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  1. I think you are ok for asking for a refund. They can give it to you or not, but you wont get one if you don't ask. The only time I have asked for a refund was on my membership I paid at the course I play at the lake. The course was in beautiful shape when it opened, but then something happened (I think the greenskeeper sprayed the wrong chemical on the greens) and the greens burned out and the others were very patchy. About 2 months into the season (I had played maybe 5-6 times by then) they closed down 6 of the 9 greens and put a flag about 30 yards in front of the green and called it good. I asked for my money back for the membership as I didn't want to play the rest of the season in those conditions, and also told them if they wanted to take the normal greens fees for 5 rounds out and refund me the rest. They wouldn't do it. I asked them to apply what I paid to my next years membership (I wouldn't play there the rest of the year) if the course was back in good condition and they still wouldn't do it.
  2. What Arnold Palmer did for the game of golf and sports in general was outstanding. The endorsements golfers get started with Arnie. Great ambassador for the game and a true gentleman. It seems like golf is in good hands, but he will be missed dearly!
  3. Its for sure mental. You were playing fine to shoot a 37 on the front. You probably hit one bad shot or got one bad bounce and it was over from there. Tournament golf is a different animal than that of just playing a casual round with your buddies or even a scramble obviously. Nerves that you never thought were there come to the surface. The thing to work hard on is to forget your last shot...good or bad. If your last shot was a pull hook, or whatever it was forget about it and start focusing on the next shot you need to hit. Don't compound bad shots with an unlikely hero shot that could just put you in more trouble. Same is true for a good shot. If you smoke a drive down the middle, enjoy it for a few seconds, then on to the next one.
  4. I should ask the Superintendent at my home course. He was the assistant Superintendent at Trump National in Westchester during this time I believe. Would be interested to hear what he has to say or if he remembers. Have heard a lot of stories about the course, for instance, when Trump comes to the course to play his security team makes sure there is nobody for at least 4 holes in front of and 4 holes behind him (before he was a Presidential Candidate). He drives the cart wherever he wants on the course including right next to the green, etc. I guess its his course and he can do what he wants.
  5. I believe he can play golf, but just cannot collect a paycheck playing. Once he does that he forfeits any further monthly payment of his insurance policy. That is why it is a monthly instead of a lump sum. Otherwise how would he be able to practice and play to know if his game was ready to come back to the PGA Tour? $613,000 is a little over $38,000 per start. I know he's been hurt, but I bet he has been playing and I think if he had any of his old game he could make that happen. There is no limit on how long a major medical exemption can last as long as the player reapplies every year. Furthermore, he can pick and choose which events he wants to play as long as he can get into them, and his 16 starts don't have to all be in the same year, he could draw it out a few years if he wanted to.
  6. With all the crap that has been said with the Rickie Fowler pick, it would be fun to see him be the one for the Americans. Maybe rejuvenate his game a little bit and put him on a tear for next year.
  7. I don't know that I would consider him a "has been". Before the lingering injuries he did pretty well I would say. 3 PGA Tour wins, 3rd at the 2010 Masters, T16 at the 2009 US Open, and a T5 at the 2011 Open Championship were his best major finishes. Was 6th in the world at one point. Lets also not forget about his success at the Ryder Cup in 2008 when he decimated Sergio Garcia 5 & 4 in the Sunday single matches. He had an insurance policy that pays him huge money as long as he doesn't earn money playing golf again. He probably doesn't want to come back and risk another injury and then he is out that money...I know its been over 4 years now, but he would be risking a lot of insurance money. If he does decide to come back, he would have 16 starts to earn $613,550 to get his PGA Tour card back. I liked watching him play, but it looks like we will only see him around a golf course in stories like this...
  8. That was a good read! Its amazing how much different tournament golf is with the different pressures your body feels and you having to deal with them...if there is someone on here that hasn't experienced actual tournament golf, I suggest trying it out because its a blast!
  9. Everyone says they don't buy a shirt or clothes that a Tour player is wearing, but look at PUMA. Rickie Fowler has made that company a lot of money. You can say it is young kids mostly, but watching golf I have seen a lot of adults wearing PUMA shirts and hats also. I think you will see plenty of people wearing Nike with Jason Day moving over. I think Nike golf clothing is some of the most comfortable clothing there is and I wear it everyday for work. Bought a few things because Tiger was sponsored by them, and then just liked how their stuff fit and felt so I keep wearing it. I have never paid over $60 for a shirt or pair of pants.
  10. If you wanted to be an offensive lineman in the NFL I would tell you it's impossible. That comparison with your height and weight is assanine to compare with a person wanting to be a pro golfer. If you wanted to be a running back or slot receiver in the NFL (Amendola, Woodhead, etc) type stats I would say if you wanted it bad enough and put on some muscle weight and worked your a$$ off it could happen. Who is anyone else to say if can't.
  11. Ya, pretty dickish...and there aren't even close to 350,000 scratch golfers... He is an 18 year old kid, whose to say he cant make it??? I was about a 13-15 handicap as a 17-18 year old and probably a 10 or so as late as 23-24 years old. I am 30 now and I am down to a 1 and with the differentials I have coming off in my next 6 rounds if I can shoot anywhere near par I will be scratch or better...I have been serious about the game only in the last 3-4 years...I say that only to prove that if you put your mind to it and bust your a$$, you just might achieve your goal. I know scratch is still a ways away from tour pro level, but scratch was my goal because I was told I wouldn't be able to do it. I hope this kid does the same thing!
  12. I always try to make everything. I am surprised to see people say that they are hoping to get it close from 15 feet even...15 footers are very makeable putts, and many times if you are wanting to shoot a lower score, those are the ones you need to have fall. Unless your throwing darts at the pins and have 10 footer or less..the people saying they just try to get it close from 15 feet might want to start going for those and watch your scores drop. Even from 25-30 feet I am still looking to make the putt.
  13. I kind of thought of this when I was reading the post. If there is a competition going on at the course, I would assume there would be no mowing going on. During a regular everyday round I can see it happening as it almost happened to me the other day, but during a competition they do this type of stuff late at night or early in the morning. But yes you would get to put a new ball into play and drop in the nearest spot to where you thought it was.
  14. I'm in the Midwest, and yes, the seasons do make me appreciate golf more during the summer. I do love fall golf though because its not sweat your balls off hot. I can wear a light rain jacket and its perfect. Plus this is when all the scrambles I play in come around and our club championship as well. I play hockey in the winter too, so I do have something to look forward to come winter. It just feels like my game is getting to where I have been wanting/working on it to be and then the season ends...so then it takes some time to get going again come spring. You guys that get to play year round so to speak are lucky!
  15. My daughter is 3 now. I bought her a set of kids Nike clubs (Driver, 7i, SW and Putter) for her 1st birthday. I take her golfing with me every Saturday and Sunday morning and that is per her request. We are at the lake on the weekends so we have our routine of pancakes for breakfast and then we go golfing. She occasionally wants to use her driver when she sees I have mine (only use it on 2-3 holes on this course), but she loves taking her putter once we get to the green and setting her ball down and putting it into the hole. During the week when Mom has something going on and its just the two of us I will ask her what she wants to do and she answers 90% of the time with "well, we could go golfing"....and I cheer loudly inside!!! It may not be like this forever, and if she doesn't choose golf or hockey as her sports when she gets older that is fine, but she likes golfing with me right now, so I will cherish it while it lasts.