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  1. I would say that on average you would see 20-30 yards or so. If you are going to do it, I would go to a place where you can hit with a launch monitor and see what type of yardages you are getting, maybe bring your 3 wood in as well so you know how far you are hitting that on the monitor as it is likely to be different than on the course. That way you can see if it is worth the $ for the added yardage you are getting.
  2. My wedge gaps go: PW - 145 GW - 135 SW - 120 LW - 110 I just take 1/2 - 3/4 swings if I need to hit a yardage in one of those gaps. My loft gaps aren't all the same as I have anywhere from 4-6 degrees of loft between these clubs, but I know I can hit a PW 100 yards if I change my backswing with it. I think that would be something to work on for you, get the most out of each club, but then work on the 1/2-3/4 swings to fill in the gaps.
  3. We always play ready golf, and the only exception to that, like others have mentioned, is birdie honors off the tee. If nobody birdied, the tee box is wide open. The only times I don't play ready golf is during tournament rounds because it seems everyone wants to play in turn, and it is expected that it is going to be a longer than normal round, so we play the furthest away game. The other time is during match play. Other than those 2 exceptions it is always ready golf.
  4. You cannot go wrong with the Vice Pro Plus ball. I ordered 5 dozen with my business logo on them for about 30 bucks a dozen, I did have to order 5 dozen to get that pricing, but that is a heck of a deal for a ball that I truly believe outperforms Pro V1x and the Nike RZN Black balls I was playing. Distance wise the Pro + might be a little longer, but around the greens is where they shine, nice one hop stop from virtually any lie with these balls I have noticed so far. I believe they are $25 a dozen if you buy 5 dozen, and I had mine in 3 business days.
  5. I don't think in that moment, or even now a couple days later Kim or Day...or anyone for that matter is thinking "he/I should have been more respectful and dressed up"...besides you maybe. His round was over quite some time before Kims was, he was probably sweaty so he changed and put this on. I don't think many people have an issue with this..
  6. Most ranges use limited flight balls...whether they be 75%, 85% or 90% flight would depend on the range and how much room they have I would imagine. As the pro shop, they would most likely know. I don't tend to go to the range to find out distances, but rather ball flight and that stuff. If I want to dial in distance, I usually pick a hole when its not busy out at the course, go to the side of the fairway so I don't chew up the middle of it, and hit 10 balls from 140, 150, 160, etc to find out how far I am hitting each club on average.
  7. Golf is hard...Just when we think we have it nailed down to play at a respectable level...BOOM, something else starts giving us trouble. When I push one to the right, its usually because I am lazy and I didn't follow through. I don't know where that has come from, but about 2-3 swings a round I get lazy and only make a half-3/4 follow through and my little draw I like to play is now on the right side. When I go to the range, I almost over follow through just to try to stop doing this. That might be something to look at on your shots that are going to the right. Most of it is just the space between the ears, when you don't have confidence in where your ball is going to go off the tee, I doubt you are putting a good swing on the ball.
  8. Great post @iacas!!! I think we forget how hard golf really is, and then like you said, we make it harder by having unrealistic expectations about how close our shots should be to the pin. I am one of these people that gets upset if I cannot put a 56* wedge from 110 to within 10 feet...its unrealistic expectations, and seeing this has helped me understand that. This is exactly what I needed to see, thank you for the great write up!
  9. This will happen, happens for me too as I play indoor simulator leagues during the winter. When we play on mats, we cant really tell if we are hitting the ground after the ball. Sometimes we are probably hitting way behind the ball, but cannot tell because we are using mats. I would go to the range (where you hit off real grass) and putt the ball down, then put a tee on each side of the back of the ball about and iron width plus a 1/2"-1" on each side. Then you can tell whether you are hitting behind the ball or if your divot is coming after contact where it should be. I have to do this for the first few range sessions to get my ball striking back to where it should be. Damned mats and indoor facilities .
  10. Our league does 4 divisions of 10 teams and each team has 3 guys. We do match play top 2 scores for each hole, scramble, shamble, shipwreck, Chicago, etc...every week is a new game until the playoffs, then it is individual match play top 2 scores. We have had some issues with our top division (my team is in this division) having people sandbagging their handicaps or just not posting any scores. We do it where the top 2 teams from each division go up, and the bottom 2 go down each year so there is a couple new teams in each division. There are some weeks I am giving up 6-7 strokes which is incredibly stupid. We are changing the system for our top division this year on a trial basis. We still carry handicaps, and when we play match play they will pair top handicaps, middle, and lowest against each other, but this year there are no strokes given...it is straight up play. They sent out and email and took votes and it was almost unanimous to do it this way. Will be interesting to see how it goes.
  11. I wouldn't worry about what the green mat residue on the bottom of your club means. If you want to know that, go get some cheap foot spray powder and spray it on your clubface before hitting your shots with that club...that will tell you where you are hitting it which is much better than trying to decipher what is going on from mat residue on the bottom of the club.
  12. I lifted and trained this off-season like I never have before. Started working on golf specific muscles/movements, lots of core, legs, back, twisting, etc, to see if it would help me with distance/swing speed. I put on about 10-15lbs of muscle with my routine. I was also stretching alot which I hadn't really ever done before. I gained about 3 mph of clubhead speed since the end of last year. I would say it is more attributable to the stretches I have been doing than it is to the lifting, or equal at best. I think that if a person did yoga and became more flexible without lifting weights, that person would see a small gain in ss and distance IMO.
  13. If he would have played and then WD a few holes in, then it would have counted as a event played, yes, but since he didn't start, it is like he skipped the event. Rory is a little under 4 points behind him, his world ranking will not be in jeopardy unless Rory/Day start winning and DJ has to sit out for a substantial amount of time. The World Golf Ranking is a two year "rolling" period...confusing, but it will take quite a bit for him to lose his #1 ranking.
  14. Is time an issue? I would do a playoff hole...if time is an issue I would take them back to the 150 yard mark and all players on both teams get to hit, closest to the pin wins. If there isn't any time for that either, then going by handicap hole is the best way to do it IMO.
  15. I think its fun to watch. Its fun to watch the players with their kids/families having fun and its memories that the kids will never forget. Its all for fun and to spend time with the family before the real grind begins the next day.