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  1. Brooke has become very marketable and has deals with Ping, Titleist, CP rail, BMW, Sunice, RBC and a couple of others whose name escapes this old brain. She has a pleasant personality, cute too, but combining that with talent enough to win, places her way above, more glamourous but less talented golfers like Blair or Paige. She has a huge following of golfers in Canada, But even with victories, she can't make up the difference that Adam Hadwin got for his one victory and other high finishes. The way of the world of sports
  2. He doesn't seem to have the full vocabulary that older golfers can call upon to express their displeasure at less than stellar results. I have, and frequently use, much more "colourful" descriptions. Perhaps they will come in time. A wee bit whiney but I like him. Good for golf.
  3. Better call Saul continues to amaze and entertain. This show, taken from breaking bad has developed on the single presmise of the prequel and given good writing, good casting and strong acting, I believe, in its own way, has surpassed Breaking Bad. Looking forward again to the next season. Back to finish the latest year of House of Cards. Other than Orange is the New Black, some news, and golf on Saturdays and Sundays if I don't get bored have become the normal tv watching for me. Replace golf with NE football and Montreal hockey and that is my time in front of the tube.
  4. I would spend the $50.00 at your club or a club with a pro you can understand for an hour, who will watch your swing with your clubs and go forward with a plan for you to maximize your club/swing in the present. The more aggressive of them might begin a chat about equipment (especially if you are still into hickory) but otherwise, the smart money is always on your ability to swing. Or buying into Titelist PRO v which is now , after 20 years each one advancing the ball 15yds, a distance worthy of note . lol
  5. Can you swear with flair? Can you quote Caddyshack ad nauseum.? Other than kicking the shit out of him which may disrupt the on going flow of your friendship, you must learn to either walk away from this game being played upon you and find the quiet friendship you might be craving elsewhere which happens frequently. Or you have to get a years supply of Turtle wax and toughen the shell. I wont, as Dave mentioned, watch anyone's swing. I will watch a ball but I know that in the day to day normal play, my group collectively carries more than 400 golf balls. I don't care when my golf ball leas
  6. I enjoy all the varieties. I like a toasted Meatloaf Sandwich with Mustard. I am a big fan of Montreal Smoke Meat Sandwiches, Thickly piled with Moutard on Rye. Pickle on the side. But I simplify my Peanut Butter/ plus to just Honey as the companion. My My ! Hot dogs are in a category for me with Sausage or Kielbossa on a thicker bun. Heaven.
  7. In Canada, the place for discount clothing is Value Village, which is a donation type place similar apparently to Goodwill. Lots of clothing, high quality/ low price. I recommend it. Giant Tiger which is a discount everything store is a place to browse to see if they have anything interesting. Other than the shirts I buy from my pro shop with the club logo on them, I wear Nike and Under Armor and they were under $10.00 each. Just have to be there at the right time. Wind shirts and pants and rain clothing as well.
  8. Most of the members here (not all ) have wrote to question Lexi's integrity in her placement of the golf ball. As far as I know she has yet to comment upon this particular matter. She may get an opportunity on Wednesday at the tourney in Texas to speak. I cannot imagine she wont be asked. So, if she says I accept the ruling, I did not believe I did anything wrong. What will you say then? The new rules indicate a lot will be placed on reasonableness they player uses in replacement. If Lexi says she thought it was okay, will the masses then question her veracity and call her a liar. Pretty
  9. Doesn't it always seem to be a crazy way to designate clubs. By gender. With purple inserts and fuscia grips. Lots of women can play "mens" clubs Lots of men should look into clubs enabling them to play better. I think that for the most part, women like just plain silver clubs and I know that men prefer them to be powerful looking lol.. Their head covers , bags, and accessories may reflect their taste, but so do athletic team coordinated golf accessories used by men. I hope that someone will get the bright idea to market based solely on playability for Senior golfers. And not just at the H
  10. As stated earlier, I doubt that there will ever be a point that there is no one to carry her bag. Hell, she may just start re cycling them. But there will always be a hopeful ready to be the next one.
  11. Exactly Jack. What else is there to squander your money on if not booze drugs and women ( in various orders). Meeting others expectations is a ridiculous way to go through life. Frank singing "My Way" should be a theme song for John. I too would rather have him playing. The Champions Senior tour is dull populated by the fabulously talented largely unheralded and maybe unknown golfers who landed into a money pit long after they might have had to take real jobs. Daly might never dominate the score but he'll always be the attraction.
  12. So my question in all of this, after seeing play on the two smaller, older courses, were you impressed with the skill of the hitters or the exactness of the shots into the green or any of the putting skills? I just think that unless you are in the stable for RBC and are "requested" to play Harbor town and wherever the RBC Canadian Open is played, you avoid those weeks. Pros are still private contractors and the fill in tourneys are there for the amusement and entertainment of the viewing audiences and to fill the coffers of local charities. With Fed EX and the 4 majors and the Players and the
  13. I would recommend a book by Tom Coyne, called PAPER TIGER. A really good golfer spends a year trying to qualify and practice. Huge support luck financial backing. and it is a really good read and a eye opener for all those who aspire. He also explains the pyramid of good golfers.
  14. What a great topic! So many seniors who are the backbone heart and soul of golf today. A debatable point is whether we are responsible to grow the game. But in the defense of golfers who have raised families worked hard their whole lives, served their countries, the best reward for golfing seniors is the pleasure and the recreation golf provides.It maynot fall to us to grow the game. It may be enough during these down turns in growth to be the rock upon which golf is base.We do have diminished athletic prowess, but, we are better at our swings, our equipment is better, and we have the time (p
  15. Well a long time coming. Many disappointments along the way. But, he is now the Masters Champ. Good for him. Rose played fine. Every golfer knows that some shots just don't come off the club right. I thought that the CBS coverage technically was fine. The announcing /blithering/filling the air with drivel borders on cruelty. Maybe it's just me getting cranky in my dotage. Congrats Sergio
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