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  1. My favorite thing is how PC this forum is. Makes me feel I'm in a safe place, as long as I don't disagree with a Moderator. Well one moderator anyway. Cue to this post being deleted in 5 4 3 2 1.
  2. Mark me down for one from Bowling and one from Golf.
  3. I'm sure you will provide us some proof of the things you just said? Otherwise all I can do is laugh at you.
  4. Thanks newtogolf. I thought it was a pretty decent tournement for the most part. Really enjoyed watching Perez and Henley.
  5. Yeah, I did not see where Erik said any of the 10 names I listed. Would be considered a big name either. So I guess they are not.
  6. I listed 10 names that played in this tournament, According to Erik, none of them are considered Big names by Non golf fans. Passionate golf fans don't count, what do they know?
  7. What are the odds of the 10 million people that play golf make it to the PGA tour? Not that Big of deal really in the small scheme of things.
  8. I would much rather come home from work when it is still daylight. My work day starts at 4.am. So going to work in the dark is par for me.
  9. How many Non golf fans participate in this site?
  10. Brooks Koepka, you Hardly hear anyone talk about him in todays PGA. Ernie Els, Davis Love, Vijay Singh.. Meh Greame McDowell, Web Simpson,Ryan Moore,Jimmy Walker. I wonder what they have in common? Billy Horschel Fed Ex cup is over rated. If you have to ask what makes Keegan Bradley a name everyone knows. Then you must be newtogolf. There are 10 players I just listed, and not a one of them a big name.
  11. I think you are the one who is confused. Look at the field and tell me there are no big names playing.
  12. I always find it interesting in what some consider, certain players to Not be big name.
  13. Quail,America's best kept secret.
  14. How did you like that game vs the CBJ?
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