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  1. U.S. Open hands down for me, followed by. British Open PGA Championship Masters I would even put the Players Championship over the Masters, givin the choice.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sold on the sandals thing. Welcome.
  3. On the other hand, A great WR can make an average QB look good.
  4. If it's quality your looking for, go to Vancouver. They have some hits that will blow your mind.
  5. Tiger is getting beat by 7-10 strokes by his non arch-nemesis. What is that doing got his ego?
  6. Yes, they have made them for several years now. Don't think I could do it ,sandals maybe but it's just not me. Flip flops oh hell no.
  7. If your using it for something besides golf. please fill us in?
  8. It's not that uncommon for me to go 3-4 rounds before I lose one.
  9. Yeah I have 2 shag bags full, and could fill another pretty easy. Because playing a new ball for a new round, brings you good luck right?
  10. Natural Patrick

    NHL 2016-17

    Yeah, to early to base an opinion yet. I think he has looked better than most expected this early. Considering who his new coach is.
  11. Natural Patrick

    NHL 2016-17

    Blues off to a 3-0 start. Nice.
  12. I will play a ball until it cut's. I won't play a ball with a cart path scuff mark on it.
  13. Natural Patrick

    NHL 2016-17

    I will be watching the Rags and Blues tonight. My choice over Cubs and Dodgers.
  14. Bowling can be almost as addicting as golfing. I enjoy bowling but only when it's to cold to golf. Never could get my average up over 194. Currently at 185. Congrats to you and your son.
  15. Natural Patrick

    NHL 2016-17

    Great Win for the Blues last night
  16. I'm not convinced he could win on the web.com tour. What is ranked now, and how much further could he decline?
  17. Did you know Tiger and his ego the last 7 events he played in ?
  18. Yeah, I really admire Arnie. That being said, I think the current one we have now is better.
  19. That is the 1st thing that came to my mind as well.
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