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  1. 8 shot penalty for Ben Crane?

    I dont like this call at all. For a guy that is trying to make a living, assessing him 8 shots worth of penalty strokes for something that isn't going to/didn't give him an advantage since he hadn't even used those 2 clubs is completely ridiculous. From what I have read the dots are on the edges of the club, and in no way (even if he had used them) would affect his ball flight. Let him take the damn stickers off, and play on. In a time when we are trying to build IMO the Vaseline argument isn't the same, because first off, we all know people use Vaseline to try to cheat to reduce spin...and it is applied directly to the hitting area of the club, these dots were nowhere near the hitting area of the club for a touring professional, or most golfers for that matter as they are applied on the outer edges of the club. How would they alter the movement of the ball??
  2. September 12 Apple iPhone Event

    Apple watch with LTE like @Braivo has stated is amazing. Now I can leave my phone in the car or even at home and not feel like I need to carry it everywhere in case the wife needs something. I am really digging the iPhone X too...everything looks amazing on it, especially the full screen! As long as the battery life is ok on it and it doesn't come with more than a $900-1000 price tag, I am all in on this phone.
  3. Rory McIlroy Fires His Caddie

    Everyone needs a change sometimes. Rory has already changed equipment, ball, etc. He admitted his golf has slipped because of himself and nobody else. He also said, that he was reflecting the blame onto his caddie which he did not want to be doing. They are very very good friends off the course too, so in an attempt to save the friendship they parted ways. Rory even said we might even see him back on the bag in the future. Make no mistake, J.P. will not be out of a job very long...
  4. I have searched a few times trying to find something that mentions this, but to no avail. What do you guys use as a "formula" for playing in wind...headwind, tailwind, crosswind. What do you use to pick a yardage and a club with confidence? Just looking for some different ideas and just to see what works for other people. If this has already been discussed, please direct me to that forum. Thanks everyone!
  5. Greatest Golfer in the Valley

    We have an "all-city" tournament which was this past weekend. 18 holes at the Arnold Palmer designed Kings Walk and 18 holes at the Country Club. There are the same types of flights by handicap, and a senior flight too. For the championship flight they cut after 18 holes in which those players' scores reset and they are in the Presidents flight. Same type of thing, just less holes and less people.
  6. Neither Rory Nor JDay Will Win Another Major

    He also has the 4th fewest attempts out of anyone on that list at 46 from that distance. I agree this is a pretty bad stat on his part, but he did go from 999 to 202 in a week...so things are looking up I would say. He ranks 5th from approaches >200 yards too. I think its crazy to think that neither will win another major, but I have seen crazier things happen.
  7. The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Hahahahah...our club is too cheap for hardware...kinda sad really. I didn't find out until midway through my round today that we were playing for $60 or $40 in club credit. It was still fun though.
  8. The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Played the championship match in our club match play tournament. Won 2&1 shooting even par overall. Even par was a great score, but didn't play my best...was kind of scrambling all round. A win is a win though and I will take it!
  9. Weight loss and golf

    That's another one of the old sayings...Google it, its all over the place..maybe its not THAT old, but you will be able to find it. I agree on calories consumed vs. calories burned, but the less calories you consume (lifestyle/diet) the less you will need to burn, hence diet is more important than exercise, or diet dictates how much you will need to workout...
  10. Weight loss and golf

    Exercise is important for sure, but diet is where a persons weight loss should come from. Its the old saying, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can exercise like crazy, but unless your diet is under control, you might not lose any weight/fat.
  11. What have you changed?

    Swing Change: I have just been focusing a lot on keeping my head steady and rotating the hips. Following through has been a big issue of mine in the past as I tend to get lazy I guess and just stop my follow through not long after impact. Being conscious of those two things has really helped the scores this year. Decision Making: Being smarter with my shots. Not going for every pin as I have done in the past. My putting is at a point that I feel confident in 2 putting from anywhere on the green. I still occasionally have a 3 putt, but that is once every few rounds and is directly attributed to not placing the ball where I intended. Going for par 5s in 2 more often. If I feel the shot I am about to hit is playing anywhere 250 and in I am going for it. If not, lately with how dry the courses are, I am laying up to a number around 90-120, but I am looking to change that up to getting as close to the hole as possible where I can still control a chip shot. Equipment: Switched from my Nike VR Pro Blades to Mizuno JPX-850 forged irons. This has been a huge change for me in a positive way. I am hitting my irons 10-15 yards longer that with my previous set which is never a bad thing. I have more control over them I feel as well, playing a nice 5 yard draw. I switched from my Nike Method putter to a Scotty Cameron. This has also been a huge improvement for me. I never thought a putter could make such a difference, but the way I have been putting lately and the confidence I have with that club is excellent. I also switched from the Nike RZN Black and Pro V1x balls to the Vice Pro Plus. I'm not entirely sure if my better play is attributable to the ball switch or club switch, but I tested the Nike, Titleist and Vice side by side with all the clubs in the bag, and I felt that Vice either outperformed, or was too close to justify paying more for a ball that I was getting the same results with. Great thread BTW.
  12. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played today and shot a 71 (-2). 1 birdie and 2 bogeys on the front side, for a 38 (+1), which included a 3 putt on the par 5 7th hole (downhill sidehill first putt). Also bogeyed the next hole which is a par 3...went over the green which slopes back to front and my chip hit the pin and rolled 5 feet by...missed the comeback putt. Shot a 33 (-3) on the back with a clean card 3 birdies. Was my 2nd best round on the back 9 as a couple weeks ago I shot a -4. One of my better ball striking rounds though..58% fairways hit, 72% GIR, 1.61 putts per hole. I am happy with the way my game is progressing that is for sure.

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