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  1. Working on my hip rotation to ensure I dont get a reverse spine tilt during my back swing. Will be doing some Yoga as well to work on my general flexibility.
  2. A swing video would help us see how flexible you really are in your swing. Although 140 yards with a 7i is pretty good imo.
  3. Im no expert but i'll try give my opinion. 1) you dont have a full shoulder turn 2) your left arm bends on the backswing 3) chicken wing right elbow on the downswing Some of the things i picked up.
  4. Funny I had the opposite experience. I used to slice my driver for years before I realised I wasn't doing a full shoulder turn. I've been hitting my drives straighter than ever since I've started focusing on full 90 degrees turn.
  5. Recently I've only been going with 3-4 clubs (50 balls) and I treat every shot as if I'm on the course. (pre shot routine etc) If I'm playing well and I have 10-15 balls left, I'll chip/pitch the rest otherwise I leave with notes to research or work on my next session.
  6. I found this book very easy to read and with some useful information.. helped me block out negative thoughts for a couple of rounds and play well. After that i went back to over thinking, but that says mkre about me than this book.
  7. I'm going to have to pull out of this one unfortunately 😞
  8. No brainer for me: @kpaulhus @klineka @divot dave @nabzi open open open open open open
  9. I'm interested in this.. is this available to ship to UK and what are the costs? Thanks
  10. Stretching my shoulders to work on my flexibility. Allowing me to swing inside on the downswing.
  11. Thanks Iacas. What do you mean by in? Can you advise where the ideal position is?
  12. Guys, I need some help in identifying the cause of my out to in swing. My Iron shots are more forgiving but my woods and driver shots start straight for 150 yards before a wild curve to the right. Any ideas based on this videos? I think it might be my hip turn but just not sure. Thanks,
  13. I agree with everything that has already been said in the thread. A coach will help your technique, where as LSW will help you decide what kind of shots to play, when/where and generally help you plan your way around the course.
  14. Hi All, I recently had a pitching lesson where my instructor advised me to use the following technique for the 30-90 yard shots. I've always used my iron swing routine - albeit with a wedge and a shorter swing depending on the distance I need to carry. I've adopted this new technique recently and I am getting a much better contact but I was interested in seeing how popular this technique was or if others used a different one? Thanks
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