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  1. I chose break 80. From 6400 yards, length would not be an issue, should have short irons in on most holes. I would hope to shoot right around a 72-76 somewhere in there. I like faster greens over slower, but I think during regular (non-Masters) days, they would be rolling around a 10-11 maybe.
  2. 20 yards is 1-2 less clubs into every green. That is worth a lot. To possibly gain 5+mph of clubhead speed without over swinging is pretty beneficial as well. If I find out who I could order through, and their return policy is decent, I would order one in a heartbeat.
  3. When using the Mevo, does it give any data or shot tracer that would tell you the ball flight? I want to get one for indoors this winter, as from about October 15th to about Mid March/April we are closed down for the winter. Would be kinda nice to be able to work on shot-shaping with it, but I am thinking a person would have to go up to the Mevo+ for that?
  4. huh? So every one of your par 4s and 5s have OB? No internal holes? I'm not sure I follow what you are getting at here...
  5. I am taking this as a Gross event and also reading into the OP words that it isnt fair that this guy is still in the same handicapped bracket as him, even thought the tournament started a few months ago. Again, I am reading into this as a gross event. People are going to sandbag regardless, but I don't feel like this guy should not be allowed to finish out this club championship that he started months ago just because he has improved over the year.
  6. It is my understanding that you have to find a club fitter that has one in order to get one. I have searched their site and have found no information on how to get ahold of one.
  7. The way I see it, you can't punish the guy for improving throughout the year. If you do, you are opening the door for sandbagging. That's pretty awesome that the guy was able to lower his handicap by 5 strokes over the summer.
  8. I just watched this video. Definitely has me intrigued. I mean, $775 is ALOT of money for a shaft, but if it provides a gain in SS, consistency, etc., it might just be the last shaft you have to buy.
  9. I had played blades for a long time. I went in for a fitting with no expectations on what irons I would end up buying. I ended up in the Ping i500 irons and although they are a "game improvement" iron, they look like a blade at address, have great distance, spin numbers are good and I can still work the ball left/right and high/low. I would look into these irons if you are looking to make a switch, I did this year and I don't plan to look back.
  10. This might be something I need to purchase. I have been kicking the idea back and forth, but I think its time to just do it. This will make windy days at the range up here in North Dakota much more worthwhile since I can get a "true" distance from the Mevo, even if the shot is into the wind. I'm really surprised at how accurate the reviews are saying this little guy is for how cheap it is.
  11. I saw this over the weekend. This is good stuff here. They must have this available for the PGA Tour as well, no? Would be interesting to see that one too, and see the names that coincide on the two lists.
  12. It sure does seem like it now. @Diece I would be willing to bet 2 months pay from my online/network marketing business that you won’t make 10k/mo after just a couple months. It’s much much harder than that. I’m talking from personal experience and I am selling a product in one of the fastest growing markets there is in health and wellness/energy and weight loss. I’m just trying to be realistic with you. Are there people that make 10k per month quickly? Yes, but I guarantee they busted their ass for quite some time before they started making that. One of my good friends is my sponsor in my company and she is making 10k+/mo, but she busted her ass for a year for that to happen.
  13. Just a quick word on the online business, or online marketing or Multi-level Marketing. If you have some people you know that are doing well as you have mentioned, then sit down with them, take in every single thing you can from them and use it. Find out what they did, how long it took and how much time it took because I bet you will be surprised at how long it actually took them. You will want to lock arms with some of the leaders of that particular company (or whichever company you choose) and be a sponge when they tell you what to do and how to do it, basically be coachable and let them mold you into a mini them. It would be very tough to start this business this spring and have enough sustainable income through the summer to get you through. Most people take 2-5 years to build a sustainable income in a business like this. I know from experience as I am part of an energy and weight loss company. I am making good supplemental income, but would not be able to live on that income alone, and those that are making 10k/mo busted their asses and put a ton of time and energy into their businesses for the financial freedom they have now. Just a heads up from experience.
  14. So even if the ball is embedded a bit, rule 17-4 applies first?
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