better. So I want to buy a new driver. I will probably buy it on the internet since its much cheaper for me. I hope some of you will recommend a driver that you believe is good and tell me why you think its good? Price range is 0-350 dollars. Thanks
  13. Okay. I Apologize that I might have taken what you said the wrong way. Well its only because of my handicap that I get a .4 reduction. If I was lower I would not get as much, but you probably know that Yes. There is only about 6 months of play on summer greens and tee spots. Don't know if that has anything to do with it.
  14. I play the DI7s steel.. I like them.. I just got them 2 months ago. They are easy to hit right away and has a nice feel. I have reduced my handicap a lot since I got them and I have nothing but good things to say about them.
  15. sorry for all the post. I just need to answer all of his doubts. I don't know how you reduce your handicap where you are from, but In scandinavia you can choose to reduce your handicap after 9 holes if you only play 9 holes. We play stableford and every point that you get over 18 reduces my handicap by 0.4. I played 9 holes scored 24 points. When you only play nine holes then the clubs adds 18 points(as if the last 9 holes is played in par for your handicap) that means that I scored 42 points which means that my handicap dropped 2.4 from 26.5 to 24.1. I don't know how many dishonest people there is on this forum, but where I come from its pretty uncool to make conspiracy theories that I am lying and that I made up my own handicap. I mean. come on!!
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