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  1. So here's the story. I've just moved countries for university and while I've managed to get my clubs to my new home, I'm without a car and probably will be for a while. There's a few courses within busing distance and one that's about a 20 minute walk away so I'm looking to get a Sunday/pencil bag that will be easy to transport. I'm probably going to be putting less than a full set in it (especially if I have to walk to the course) and I carry my clubs in a stand bag normally anyway so I'm not too worried about size. What I'm most interested in is whether to go with a 'canvas' ty
  2. Wow that was a big shake. It felt a lot bigger than the 7.1 in September. I was in the central city at work when it hit, fortunately our building was fine and everybody got out okay. I work about a minute's walk from a couple of the buildings that collapsed. The central city is a complete mess, it's gonna take a long long time to clean it up, years for it to get anywhere near back to normal. I don't know if anybody remembers the damage from the September quake but this time it is a LOT worse.
  3. As someone who isn't a UFC fan but occasionally catches the PPVs I thought Machida should have won that fight, although I can see how the judges could have given it to Jackson. The first round could have gone either way and Jackson seemed to win the second, the thrid was easily Machida's but I can see Jackson winning the other two. I don't think the 10 point scoring system works at all for MMA, especially in a fight like that when both fighters stay on their feet and spend a good part of each round each round posturing and feigning for position and there's only three or four meaningful excha
  4. I have a feeling Kim might end up being the next Adam Scott, someone who seems to have all the talent in the world and a swing to match but just can't seem to reach their potential because they have other things they'd rather be doing than playing golf. I remember seeing an interview with Kim when he said he'd rather play basketball but for his lack of height, not exactly what you want to hear from someone who is supposed to be one of the 'next big things'. With the standard of the PGA Tour as it is today Kim isn't just going to be able to rely on his talent to get through. Only time will tell
  5. Here in NZ most courses have them set up like this: Red: Childrens (though most courses don't have these set up) Yellow: Ladies White: Mens Blue: Championship/Tips
  6. I think the situation might save him. He did duff the chip but he most probably needed to hole it out to have a chance of extending the match considering where McDowell's ball was. If the match was all square or even if McDowell was 1 up and there was a better chance that the match could go on then I could see him struggling to come back from this but he was most likely about to lose the match anyway, he just managed to do it in a more spectacular fashion than he could have.
  7. It seems like a few people here think that DJ was a lock to win in the playoff if only he didn't get the penalty. Don't forget he still bogeyed the last because he blew his drive 50 yards right and into the crowd to get himself in the position where the penalty occured in the first place. Plus he probably had the memory of throwing the US Open away fresh in the back of his mind. There's no reason to assume he wouldn't simply choke again in the playoff. In my opinion Kaymer fully deserved the win.
  8. The best two jobs I've ever had for golf were the two worst jobs I've had. One was washing dishes starting at 5pm and working until midnight - plenty of time for golf before work; and the other was making plastic bags in a factory starting at 6am and working until 2 in the afternoon - plenty of time for golf after work. Mind you, those were both summer jobs while I was at studying at university (which is also a good occupation for playing golf if you don't have many classes). Now I'm in the "real world" and can only play at the weekends.
  9. microcrayfish


    Ha nope not at all, I'm very much in the minority here when it comes to liking the NFL (Madden was actually got me into football when I hired out Madden 2000 once years ago). People round these parts tend to stick to rugby union or rugby league. It sucks too because we only get the Sunday and Monday Night Football games on espn live and a random FOX Sports game delayed each week on TV. I end up having to follow the live scoring on nfl.com or trying to find a stream to watch any others.
  10. microcrayfish


    Don't have a 360 but I'll be buying Madden this year for the first time in a long time for PS3. Haven't played much more than the odd game on a mate's system since PS2 days so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this year's edition. Doesn't come out here until tomorrow though
  11. And then you put the four gallons on the scales to defuse the bomb with 5 seconds left on the timer, high five Samuel L. Jackson and talk on the phone to a crazy German guy.
  12. If only they were self cleaning, we'd never need another thread like this ever again.
  13. I know a guy who has all Taylormade clubs, and bag, and clothes, and shoes. But that's cause he's a golf pro and gets them free because he is sponsored by them and could whip all the people who would care to judge his game based on his attire and club selection. Sometimes it takes a few swings to tell how good someone is and not just a look at their gear.
  14. There's already the Presidents Cup and the International team have only ever won that once. Asia, Australia and South Africa don't have the talent yet to compete against U.S. or European teams in their own right. Maybe Asia will get there one day but I doubt the other two ever will - there have been good Aussie and South African golfers for a while now but they just don't have the golfing population to be able to stand on their own. I would like to see a Europe vs Rest of the World event but it'd be a matter of fitting it in somewhere because I doubt American audiences would agree to a 3 ye
  15. You could always call them up or email and ask what they consider an "official" handicap. You're in the States so I'm pretty sure that you can get an official handicap through online services without having to fork out a whole bunch for a course membership. Others here will be able to direct you to the right websites.
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