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  1. By the way, do not pay attention to my handicap index, I just put in a random number, I haven't even calculated my handicap yet because I can't!
  2. I just started to play golf this year (freshman year of high school) and I haven't even played a full round of golf before, but I am pretty good at the short game. I can hit a 7 iron about 150 yards, and a 3 wood about 180-200 yards. Whenever I play nine holes, I usually score about 15-20 over. I haven't played on the golf team this year because the other sport I play, lacrosse, is priority over golf for me, but I like golf more. I am almost 100% sure my parents won't let me play golf instead of school lacrosse because I am already good at lacrosse and I'm not great at golf. My friends who are
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