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  1. If there wasn't much wind that day, I would say you could have compressed the ball a little more than what you usually do and maybe it carried to that 165-170 range and just kept going, hit a sprinkler head, etc. Lots of factors could have played into it, but I would say it hit the back of the green and flew an extra 20 yards or so. But you most likely hit it well and compressed the ball pretty good.
  2. Ya, the system doesn't do well with drops...but just add a shot from where your ball went in to the drop 60* wedge or something...the system is smart enough to throw out the outliers and average them anyways. Seems weird that a drop zone would be ahead of where your drive went into the water at though. You sure the drop zone wasn't for if you hit your 2nd shot into the water?
  3. I hit the range whenever I can. It was $185 for a range pass at one of the courses here, and I have definitely paid it off. I usually like to hit the range a couple times a week, and then I play about 4-5 times a week. Some of those days I will hit the range in the morning and then play in the afternoon as well. I'm a junkie, but the scores are reflecting the work I am putting in.
  4. You didn't have to declare it a lost searching for 5 minutes and coming up empty, it is declared lost. Also, by you heading back to the tee and hitting another ball, the first one is now declared lost. You did all you could by searching for 5 minutes. It didn't matter if you found it before you re-hit, once the 5 minutes expired it is a lost ball.
  5. I like picking out a spot about a foot or two in front of my ball to use as my starting point for the ball. I do this on the range as makes it much more transferrable to the course if you do it that way.
  6. I would have to say that yes, there is a direct correlation to a better swing and better scores. Just take a look at the PGA professionas, they all have relatively great swings. You can point out Furyks swing, but he gets the clubhead square at impact like he needs to. I can say for myself, I have worked on my swing ALOT over the last year and a half, and it has finally come together to where my scores are reflecting it. As my swing would get better, so would my scores.
  7. The driving stat is the combination of distance and fairways hit. It isn't uncommon to get a 30+ at short courses. I am a +2.9 overall in driving, but when I play a short 2800 yard course and only use my driver basically twice otherwise it is hybrid and 3 wood I get the 30+ for the driving stat.
  8. I have played about 40 rounds with the Arccos system now and have not had any of the issues you have been putting in here. Yes, it misses a putt here and there, but are you putting everything out or are you taking the foot gimme? This will make a difference. I usually check the app every couple of holes to make sure it aligns with what I have for a score, if not I go back to the hole where it messed up and make the necessary changes. It has been a game changer for my game as now I am able to look back and see where I need to make improvement. Did you do the update that takes about 5 minutes? You open the app, and push the button of the club it asks for and it updates the firmware or whatever in the plug.
  9. If it is not a tournament and there are holes open in front of this slow group, I will usually skip forward a couple holes and come back to the ones I missed later. If I am with people I am usually enjoying my time so we play $.50 games of Poison on the tee boxes. Kills time and keeps us from complaining about slow play and even keeps us loose I suppose.
  10. It does amaze me at how many ball marks there are on the greens. I played a couple warm up holes yesterday before league and I fixed 7...yes 7 very noticeable ball marks on one green while I was putting out. At the course I play at the lake on the weekends I was seeing marks on a couple greens that looked like someone had a Odyssey Sabertooth putter and was slamming the back side into the green all the way off from the flag in the direction they were walking. I saw this on 2 holes and then I drove up asking the groups in front of me if anyone had a Sabertooth putter, found it was 3 groups ahead of me and sure enough it was a Sabertooth putter and a early 20s guy. Had a couple words with him, and didn't see it the rest of the round. Ignorance and complete lack of respect on the course is something that irks me to no end. To the OPs claim, I see it with all skillsets, not just the good golfers that don't fix their ball marks. I think the better players actually fix their marks more, its the higher handicap golfers that don't because they aren't used to hitting the greens as much so its not a habit for them to be looking to fix a ball mark.
  11. Don't agree with what? That the words "may be" and "reasonable possibility" are 2 different meanings? I believe most decisions are made to address past issues, as most rules are as well, but what I am saying is the rule says "may be", but the definition says "reasonable possibility" which carry two different meanings.
  12. But the rule itself only says "may be", its the decision that says "reasonable possibility", to me they conflict each other because they clearly mean something different.
  13. That should have read, "you can play a provisional for just about any reason if you think your ball may be lost, besides if it is in a hazard". Poor choice of words on my part.
  14. Ever hit a ball in the rough and lose it or am I the only one this has happened to? A ball can be lost pretty much any time other than hitting the fairway correct? Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but the rule doesn't say "without a doubt" or "certainty" it says it "may be lost".
  15. Yep, but that is the exact reason I declare to them that it is a provisional ball and what number I am hitting so that there is no confusion if both are found. I would never want to be in the situation where I find both but cannot tell them apart so I basically just gave away 2 strokes for being a dummy... The section you made red...the only requirements it is talking about is that you must declare its a provisional and play the provisional before you go searching for the original. You can play a provisional for just about any reason besides knowing that it is in a hazard. Any ball hit into the rough may not be found, a provisional can be played, etc...