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  1. Nice man I'll probably be playing a lot of rounds at penobby June-July as well as Hidden Meadows which is my "kick Back and Relax" course nice 9 hole not to out of the way but just enough that you can play at your own pace without having to feel rushed. Hope the weather is good for you, today it's supposed to be 86 and mostly sunny!
  2. Other: Divots and pitch marks, the little dime sized ones don't bother me it's the "chunks" of grass/dirt that people gouge out of the fairway/tee box that piss me off, they'll send a huge wad of turf flying and laugh and walk off leaving a frigin crater without repairing it, completely disrespectful to those who do respect the course as well as the people who own/maintain the course. Music is meh I can tune it out, talking I tune out as well, walking the putting line is never a concern as I almost always play solo.
  3. How bad is too bad? Well that all depends on what you can take weather wise and your location (open, wooded, city, rural ect) up here in Maine we have Late March through late October-early November so about 5-6 full month's of golfing weather, but personally I don't start playing till the first week in April and my last round is usually mid October, if it's Below 40 I won't golf, anything above that I'm game, wind is meh I've hit into 20MPH wind before and granted I have had to put more behind my swings but I personally think that's when skill really matters as making par is difficult when your hitting uphill and into the wind. Rain doesn't bother me so long as it's not pouring, and when it comes to thunderstorms, it's a matter of common sense, I'm not one of the people out there on an elevated green sticking my putter into the air....!
  4. I've been a fan of Golf all my life and have watched many tournaments and I remember when they didn't have any of this fancy shot/swing analysis, nor the commentators critiquing players stance, swing, ect. at least not as in depth as they do today, I think it's something that they've been told to do by upper management, to keep viewers locked in.
  5. ah ok I'm just interested in finding other people that live in Maine on here aside from searching for members and posting in random forums. The group was my way of doing that but I can't find it now and it used to show up in my profile. Guess I'll jst have to try something else, thanks for your help.
  6. I mean the groups you join, I joined an actual group that was composed of people from New England last year and it had like 17 members and we could start group discussions, events, and each group had an admin/moderator I'm taking it this option has been removed.
  7. What happened to the "Groups" on here did they do away with them or what? I had joined a group a year ago to try to get together online with other golfers from New England but can't find the group.
  8. My New Slazenger Cart Bag, I got it as a gift from my mom's boyfriend last week it's very similar to the SZR 14 way, I'm on a budget so anytime I get something new whether it is a new club, bag, or attire I'm hyped and that hype carries over to the course, I only wish it were a stand bag but I'm used to carrying my bag from hole to hole and this is way lighter then my old Wilson Staff Bag which has been relegated to storage for spare balls and clubs.
  9. My goals are two fold this year and very simple 1. Play More Golf!!! (I only played once last year, lots of other things went on) 2. Get new clubs, this one I am excited and scared about. Excited because I'll have better clubs, scared of the price, got a lot of things to buy (wedding gift for my best friend, car, fix my bike, start on my cabin, and golf clubs!) Though I'm fairly confident I'll get one that doesn't break the bank, yet works well!
  10. wow that is short!, my go-to course is a 3009 (soon to be 3100) yard, par 35 9 hole course with a 554 yard Par 5 uphill!
  11. Well we may be done with snow this year, and we only have the shrinking snowbanks left, but when I called my local course to ask when they thought the course itself would be open for play I got a slightly discouraging answer....3 weeks or so.... which means it will be around the second week of May :( Though once it's open I'll be playing 2 days a week plus on the weekends!
  12. Sounds like you need a dose of reality yourself, I never implied he was seeking to become a PGA tour pro, I was simply stating that if he was he may/may not make it in, and then I went on to say there were other careers in golf for him to consider. Maybe read the whole post instead of taking things out of context would work better for you hmm???? Also OP said he is turning 30!
  13. Ah ok I understand now, the courses where I live (the public ones at least) are quite lax, and it is mostly up to individuals to report slow play, and play-through's are commonplace. Everyone respects fellow players.
  14. Not what?