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  1. Dumb question, but you were hooked up to your Mevo wifi with your pc, correct?
  2. Did you have an Ethernet cable plugged in as well? It’s not needed if the course is already downloaded, but I connect my wifi to the Mevo and then have Ethernet to the PC as well. Works flawlessly for me.
  3. You can find them popping on EBay once in a while. I received mine last week that I bought from a guy on eBay. I bought the xx and the thing is whippy as hell. Feels like a senior or ladies flex when I waggle it, but can’t tell when swinging full speed, it’s insane. Working on figuring it out now, but did gain about 4mph of clubhead speed right away. Very interested in how it will perform over time.
  4. Where did you go to purchase it? I had the info and emailed them at one time, but don’t have the email anymore.
  5. That’s the million dollar question. Not sure how to get my hands on one yet.
  6. Its a scramble, so like @iacas said, there is no rule here. The provisional has me a bit puzzled. Why, if you already have one in the fairway, would you hit a provisional? Even if you don't find your first, are you really going to hit 4 from there vs 2 from lets say even 100 yards back? If you hit the ball in the fairway, which was your partners, then that ball is in play...the provisional would have been on your ball only.
  7. Are you sure you dont want to sell your Mevo Plus instead...for now...😉
  8. This is really interesting. I would love to get my hands on one of these, but it doesn't seem like it will happen for some time. The good thing is that we are about 2-3 weeks from the end of the golf season, so maybe by next spring I can get my hands one one.
  9. Full disclosure...I do not yet have one. Probably purchasing it before the weekend, but this is what I have found in the research I have done.
  10. I have watched a ton of reviews and done quite a bit of research on this to decide between the two. One of the deciding factors is not having to move the unit when a lefty hits. One of my good friends is a lefty, and when he is over I dont want to keep moving it. Another decider is being able to take the Mevo outside and use it, whether that be to the course, range or just out in my backyard. The Skytrak has limitations on this and I have found that it doesn't work well outside, if at all. If you have a lefty and a righty, the no brainer would be the Mevo+ for the reason of not having to
  11. Ya I think for piece of mind, or mis-hits, I will add a net along the top attached to my ceiling. Does anyone know if when you are playing a course in simulation mode, can you play 2 person or more, or is it only one person?
  12. No, I have 9'2" ceilings, so I am fine swinging full driver with no issues/worries about hitting the ceiling. I am more worried about hitting the ceiling with a ball using a lob wedge I guess. Having to be at least 8' from the net for Mevo+ to work worries me about missing the net with a lob wedge. I might just be overthinking it too... Also, if anyone has a Mevo+ to sell, I am in the market and ready to buy...the website has a 14 week delay.
  13. For those of you that have a net in the garage. Which one did you go with? I am currently looking at getting the Mevo+, but with it having to be 8' away from the net, I am worried about hitting the ceiling. I do plan to eventually put netting up about 2' off the ceiling to help this, but what nets have you guys been using for indoors to use on all shots?
  14. I chose break 80. From 6400 yards, length would not be an issue, should have short irons in on most holes. I would hope to shoot right around a 72-76 somewhere in there. I like faster greens over slower, but I think during regular (non-Masters) days, they would be rolling around a 10-11 maybe.
  15. 20 yards is 1-2 less clubs into every green. That is worth a lot. To possibly gain 5+mph of clubhead speed without over swinging is pretty beneficial as well. If I find out who I could order through, and their return policy is decent, I would order one in a heartbeat.
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