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  1. Well Duval was the number 1 ranked player in the World at one time. I doubt he sneaked much by anyone. Sure he fell of the face of the earth in the golfing world. To put him in the same category as Micheel ,is a bit of a stretch.
  2. Oh crap. I almost forgot about that.
  3. I like Darren Clarke and would rather have a beer with him than Davis Love.
  4. Yeah, well Europe was not exactly setting the world on fire prior to 1985.
  5. That is the most golf I have ever watched over a 3 day period. My back is killing me, but I have an appointment with doctor feelgood in 1 hour. CONGRATS TEAM USA!!!
  6. Gotta love the 46 year old Phil going Vertical.
  7. Danny Willett got his ass handed to him. A little present for his brother I suppose.
  8. Ultimately Reed will be tamed by the Superior Rory... Really... because I'm curious Hardballs, how does that taste?
  9. I'm sorry that offended you. I really didn't think you'd get it. San Francisco.
  10. I think Rory has a Little Richard complex.
  11. I'm not crazy about the pairings. Looks to favor Europe, please let me be wrong.
  12. I don't think he punched it. He just ran into it.
  13. Really? I can think of at least 3 putts that Rory, Westwood and Garcia each missed from less than 5'. That's 9 putts total.
  14. The 2nd worst thought is "I can double bogey this last hole and still break 80"
  15. I don't think there is any question who the better putter is.
  16. How does PVC hold up when a ball hits it a a high rate of speed ?
  17. I liked him when he played for Illinois, not so much now.
  18. I thought we were talking about this year? To your point though, it's all a matter of opinion.
  19. Has he had a better year than Dustin Johnson ?
  20. No, Rory is not proving he is the best player on the planet. LOL
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