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  1. When the courses open for the year around here (North Dakota), I try to get out and do something everyday. Whether it be chipping and putting for an hour, range session, or get a quick 9 holes in I try to do something daily. Not sure if that qualifies as "playing" daily.
  2. Work on your short game. Putting, chipping, 100 yards and in shots. This will drop you a few strokes if you can get better at it. Then once you have shaved a few strokes from the short game, I would work on 100-170 shots. Don't neglect the rest of the game, but spend a little more time on those. I took these steps the past few years and dropped 4 strokes.
  3. If he isn't ready he isn't ready. Yes it was crappy that he committed and now withdrew, but I'm sure he would rather take the criticism of WDing than go through a terrible round of golf and not enjoy himself. He didn't build up his "comeback" it was the Golf Channel and the what seems like millions of reporters/column writers trying to make a name for themselves so they do a Tiger "comeback" story. I would rather him WD without hitting a shot than have him come back and be miserable and WD during/after the first 2 rounds...I want to see him come back as much as any other fan of his, but I also want to see him come back when he can play well and build up his confidence and his tournament form. I don't have high expectations when he does come back, but I would rather see him come back and enjoy himself and have fun.
  4. Our club championship was this past weekend. 27 holes per day. It was 40 degrees on Saturday with about 10mph winds, but I had on 4 layers. Hard to swing with all that bulk. Shot a 78 after going +5 my first 3 holes. After I loosened up a bit things went better. Followed up with a +1-37 on my 3rd 9 of the day. Sunday was 50 degrees but 25mph winds so it felt just as cold as Saturday. I went 39/40-79 and then shot a 40 my 3rd 9 of the day. Made 1 birdie all day and only had about 4-5 good looks in 27 holes. Ended up 2nd.
  5. I agree that his putting was still good since he had some 25, 30 and a 45 footer and didn't 3 putt. I would say though that what the OP is talking about is that he had probably 6 makeable putts in the <15 foot range. If the 6 footer goes in and he makes a couple of the 10-15 footers he is looking at an under par round. If I have a putt in the 15 foot range I see it as a makeable putt, and if not it better scare the hole. I also hope to get lucky with a putt or 2 outside the 25 foot range. Hole 4 and hole 10 should have been birdies (10 if he was 21 feet away not yards for eagle, but still if your short game is decent you should have a 5 footer for birdie). Looking at this round hole by hole it could have been a very low round.
  6. Why do people talk politics on the golf course?!?!? I will say it would bug the hell out of me too...I hate politics to begin with and when I go out on the golf course it is to get away from all of that crap. I would have said something like "Can we not talk about politics on the course please" or something to that effect so he knew that you were not ok with it. If he didn't respond to that then I would have said it again but been a little more "aggressive" in the delivery. If it did happen though, it would not be enough to make me walk off the course, even if I thought it was making me play poorly. I would use it as a moment to try to fuel myself and turn my game around and block it out, mental toughness if you will. That being said, that is me, and you are not me so I will not tell you that you were in the wrong walking off the course. Like others have said, the game isn't putting food on our tables, and if your two or more hours of time could be better spent elsewhere its your choice.
  7. Take the day off and go golfing?? I'm waiting for the temp to come up a bit...its 37 degrees here right now.. I'm a little ways from 35 years from that!
  8. that I read it again, I get that...sorry @Broke100Once my bad...this whole check TST feeds while working is messing with my word processing ;)
  9. Jerry West is the logo for the NBA, not the PGA Tour. Some people have said the logo is that of Ben Hogan, but it has been confirmed that the silhouette represents no one in particular...
  10. I think you are ok for asking for a refund. They can give it to you or not, but you wont get one if you don't ask. The only time I have asked for a refund was on my membership I paid at the course I play at the lake. The course was in beautiful shape when it opened, but then something happened (I think the greenskeeper sprayed the wrong chemical on the greens) and the greens burned out and the others were very patchy. About 2 months into the season (I had played maybe 5-6 times by then) they closed down 6 of the 9 greens and put a flag about 30 yards in front of the green and called it good. I asked for my money back for the membership as I didn't want to play the rest of the season in those conditions, and also told them if they wanted to take the normal greens fees for 5 rounds out and refund me the rest. They wouldn't do it. I asked them to apply what I paid to my next years membership (I wouldn't play there the rest of the year) if the course was back in good condition and they still wouldn't do it.
  11. What Arnold Palmer did for the game of golf and sports in general was outstanding. The endorsements golfers get started with Arnie. Great ambassador for the game and a true gentleman. It seems like golf is in good hands, but he will be missed dearly!
  12. Its for sure mental. You were playing fine to shoot a 37 on the front. You probably hit one bad shot or got one bad bounce and it was over from there. Tournament golf is a different animal than that of just playing a casual round with your buddies or even a scramble obviously. Nerves that you never thought were there come to the surface. The thing to work hard on is to forget your last shot...good or bad. If your last shot was a pull hook, or whatever it was forget about it and start focusing on the next shot you need to hit. Don't compound bad shots with an unlikely hero shot that could just put you in more trouble. Same is true for a good shot. If you smoke a drive down the middle, enjoy it for a few seconds, then on to the next one.
  13. I should ask the Superintendent at my home course. He was the assistant Superintendent at Trump National in Westchester during this time I believe. Would be interested to hear what he has to say or if he remembers. Have heard a lot of stories about the course, for instance, when Trump comes to the course to play his security team makes sure there is nobody for at least 4 holes in front of and 4 holes behind him (before he was a Presidential Candidate). He drives the cart wherever he wants on the course including right next to the green, etc. I guess its his course and he can do what he wants.
  14. I believe he can play golf, but just cannot collect a paycheck playing. Once he does that he forfeits any further monthly payment of his insurance policy. That is why it is a monthly instead of a lump sum. Otherwise how would he be able to practice and play to know if his game was ready to come back to the PGA Tour? $613,000 is a little over $38,000 per start. I know he's been hurt, but I bet he has been playing and I think if he had any of his old game he could make that happen. There is no limit on how long a major medical exemption can last as long as the player reapplies every year. Furthermore, he can pick and choose which events he wants to play as long as he can get into them, and his 16 starts don't have to all be in the same year, he could draw it out a few years if he wanted to.
  15. With all the crap that has been said with the Rickie Fowler pick, it would be fun to see him be the one for the Americans. Maybe rejuvenate his game a little bit and put him on a tear for next year.