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  1. 6 hours ago, ciool said:

    He was actually 63. And in final round- what a lovely surprise - 72. Nine shots more than day before. Extremely professional. Basically he just allowed big chance to slip away. And he allowed it in completely hopeless manner. I guess that after his 63 he began to celebrate, had fun withe girls, used some "recreational substances" , had only 4 hours of drunken sleep. Maybe the guy has some serious problem with himself and his addictions because his game is worse every single year.

    I'm sure you will provide us some proof of the things you just said? Otherwise all I can do is laugh at you.

  2. 6 hours ago, newtogolf said:

    Exactly, Koepka, Bradley, Horshel and Moore are not household names, and likely unknown to most casual golf fans.  They are not the "A Listers" of the PGA Tour, except for their friends and family few will be tuning in to watch those individuals in a golf tournament, but I'm glad @Natural Patrick enjoyed the tournament.  

    Thanks newtogolf. I thought it was a pretty decent tournement for the most part. Really enjoyed watching Perez and Henley.

  3. 5 minutes ago, woodzie264 said:

    I'm not sure we're reading the same thread. I saw where @iacas explain why some names familiar to us are not necessarily considered big names, but I don't see where he said none of the names you listed were big names. 

    I think his point was, and correct me if I'm wrong Erik, that in order for one's name to qualify as a big name, it should be known by non-golfers...wherein the passionate golf fan's knowledge is implicitly assumed and thereby irrelevant to the conversation.

    Yeah, I did not see where Erik said any of the 10 names I listed. Would be considered a big name either. So I guess they are not.

  4. 1 minute ago, woodzie264 said:

    No one said that being on tour wasn't a big deal...you were asserting that they all are big names...which isn't so

    I listed 10 names that played in this tournament, According to Erik, none of them are considered Big names by Non golf fans. Passionate golf fans don't count, what do they know?

  5. 19 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Nearly zero. Your point? Big is big. Just because you have a PGA Tour card doesn't mean you're big.

    What are the odds of the 10 million people that play golf make it to the PGA tour? Not that Big of deal really in the small scheme of things.;-)

  6. 1 hour ago, Gator Hazard said:

    I agree would rather have the light in the evening. It is depressing when it's dark going too and coming from work. 

    I would much rather come home from work when it is still daylight. My work day starts at 4.am. So going to work in the dark is par for me. 

  7. 2 hours ago, iacas said:

    I didn't talk about names in this tournament, just prior conversations with you about this.

    Most people define a "big name" as someone that a non-golf fan would recognize or remembers hearing, or something close to that definition. Brooks Koepka doesn't meet that standard. Heck, many golfers don't even know who the guy is.

    I never said Billy Horschel was "over-rated." I would say that he's not a big name, though. Non-golf fans don't know that he won the FedExCup.

    Ryan Moore? You could show a bunch of non-golf fans this picture of him and tell them his name and ask them what his job is and they wouldn't know.


    I know who Ryan Moore is. I know about his amateur career, and his injuries, his successes on the PGA Tour, his history of sponsors (or going sponsor-less), and I talk to his brothers somewhat regularly. I even saw at least one episode of "Inside the PGA Tour" he hosted. But he's not a "big name."

    How many Non golf fans participate in this site?

  8. 46 minutes ago, iacas said:

    We know… you've discussed it here a few times. Your confusion seems to come from the fact that you can't seem to differentiate between "good talents" (i.e. they play on the PGA Tour) from "big names on the PGA Tour."

    Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler even… big names.

    Rod Pampling, Kyle Stanley, Aaron Wise… big talents. Not big names.

    Brooks Koepka, you Hardly hear anyone talk about him in todays PGA.:-D

    Ernie Els, Davis Love, Vijay Singh.. Meh

    Greame McDowell, Web Simpson,Ryan Moore,Jimmy Walker. I wonder what they have in common?

    Billy Horschel Fed Ex cup is over rated.

    If you have to ask what makes Keegan Bradley a name everyone knows. Then you must be newtogolf.

    There are 10 players I just listed, and not a one of them a big name.:beer:


  9. 27 minutes ago, iacas said:

    We know… you've discussed it here a few times. Your confusion seems to come from the fact that you can't seem to differentiate between "good talents" (i.e. they play on the PGA Tour) from "big names on the PGA Tour."

    Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler even… big names.

    Rod Pampling, Kyle Stanley, Aaron Wise… big talents. Not big names.

    I think you are the one who is confused. Look at the field and tell me there are  no big names playing. 

  10. On 11/2/2016 at 10:14 AM, mcanadiens said:

    Live NHL games are few and far between for the likes of me, but with the Canadiens visiting CBJ on Friday, I got my tickets. Managed $20 on Stubhub.


    How did you like that game vs the CBJ?:beer:

  11. Can't believe nobody is watching this? The Shriners does a lot of great work for the kids. Great to see Russell Henley go low in the 3rd round with a 64. How about Pat Perez being away from the Tour for 7 months,and in contention in only his 2nd tournament since returning. Hope one of these 2 guys wins this thing.

  12. 1 hour ago, natureboy said:

    I would suspect that the reference to the high school was an indication that the site mods had traced the IP address from where the account originated.

    That very well could be. Strange though some of the PM's we exchanged were close to 10pm at night.

    53 minutes ago, mvmac said:

    Did he send you a pic from Vegas?

    Did I ask him to? NO, I simply wished him good luck.



    39 minutes ago, jkelley9 said:

    I don't keep a handicap, but if I did I honestly would only have practice rounds in the fall/winter. Here in NC our season is also year-round, but it does get much tougher to play on the muni's and my cheaper home course than say Spring/Summer. We're hybrid Bermuda fairways that get awfully matted, tough, and bumpy when the cold comes in. Also no fluff. 

    Also, those same muni's and my home course aren't very good with the leaves. I lose a lot more balls in the fall than any other time of the year... and I know it's because of the leaves. The last thing I want to do is roll my ankle so I typically won't even look that hard for my ball even if I knew it ended up find. Being that I play practice rounds that time of the year for this, it makes it a lot less frustrating.

    So I just wouldn't record them, personally. But that's up to you.

    So 12.5T is your best guess?

  14. 11 hours ago, Groucho Valentine said:

    Ive used anything from my 58 degree to an 8 iron from a 100 yards. Depends on the conditions. 

    But generally 100 yards is an awkward distance for me. A full Gap Wedge from a clean lie flies around 110-112. I can fly my 58 100 yards, but it has so much spin on it when it lands it usually backs up 10-15 feet. So full shots with that club aren't really useful for that yardage either. So i usually have to choke down on my GW or hit some kind of three quarter touch shot. With mixed results. I don't hit the half and three quarter shots as well as i could. Its a hole in my game. 

    If you're looking for a 100 reliable shot, i would pick as close as possible to the club you feel most comfortable hitting that distance using a lose easy tempo swing. Takes alot of guesswork out of it. 

    If you get your ball to usually back up 15'. Your in the wrong business

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