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  1. Top 20 is half as good as top 10. Different Legacy
  2. Natural Patrick

    NHL 2016-17

    Yes that is the Fat one I'm talking about. Hated him coning back for one last hoo rah
  3. With 10 million on the line for some. I would watch it even if it was played in the parking lot.
  4. Natural Patrick

    NHL 2016-17

    Next time you should ask him what his name was.
  5. Natural Patrick

    NHL 2016-17

    That is what I say, but having a lame duck as our head coach. We will be lucky to even make the playoffs.
  6. 1991 Ryder Cup. Seve Ballesteros did not have to dream of clearing his throat during a players swing. He did it on more than one occasion.
  7. Natural Patrick


    I will be pulling for the Beefster.
  8. I have done that twice. Never face planted, but brought me to my knees and it is very embarrassing to say the least
  9. I have had iron covers on my last 2 sets of irons. I have Never had a club rust. not even a hint of rust,
  10. Nothing wrong with iron covers. I have won a lot more money from golfers that don't use them, than those who do. LMAO at those who think it slows down play.
  11. I realize with the wet conditions, that scores were going to be lower. However I can't help be be a little disappointed that Crooked Stick is not challenging the players a little more. Just seems like most of the players are picking it apart.
  12. Rahm's back swing is much shorter than Spieth's.
  13. I had no major complaints with the SLDR set I played with.
  14. Not my hope but, I understand you have your dreams.
  15. Yep, Spring and Fall on my course's as well.
  16. Maybe he watch's a lot of Women's tennis?
  17. You hit most of the par 4's under 360yds with a persimmon,most of the time. Yeah sure you did. You must be a terrible putter.
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