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  1. Haha, no...that wasn't me. I shot an 89 on Friday which basically shot me out of the tournament. Body was tight the whole round and seemed to be pulling everything. Didn't feel comfortable over a single shot. Started out on hole 10 and hit a perfect 3 wood over the aiming tree, but it took a huge bounce and was under a tree on the left. It was a 312 yard 3-wood. Had to basically punch a PW about 80 yards and nothing stops on those greens. I heard they were rolling between an 11 and 12 which is crazy fast. Bogeyed my first hole, parred the next hole, and then doubled the par 3 12th because of a pulled 8 iron that for some reason went around 185 yards. That's where the uncomfortable feeling started. There is a lot of trouble left on a lot of the holes, so pulling the ball to the left sets up for a bad day...hence my 89. Saturday was a bit of a different story...shot a 78 with still quite a few loose shots, but got a good warm-up session in before the round and felt pretty good. Had about 6-7 good chances for birdie and didn't convert a single one of them. I just could not get used to how fast the greens were and how to read the break based on the fast greens. There's always next year though. I have my club championship in a couple weeks that I am looking for a turnaround at. Final league day is tomorrow, otherwise probably wont touch my clubs for a full week for a little break, then back to the grind to get ready for the club championship.
  2. Had the practice round today for my tournament that starts tomorrow. Shot a 79. Was -2 thru 2 holes. Got to hole 5 at -1 and pushed my drive right and into trees. Nipped the last branch on a pine tree and my 2nd shot so it only went about 80 yards and right beside a tree. Had to make the most upright swing I have ever made, ended up doubling the hole. Hit a great distance drive on the next hole but missed the fairway left which is dead, luckily bogeyed the hole. Birdied 8 and parred 9 for a 37 on the front. Started the back with 4 straight pars. Bogeyed 14 because I missed a must hit fairway. Bogeyed 15 and 16. Got to 17 and crushed my driver but it drew about a little too far and went into the river, reteed because where I crossed would have only given me about 30 yards. Ended up with a double on the hole. 18 was the same story, felt like I hit a good drive, everyone said it looked great and then one of the guys says "hate to tell you this but it took a bad kick and went into the hazard. Doubled that hole as well as I was pissed off my ball needed about 2 more yards of carry to be about 130 out and a perfect drive. Summary: 3 birdies - 3 doubles - 4 bogeys = 37-42- 79 Actual tournament starts tomorrow and I feel good about how I played for the most part today and am excited to tee off tomorrow
  3. Don't feel bad. I played in a local professional tournament on the Dakotas Tour where about 200 golfers play 3 rounds where there are about 70 pros last year when I was a 1.9 handicap or something like that. I shot 83-86-92 or something stupid...totally sh!t the bed. My rounds leading up to that ranged from -2 - +4. No indication whatsoever that I would shoot that terribly, but I did, and I'm heading back there tomorrow for my practice round for this year. Don't stop just because you feel like your making a fool of yourself or anything like that. I could not have been more embarrassed last year, but I'm still here, down to a 1.1 handicap and currently playing the best golf I have ever played...the game will come around, most of the time its some stupid little thing you are forgetting to do in your swing. Good Luck, don't quit!
  4. Yep, no strategy you could see Diaz getting pissed and then throwing loosely when they did engage because he was pissed...
  5. Based on what I have seen and heard from people that did watch the fight, and a few of them are very knowledgeable in the sport, is that he was trying to get Diaz off his game. Diaz when he gets pissed or aggravated tends to throw loose shots which leave openings for an uppercut. Sounds like that is what McGregor was doing. McGregor landed more significant strikes (by a whopping 2 I know) and it is hard to do that when you are "running" away during the fight. By watching this clip I would say he was probably excessive in doing it, but it ended up working out for him.
  6. I didn't get to watch the fight live which is pretty upsetting, but from everything I have read, and what I have seen of the fight McGregor was the correct decision. Not only the judges of the fight, but 14/19 of the media outlets scoring the fight had it for McGregor, 1 had it for Diaz, and 4 had it a draw...I think its safe to say they picked the right winner and McGregor didn't win just to set up a 3rd fight..
