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  1. I agree with Erik that this was correctly handled based upon the current rules. I also feel that some improvements could be made to the rules with regards to PGA/LPGA tournaments. I'm going to use some terminology a bit loosely, but you should grasp my general ideas, nonetheless. - I think that they could finalize a scorecard on a daily basis rather than at the end of the tournament. No changes in the middle of the next round. - No viewer call-ins, but introduce a way to monitor players more closely. Additional Rules Officials (give them a different name, if you prefer
  2. Harvey Pinnick recommends a combination of returning your left heel to the ground and bringing your right elbow back towards your right side. On top of creating proper sequencing, my guess is that this also promotes getting ones weight to the left as well as helping to prevent an over the top move?
  3. One. It was on my birthday this past April. I had the day off of work, and no one to play with, so I took a local course for an early morning round. 175 yard 6-iron over water. It hit into the slope about 18 inches behind the hole and spun back down and in. Not a soul was around to witness, but I cherish it nonetheless!
  4. (Feel free to move if this isn't an appropriate location) I purchased a SkyTrak launch monitor, and I have been very pleased with the product thus far. I feel that my review/experiences over the past few years may be able to help some or create good discussion on practicing. I don't have practice facilities readily accessible (25 min drive), so I've spent countless hours refining my swing in my garage with a mat/net. 3 years ago I was a 12 hcp and often struggled to make consistent solid contact, but have since lowered my hcp to the 4-6 range. It took a little while to learn the "fe
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I've gone through that info multiple times over. I always take info in golf with a grain of salt. When I see similar ideas echoing from multiple different (reliable) sources, I then start to consider the weight it may or may not hold. I'm pretty fluent in you guys' general themes and feeling, and I love the way that you both use sound analysis and video to support your thoughts. I'm a medical guy, so evidence based reasoning is important to me. I feel like most of the recommendations that you give people on here are repeating the same ideas, because their priorit
  6. I feel like you all have done such a great job teaching me more about the golf swing as well as how to improve my golf game. On top of improving my game, I have picked up a strong desire to learn more and more about the intricacies of the golf swing. This isn't necessarily out of desire to improve my game more (I will likely sign up for evolvr once it warms up to achieve that), and it's definitely not out of desire to start coaching others (I only do that when my less skilled friends ask for tips - I may give them some small pointers, but I always just point them here). Ultima
  7. I've never had trouble with fliers or balls coming out hot in the past. I've always heard about it, but never experienced it often. Can it happen out of the fairway as well as the rough (the first one was on the short stuff, and the second very light rough)? I always thought it happened out of the rough. Yeah, obviously the 7 iron didnt work out and went too far. In order to keep things more brief, i didnt mention that i really needed to advance the ball at least 160 to keep from being blocked out by another tree (i had an odd angle after a misdirected tee shot). 160-200 was my range
  8. I have a bit of a story, but it will get to a serious question before long. So, partially in thanks to the resources here at TST, my swing and ball striking has come a long way. My Handicap Index is down to 5.1 from 8-10, and I have been hitting the ball with consistency and distance with driver and irons like never before. Driver carry is up from approximately 220-30 to 250-60 (about 10-15 yards of roll right now in soft conditions), and I started hitting 1 and then 2 clubs longer as I started grooving my swing more and more. This took a lot of adjusting to, and it was both frustrat
  9. Same. For me it is a slight extension of the GIR stat in order to account for situations where I leave myself in very good position to get up and down for par. GIR is an important stat, but being 1 yard off of the green and 15-20 feet away deserves as much "credit" as a GIR leaving you 30+ feet away. I follow my GIRs to tell myself how many opportunities I gave myself for easy pars (and birdie chances), and I add a few "just off the green, but in great position" nGIRs to follow those opportunities even more accurately.
  10. And here I thought I might be able to put my popcorn down and do something productive... it's just too good though!
  11. Some great advice has already been given, but I want to add one point from my similar, personal, experience. Double check to make sure that your setup and ball position are the same once you get out on the course. I worked a lot on my swing via mat&net last year, but when I setup on the fairway or tee box my ball position and posture changed as compared to practicing in the garage.
  12. Yeah, I should be able to tweak those easy enough. I noticed a bit of lateral head movement from the FO view. I know that a small amount can be acceptable, but I am wondering if I should work to eliminate it, or be okay with it.
  13. I've spent a lot of time working on changing the club path on my backswing. It looks better to me, but still pretty inconsistent. I am hitting a fade with the driver and a draw with longer irons. Although fat shots are now much less common, my directional control has worsened. Any clue where to go from here?
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