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  1. Are you serious? You have proof that this is was Kyle that started this thread?
  2. Wow, this is kind of scary. I have Iomic grips on all of my irons and DTX grips on my Driver, 3 and 5 wood. I love them both.
  3. I have always been curious about entry fees for PGA Tournaments. How much does it cost to play an average PGA event. Just the entry fee, Thanks
  4. Yeah, when I see McGleno's handicap. I often wonder why he is not on tour.
  5. Geez Kyle, I don't feel so special now, just Kidding, This forum is very lucky to have you, I know I for one am very stoked about it.
  6. What brand of Irons are you currently playing right now? Thanks
  7. Grilled Lobster makes my top 3 favorite foods. Not a huge Bacardi fan, but I have been know to have a few Makers Mark and lemonade more than I probably should.
  8. What is your favorite food? If you partake in adult beverages, what is your drink of choice?
  9. How did you decide on your caddie? Did you know him before you made the tour. What a lucky guy he is. What do you expect of him?
  10. Yeah, it's only a matter of time before Rodgers wins on tour in my opinion.
  11. Who are you closest with on the tour in friendship terms?
  12. Did you play college golf? Where do you reside?
  13. can you five us your Initials, so we can guess who you may or may not be. What is your best PGA tournament finish and what tournement was it. Thanks
  14. You can have 2 or 3 DB in a round and still break 80 if you birdie 3 or 4 holes. Almost all of my 78-79 rounds have had a DB in them unfortunately.For me regardless of how I play. It's a struggle to play 18 holes without one bad hole that ends with a DB.
  15. Yeah, I smell what you are laying down. If I hit a great drive, and my approach shot lands 5' from the pin,yet I miss the 5' putt. The good drive and approach shot are easily forgotten, even with a 2 putt par. there will be no celebration. I will still think back on the 2 great shots I had on that hole after I'm done, and blame my putting for my woes every time.. I guess what i'm saying is for me is. You can't rejoice until the ball is in the bottom of the cup, regardless of how it gets there. Yet I still concern myself with ballstriking over putting.
  16. Interesting point. Although I prefer the ballstriking aspect of the game. Almost all of my shout outs have came on the putting green.
  17. I just watched the replay of the WGC round on golf channel today. No doubts about the driver.
  18. Rory sporting the Taylormade driver today. Looked like TM irons as well. although I could not tell for sure.
  19. Ball striking for me,the only exception for would be. Making puts for birdies or long putts to save par.
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