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  1. TW playing with house money, we are way past the jinx stage.
  2. Think about this, TW so far this week has been very close to shooting 60 ish this week, he has been just off on numerous putts. Yes he has to keep making The ones hes making. Others have gone low, I think the stars align today for Tiger to shoot a very low score.
  3. You know if I stopped cheering for all my favorite teams, because 1 player on the team cheated on his significant other. I would never be able to watch sports again.
  4. You know what , now that I calmed down, it's good to be talking about TW in the final round . ( even if bitching a little).
  5. I hate to say it, but there is ZERO chance the old Tiger 3 putts 18. Especially knowing what was on the line. The only good news is , there no chance in hell Gore is winning this tournament.
  6. See , now that's a reason even I would root against TW. Money a supersedes TW victory,(of its enough ).
  7. Nothing personal, but I couldn't care less if you root for Tiger this weekend or ever again. I'm a fan and I'm rooting for him.
  8. Haters going to hate. Do I hear a little jealousy? Sorry there is only one Tiger.
  9. Tiger, where the hell have you been the last 2 yrs?!
  10. If Tiger stays healthy, and is able to get rounds in, he can never be counted out at Augusta. That's the one course he can shoot under par in his sleep
  11. From what I saw, he missed one putt for birdie within 5 feet . Other then that, the flat stick was very good.
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