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  1. Please explain this then...
  2. Grinde6

    Holed or no?

    So even if the ball is embedded a bit, rule 17-4 applies first?
  3. Grinde6

    Holed or no?

    Let me rephrase it, as I know it’s not holed by the picture, poor wording on my part. If the pin gets pulled and the ball falls in the cup, is it considered holed with the last shot? The ball left an indentation in the side of the cup. I’m just not sure if one should proceed under 17/4 or 16/3 for embedded ball since it did leave an indentation.
  4. Grinde6

    Holed or no?

    Rules experts...Is this ball holed? Does rule 17/4 or 16/3 come into play here?
  5. Grinde6

    AP2 like irons

    I found a "used" set of the '18 Callaway Apex MB combo set. 7-PW Apex MB and the 4-6 is the X-Forged. I love this set. I had a set of the Mizuno JPX-850 Forged that I traded in for them because I wanted to go back to more of a blade iron. They are less forgiving, but it seems like I still get the distance out of poor struck shots. That feeling when you hit one pure with these is unlike anything else though. I lost maybe 10 yards or so from the Mizunos, but the loft of the 7 iron on the Callaway is 32* vs 34* in the Mizuno. Give them a try, you might like them and especially more of a combo set.
  6. Grinde6

    AP2 like irons

    I have heard quite a few good things about the Ping i500 iron. Many people like them, but remember...most of these non-blade irons are strong lofts with high launch. Sure its fun to hit a 7 iron 190 yards, but most of the time that leads to big gaps toward the bottom of the bag. You say you don't want MB's "something a single digit handicapper would play" but I see on your profile you are a 6 handicap. You could easily play MB's, but they are "normal" lofts so they wont go as far as these stronger lofted clubs that have come out recently.
  7. Grinde6

    Finger Down the Shaft Putting

    I see Koepka putting with his finger down the shaft this week. Is this something new, or has he been doing this for some time now?
  8. Grinde6

    A wedge spending decision

    I love the Taylormade Milled Grind wedges. I swapped out my 60* and 52* with the Milled Grind (coming from Nike's) and have not missed a beat with them. Highly recommend giving them a look.
  9. Grinde6

    Titleist vs Taylormade Irons

    You are a 6 handicap...how are you not good enough to play a blade?? If its preference, I get it, but don't sell yourself short by saying you aren't good enough to play a blade. I started playing blades about 8-9 years ago when I was about a 10-12 handicap. Bought a set of Nike TW Blades. Rode them down to about a 4 handicap. Next set was the Nike VR Pro blades and rode them down to a 1 handicap. Just recently upgraded to the Callaway Apex MB irons...hoping to ride them into the plus handicaps. I would go to a golf shop and hit some blades, you might be surprised at how well you hit them. It has made me put some work into making center face contact which has improved my game. Best thing to do is to go get fitted. Go with an open mind and not be focused on a specific brand.
  10. Has this been brought up before? Ok, here's the scenario. Guy hitting his 2nd shot into a par 5. Uphill, blind shot with a hazard in front of the green. Guy hits shot, but can not tell if it cleared the hazard. We get to green, se no ball on, cant find a ball anywhere over the green either, so he assumes ball didnt clear the hazard. Drops and hits 4th shot into hole for birdie. When going to the flag to retrieve his ball from the hole, there are 2 balls in the cup. The other was his first shot. He holed out his first ball, but dropped because he couldn't find it, then holed his dropped bats well. Guy in the group says he made a 4 since he abandoned the first ball, but I said since first ball was in the hole, he had already completed the hole, and the 2 should stand. Who's correct?
  11. Grinde6

    Question on Lost Ball Inbounds

    Nope...not to be an ass, but take some time to get some control with your driver...I have spent countless hours at the range for the purpose of hitting a controlled drive that I know will find the fairway...probably about a 70% swing (problem is I don't use it like I should...haha). I, like many others, have played with a lot of people that when they go to search for their ball in the rough they are about 15-20+ yards ahead of where we eventually end up finding their ball. I think this would just create a lot of people saying "eff it" and trying to take a drop 20+ yards ahead of where their ball really was.
  12. Grinde6

    What happens in this situation?

    Thanks @Missouri Swede! I searched many different things, but couldn’t get it to come up. Appreciate it!
  13. Not sure if this has been posted before. I searched and couldn’t find anything. What’s the situation here. Is this holed or no? I know the picture is or looks to be fake as there is no shadow for the pin, but that’s not the point.
  14. Grinde6

    Match Play Opponent "Too Nice" - Gamesmanship?

    There are lots of different ways of gamesmanship in match play. I used to hate match play with a passion, because I would always get in my own way and just blow up or get antsy if I was down a hole or 2. I won our clubs match play tourney last year and was 3 down going into the back 9 to a very good and very long player. I just waited patiently for him to make a mistake and then would capitalize on it. Ended up winning 2up. After playing 5 matches or so last year, match play is now fun to me. I love the guys that watch you roll a put 1-2' by the hole, watch you mark it, they putt out and then as you are looking at your putt and get ready to hit it they tell you "its good". It drives me crazy, but its another little way to make you sweat a little bit and maybe take you off your game a little bit.
  15. You want your upper back to be turned towards the target, no? Did you mean towards the target, or am I reading into this the wrong way?

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