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  1. I could only buy it in Japan where i often go there for business but it would cost 900 bucks so I will pass on this. What a pity!
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    83, my best score so far with 3 birdies (my best also). 31 putts, 6GIR and 7 FIR.
  3. I use PW 115 ~ 130 yds and chipping around the green ,50 100~115 yds 54 100 ~ 20 yds 56 for bunker shots.
  4. 2017 Women's British Open

    It is fascinating that IK Kim has to approach the green with a hybird or a wood and have the perfect score like this. Wie is having a good round, missed a bunches of putts that could make her to be a real threat to Kim.
  5. Planning first golf buddies trip. What do the wives do?

    What would they do? Stay in the kitchen of course :p I kid I kid. Our family and friends when we are planning for a trip we will always go to places or resorts that have golf courses. Often 3 days and 2 nights so we could play at least twice. But we often play very early in the morning and come back to the hotels at 10 or 11 am, the wifeys would just wake up, having breakfast and go for a walk or something.
  6. Blaming Strategy? Or Execution?

    I voted 3-5. In my country, we play almost everytimes with 1 caddy to 1 golfer. And in my experiences, 10 years veteran caddies always help me play better. It was the confident in reading lines and sometimes desicison makings that help the most I think. With good caddies I shoot close to my handi more often than not. But ironically I had my best score ( 84) was when I played with 3 others people and only 2 caddies. ( The days before I shot 110 so I really dont know).
  7. I think yes, not that much though. Nearly got my impact right in the January ( I took lessons around that time) but work, a baby born made my handicap goes 2 ups. Everything settles a little bit recently and there my handicap goes down a little bit( around 17.3 now ). Plus my driving is 20 yards longer than last year because I could draw the ball better but my irons going south and my putting is still the problem. The summer is over here so I will certainly put more work on the basics now. My goal is have my handicap about 15 at the end of the year.
  8. Is there anyway to recover the password using the email. Forgot my password and the site only supports recover by username and I dont remmember it either Silly me.
  9. Just bought it but can't get the video to work on iPad. I can watch the other vides just fine. Well, will check it out later.
  10. How do you hit a power fade?

    Very informative thread! I will try it in the range tomorrow. My best driver shots often carry about 240 and roll 10 yards more but they aren't consistent at all. So recently I often hit the ball pull fades( aim right of the fairway, if it fades then great, even if I push it to the left, it only go to the rough left of the fairway) but got very frustrated because it only carry about 220 yards or so and not rolling at all. Now I know the reason why. Still prefer to hit a powerful draw but you have to practice a natural stock shot for you and I think the fade is more "natural" for me. Will come back to the draw once I master the "power fade".
  11. OCD Behaviour at the Golf Range

    I only can't concentrate in two cases, there is a guy with a perfect swing that makes me want to copy or when I am not in a good condition that day. Oh and there is another one, I couldn't concentrate if there is a babe swinging in front of me.
  12. About 100 per practice session. Used to just hack 200 balls when I started to play golf but after I found this forum. 100 balls for 1 hour and a half are my average.
  13. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    Got my copy last Wednesday. But I was on a business trip so I can only Read it through one time. Will read it more carefully this weekend.
  14. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    Missed my chance to finally break 90 today. Front 9 was 47 but had a good back 9 with 43. Had 2 birdies and some pars but had two holes that ruined everything. One + 4, and one double, both were cause by the 3 bunkers shots. Especially my last hole when I only need a bogey to break 90. Pulled my driver a little left fairway, hit my 6 iron to the right bunker. Took 3 shots to get out and 1 put for the double. This is the second times I missed breaking 90 in the last hole. Maybe need to work on my mental more. My goal is bringing my handicap to under 20 this year. Only 3 months left.