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  1. Shot 90 today, 40/50. Had a very nice birdie on par 5 at the 6th hole ( I was 2 over after that hole), winning it for my team but it all went down hill from there. Could not buy a par for the rest of the day, even it was nGIR and even 2 or 3 three putts. Luckily my friends struggled today too so I still came up winning a little bit. Plan to see my instructor next week. Feeling my ball striking improved a lots recently but the scores are just so so. My goal this year would be break 80.
  2. Playing at your level and teaching need two different skill sets I think. I don’t know about the US but in Japan only like top 20 of the players there could live by playing golf exclusively, the others all have to do teaching or second jobs.
  3. Cantlay is leading now. Whole new ball game
  4. lol woods playing it safe
  5. Wow, now is the REAL chance for 2 strokes swing haha great shot by Woods
  6. There goes the 2 strokes swing lol
  7. Wow nice shot by tiger, 2 points swing chance
  8. Can Molinari escape this time lol?
  9. Damn, another bogey
  10. Molinari just doesn’t hit bogey, I’m rooting for Tiger but Molinari is just too consistent.
  11. Shot my best 81 last month so I hope I can break 80 this year. Break par is still a looong way but Im sure I will enjoy the journey.
  12. Membership green fee 1200$ I played about 80 rounds last year, at my home club it is about 35$ Per round but different courses cost from 50$ to 150$. (Caddie and carts include). Let's say it averages about 60-70$ per round then it would be 60x80= 4800$ for the year. Total would be 6000$ for last year. Not counting gasoline, practices fee etc Oh shit, I didn't think it would be that much.
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