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  1. I live in Annapolis. I thought South River was trying to go semi-private but never actually did? You can still play there if you want. I have only played there twice and the second time it wasn't in the greatest condition. The first time was the night my son was born and I will always remember it. Its a nice course, but Queenstown's River Course (same owners as South River) is the nicest in the area by far. Hunters Oak is challenging and usually isn't very busy if you want to play there, right down the road from Queenstown. Its always in good shape. Both of which are on the other side of the bridge in Queenstown. Renditions I played once and it was ok, my dad had played before and swore never to go back because the condition it was in. They have look-a-like holes of some of the greats so it was fun for me, I probably wouldn't go back. Lake Presidential is a really nice track and should be on your short list of places to play. Bay Hills is a dog track, along with Eisenhower.
  2. This is just perspective. My parents own property at Berkeley Hall, SC http://www.berkeleyhallclub.com/ . My dad told me that when they bought the land X amount went to the community, I think $100K of the purchase price of their property. Anyone that owns land there is automatically a member and has to pay dues so I don't think there is an upfront fee if you buy a house there. On top of that he pays $1000 a month in due's. Which includes green's fees, carts, etc... So without evening owning a house there (IE not living there) he pays $12K a year plus property taxes which are apparently quite high. But in all honesty the place is amazing and in my mind worth every penny he spends on it. FWIW He also told me with the downturn of the economy people with lots (no home) were practically giving them away to get out paying the monthly dues. So I imagine with the current state of the economy there are deals to be had in such communities.
  3. Good to hear. I actually had a set of the AP1's that I traded for the i10's. AP1's are without a doubt more forgiving then the i10's.
  4. What bad things about i10's have you heard? I have a set and like them. Although I am selling them for some new i15's at the momeny. Besides if you like them what difference does it make?
  5. Never played in Jamaica so I don't know. But I know the caddies in SA just wanted Golf (polo) shirts and not money. Maybe a fat ass joint?
  6. drewdown

    Big Break Disney

    1 stroke penalty, so once he dropped his ball he was lying 4. 1 off the tee, 2 in the water, 1 stroke penalty, 4 chipping onto the green.
  7. I use Troy Beck in Glendale MD. Just on the otherside of DC from you. I was recommended to her by a good friend, she knows her stuff man. http://www.troybeckgolfacademy.com/p...ge/1738628.htm
  8. Last week's tournamnet Mike Weir had a 70 yard shot to the green on 18. Hazard in front of the green, he chunked his first shot right into it. Then chunked his second into it again, both of which were shown on TV. I was suprised they showed them.
  9. "•••• no, you get ass kicked for doing something like that!"
  10. I have never owned a gps/range finder until I won a Leupold GXii here on thesandtrap.com, when I received it I promptly sold it on Ebay for $350.
  11. Did you see that spectator get hit in the head from Sergio's drive?! Man that must have hurt!
  12. Like others said, it depends on what is between me and the pin. If it needs to run then I bump and run, if it needs to sit then I lob it up there.
  13. I watched the same tournament and they announcer said it was downwind and playing short. Not sure if the tee was elevated or not either. Could be relatively easy to hit an 8i for some of those guys who are good golfers in their own right. IE just not some weekenders out there playing. I think the top 2 guys have won it 8 total times or something like that?
  14. G's are game improvement irons, I are geared towards more skilled players.
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