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  1. HOME - The Scoring Method Been reviewed on Practical Golf and PluggedinGolf websites.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Will Robbins' program 'The Scoring Method', particularly whether it's worth the money for an 8 hcp... Been hitting it nicely, but not scoring well 😭
  3. Been a while since I posted that I was trying to get to single figures from 11... Well I managed it at the end of August; won 2 comps and had a shot cut for 'general play' so now down to 8.9 Why am I telling anyone this? Because what made the difference (I'm 99% sure) was, after playing pretty much qualifying comps only for 3/4 months, I played 2 games with my old man on holiday and didn't really even keep score. Just played for sheer enjoyment/occasion. Then got home and won 2 of the next 3 comps I entered. And it reminded me that we are supposed to be playing for fun, right?!
  4. Hello there. I live/golf in the UK so have a CONGU handicap... not sure how this compares to USGA handicaps; I would guess they'd be similar, if not exactly the same.
  5. Would definitely recommend this book - LOWEST SCORE WINS makes such great sense, destroys a few of golf's 'urban myths' and outlines a real plan for improving (although shot maps could take time). Well worth a read and re-read though!
  6. Thanks for the advice... have just been trying to buy LSW online, but am in the UK. Is it worth an equivalent of 45 US dollars??
  7. Assuming the guy with the magic pills is joking (maybe he should get a job on the stage?) I was considering which is most beneficial; short game lesson or general swing lesson... Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks for your excellent responses fellas! I'm definitely going to read and digest this advice... especially the 'can do' responses. Golf scores are influenced by positive thoughts, surely?! In my pre-season 'this is the year for me' optimism, I was thinking of buying a book, too; anyone recommend any?
  9. As an 11 h'capper, who plays approx once a fortnight in comps with practice time limited to two nights a week max in between, what would people suggest is the best way to get into single figures???
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