  7. I'm in Grand Forks, ND and I have a buddy that lives in Sartel, MN and his home course is Blackberry Ridge so I have played it a couple times. Very nice course! We did a guys weekend the end of last year and we did 18 at Blackberry Ridge, and then 18 at Albion Ridges in Annandale, MN. Albion is a hidden gem as well. The drive out there is all farmland until you pull up to the clubhouse. Definitely give it a shot if your in the area!
  8. Not sure what your question is on should? sell it? well, how are you hitting it? Is there another model out there that you hit better? If the answer is yes, then sell it! If your asking if you should contact the company you got it from and let them know they made a was 8 months ago...they almost certainly aren't going to do anything about it. If you didn't notice any difference in the shafts, you probably didn't need the 60x shaft anyways.
  9. I think that when we shoot great rounds like that, it becomes the expected for awhile. Now we know it can be done, so we take on more pins, try to crush our drivers, just basically try much much harder to achieve that score again. I would advise playing like you normally play, be aggressive on the holes you would normally be aggressive on, lay back on the others, etc. My last (2) 18 hole rounds have been -1 and -3, but in the 2nd round I still played for the middle of the greens on holes I normally would and went at the pin on the others, I didn't change up my game plan much.
  10. I'm hitting the club that gets me the furthest without bringing trouble into play. If you have your average club distance and know you don't have to overswing to get there, that would be the play I would go with. People always want to smash a driver off the tee, but in reality they might be able to lower their scores by taking some hazards out of play and hitting an iron/hybrid off the tee on some holes.
  11. I'm not 100% sure what lessons cost up in Canada, but where I am from (North Dakota) I spent $80 for (2) 1 hour sessions. I already had a decent swing, just wanted to go from fade to a draw. He gave me some things to work on after the first session and told me when I was comfortable with that to set up another session. $500 seems a little spendy to me, but like I said I don't know what the prices are up there. Have you looked into lessons and prices? That would be the best way to improve rather quickly.
  12. Playing in a Pro-Am tournament next Thursday (practice round), Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Its a stop on the Dakotas Tour which is our local professional tour called the Bobcat ND Open. Its played at the Fargo Country Club in Fargo, ND. I have played in it the last 2 years, but haven't played well really at all. Best round I have had is a 77 the first round in 2014. Swing changes, broken ribs and just crappy course management all lead to my demise in past years. I feel really good going into this year though, have had some really solid rounds this year especially in the last few weeks. Made up my own yardage book from Arccos app screen shots that I have been gameplanning on. Going to test out the game plan in the practice round and make adjustments as needed. Should be a fun one!
  13. You have to be aware and not compound a bad stroke. I was playing a par 5 yesterday, pulled my tee shot about 1 foot into a lateral hazard. I could have went for the "make-up" shot and tried to put myself about 100 out, but I took my medicine and punched out sideways with a 7 iron. I was 205 yards out, hit my 5 iron to 8 feet and birdied. Had I tried the "hero" shot I probably would have doubled. I always tell people to take their medicine, its better than trying a very low percentage shot. I think I remember reading that you put 3 balls into the water. After the first, and especially after the 2nd I would have been looking for an area I could hit to with less carry (if there wasn't water all around you) and gone there.
  14. I agree with this 100%. If you are already thinking about seeing an instructor, now is the time instead of later. I saw an instructor over a year ago and I am just within the last few months reaping the benefits of his instruction. It takes time to get rid of your old swing habits and develop new muscle memory to the new swing. I cant even tell you how many buckets of balls it took to develop the new muscle memory for me. This was when I was at about a 4 handicap and hitting a fade. I went from shooting 75-76 before to shooting 85-86 after for a bit while I developed these new habits. Now I'm down to a 1.1, hitting a draw, and shooting 70-73 consistently. It takes time, don't wait until next year or the offseason to get instruction. Do it now so you have the rest of this season and the offseason to develop the muscle memory and then hopefully by the time the courses open next year your ready to go.
  15. Nope, I know that it's about tempo, but someone else had mentioned the relaxing or calming part of it...