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  1. Ok Thanks. I thought it was alternate shot from beginning to end
  2. So in this format, after the hole is over. Anyone of the 2 on the team can tee off ?
  3. He looks like a golfer to me. Great swing.
  4. I need someone to love me the whole day through
  5. The National Anthem, written by the dawn's early light, sung by the dawn's early light: That was Awesome! Thanks for posting. Rory is a Huge Douche,
  6. Fowler Drains it! Pieters drains his as well and his back teeth are no longer floating.
  7. And there off!! Day 2, here we go, here we go now.
  8. Considering what is a stake. Probably about average for Tour Players.
  9. Split screen commercials work fine for me.Is it messing up your favorite commercials?
  10. Did Europe always seem a little stronger to you, prior to 1985 ?
  11. And there off! Took a Vacation day just to watch.
  12. How many times has a player won Player of the Year. Yet not won a major that same year?
  13. When Day is on, he is on! When Spieth is on, he is on! When Johnson is on, he is on! When Rory can actually make putts, he is on!
  14. What a loss. I will have to go by my dad's house tomorrow after work and check on him. Palmer was his hero, and I know he will be affected by his passing. RIP Arnie.
  15. I thought the same thing. Is that the 357 yd drive advantage?
  16. Even though I don't know Dave Ryan, that is good Stuff, I live about 45 min from Taylorville and have played Lake Shore several times.
  17. I would be more worried about lowering your 25 handicap.
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