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  1. Eagle first for me, but it was on a pretty short par 5 so I'm not going to pretend I just won the Masters or anything. Still was pretty exciting for me as a new-ish golfer though.
  2. Congrats! Glad you got it figured out. Seems like everyone has to go back to square one every once in a while.
  3. Thanks guys! I'd like to thank the Academy, my family, the cast, the producers...
  4. I get that sometimes if I've been on the mats and I've been hitting a lot of fat shots that day. I guess something about beating my arm into the ground repeatedly didn't agree with me...who knew!
  5. I voted much higher, mostly because my regular course recently aerated the greens but neglected to clean off the surface, so it felt like trying to putt across a gravel pathway. Heavy, uneven sanding wasn't enough to smooth out some pretty ragged conditions and made it pretty tough to judge speed. Another course I played just after aerating didn't have these problems, but they also were only doing the back halves of the greens and put all the pins in the front. They did a much better job of keeping the surface smooth, though.
  6. Hard to be sure exactly (million different swings out there) but when I start having problems it's usually because I'm standing too close to the ball, as others have suggested. What works for me is to take a step back, lay the club out behind the ball with one hand, sometimes just a finger or two, and see where the grip falls naturally. I then like to take a lot of really slow swings, making sure I'm not getting off line too far on my back swing and really focusing on the impact point. You'll work through it (just in time for another problem to come up, if my experience tells me anything).
  7. Look, I've said my piece and I'm really not looking to get into it with anybody here. Just wanted to let you know, I'm not coming from a religious background at all on this and I'm not sure how that was implied anywhere. I just have found a lot of what has been said in this thread to be in poor taste and generally insulting. Just my $0.02. Sorry if that's somehow offensive.
  8. Thanks for the reply, and the welcome. I can understand some members having a certain point of view, being accustomed to a certain level of cruder behavior on the course, and having that translate over to this forum. However, it seems ridiculous to see some members imply that an LPGA Masters at Augusta is offensive then go on to suggest that they might have more popularity and success if they played in their underwear. That's not the kind of thing you can play off as a joke, despite the best efforts of some. I see your point regarding the number of majors on the LPGA tour. As I said
  9. New guy here, been following this thread and biting my tongue for as long as I can but I have to say- some of you guys are ridiculous. This isn't the 1950s and you're not Don Draper, get over yourselves and get with the times. Stuff like I see some of you saying in this thread is really making me second guess my attempts to get my sister interested in the game. Anybody talking about "fireman calenders" or how there's a double standard- you realize that women are objectified about 1000x more than men, right? You're not being "persecuted", your rights aren't being taken away, you won't catch
  10. Not me, I had Kentucky. I actually picked Arizona to beat Wisconsin for some reason, that was a mistake. Should be a great championship game for sure.
  11. I have an older set of Adams hybrid irons and they're pretty forgiving on mishits for me, especially on swings where I might ground out the club early in my downswing. They have a pretty deep sole that keeps it from digging in unless I completely chop into the ground. Not sure how much they help if your main problem is hits off the toe/heel but I know they're easier to hit than my old set of blades.
  12. I thought Villanova was going to be a weak 1 seed but I thought they were going to last another round. Should be interesting to see how the rest plays out.
  13. Well, you guys convinced me. After looking at how I play, it's time for me to buy some iron covers and a ball retriever.
  14. Made one, mine's under Chris734611 1 . Don't see too many upsets playing out this year, but we'll see.
  15. I don't know how to make it but I'm in if someone gets one going.
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