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  1. I can still play from the backs on most courses, but I've started teeing off on the whites at my home course. I just don't enjoy it from the backs anymore. I laugh when I play with guys that insist on playing from the backs & yet they struggle to shoot in the mid 80s. I've gone threw times when I would even tee off at the whites with the other 3 guys playing from the backs. I figured it would be worse to be stinking it up from back there THEN the few laughs that come from me NOT manning up at the start of the round. Oh well!
  2. kevin2

    Rib fracture

    I broke ribs when I was 18. It took an awful long time for them to heal. It took even longer for the pain associated with said break to go away. Several years down the road & the pain would still be there. HOPE they heal for you. I wouldn't mess around with getting back at golf until the Dr says you are clear to go.
  3. Get your body into peak shape, stretching, yoga, proper muscle strengthening. I see young adults that I play with that are is worse physical shape then I am at 52. I mean, they are expecting to play the universes hardest physical and mental game with a body that is made of fast food & sitting on the couch OR in front of the computer far to much. If this is an issue with you, then address it. Then start really practicing your short game, 125 in. NOBODY is going to get to scratch with a short game that is a mess. Find out where you are honestly wasting strokes. Mental mistakes? Course management? Honest short comings in parts of your game? Physical shortcomings! If you really want to get better, then being honest with yourself is the place you'll find the answers. With that said, 99% of golfers will never sniff an honest 5 handicap. It ain't all bad...
  4. kevin2

    How to break 70

    haven't read all the replys, but sticking to "one shot at a time" is likely the only way you'll do it. There is a million and one ways to do it, but it all comes back to one shot at a time & enjoying the hunt.
  5. Not fixing divots and ball marks has to be at the top. BUT, this new development of playing music on the course and practice tee has to be outlawed. Is there no place on this planet that we can escape this noise?
  6. I think that the article goes a bit out of the way to make men look awful, in general, like we are all a bunch of pigs. It is a insult to me. I think it is in bad taste, to be honest. I'm sure there are plenty of men flirting and the like. But, first of all, that goes with the territory of a waitress, which is what they are doing in a largely men's only "bar atmosphere", and 2nd, they are going out of their way, at least in this articles portrayal, to flirt it up with their attire/outfits and provoke flirtation and sexuality. They want men to be all respectful, each and every one of them, then wear non provocative outfits and hire all grandmothers. The employer and employees are taking advantage of men and their obvious weakness for pretty women with, well all that sexuality running a muck, period Truth be told, grandma would bring in 1/4 the profits. Bottom line, this article makes men look bad as a whole. For the record, I've been playing golf for 45 years, and I've never seen any men doing any of this awfulness. Just saying.
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