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  1. Shot 81,81,82 the last three games. Could not get over the hump to break 80. Kind of encouraging because it was so close but still a little bit disappointed especially the last two rounds. I messed up the 18th hole last game, shot 3 over at par 5 after playing even for 9 straight holes ( 1 birdie and 1 bogey). Just mis hit the 2nd shot after a perfect tee shot smh. The round before that I had 3 over at par 5 at the 17th hole also 😞 Knowing even bogey could have me my best score or breaking 80 are making me a little nervous and messed up my rhythm a little bit I guess. But after all I am scoring well, my index will go from 11.9 to 10.1 next week so I should not complain much. Just keep on working and I will break 80 in no time 😄
  2. My friend just brought me my Mevo from Japan, they imported it from US so the price was like 900 usd but heck I just want to have a new toy. Test it a little bit today but the conditions were not perfect. I were hitting range balls on mats and hitting it from the 2nd floor down. And I’m not so sure placing the Mevo on the back of the mat was enough for 4 feet. Will set it up more carefully next time. Quick thoughts. Connection was good, no complain here. Irons were good too I think, my 7i went from 146 yards to 160 yards depending on how Well I hit it. The driver was much more inconsistent. My best drive was 101 mph head speed, 2842 rpm, smash factor 1.39 only carry 220 yards? I thought it should be at least 230,235 yards? Will try it more carefully next time.
  3. Only when there are two hot girls with short skirts showed up just before my line and starting to practice then I will take another 50 balls 😉
  4. Voted before fully understand the question but it would still be like 70-90% of the time. I often went 1 club smaller if the distance is just equal my best strike with the bigger club. For example if it is 165 yards and I know when I can hit the 7 very pure I can hit 165 then I will still go with the 6 iron. Just reading this I just realized my instructor really emphasizes on hitting the ball half to 3/4 swing. Almost all the drills he giving me is a half swing. I will try to play like that next time on the course. Should be interesting.
  5. Of course the mental game is not all but it is still an aspect of playing the game as physical aspect, skill aspect, game management etc as well. I believe to fulfill your golfing potential you have to improve a lots of things not only your swing.
  6. Shot 87 today. 5 over at the half with 1 birdie, 4 pars, 2 doubles with just so so driving games but a tied second shot. 1st double was a stupid hook shot into the woods, pitched it to the rough and could not got to green on 3 to save bogey. the 2nd double is just a poor luck and lacking concentration. Pushed the driver to the right AND the 2nd shot went not well as I expected. It still on the fairway with about 140 yards but the ball was on a divot. Should have focus better but hooked the ball to the bunker etc The birdie was nice, hit it to the bunker with 80 yards to play, hit a perfect sand shot to get the ball for about 7 feet and nailed the putt. Overall not a bad half at all. The 2nd half begins with fade ball into the bunker, 150 yards left but very playable. The the phone rang, had to talk for like 7 minutes and of course hit the next ball nearly into the lake. Saved it Out but still need another chip and 2 putts for double. Should have holed the putt oh well. Bombed the driver 280 yards on fairway, hit another 7 for 160 yards into the green and holed the 10 foot putt, just a perfect hole. Then it just went downhill from there. Although I hit my driver very far today but just can’t capitalize the chances to make another birdie and in the hole I didn’t hit it well I just followed with stupid decision. After all I was quite pleased with my ball striking today, the new shaft is fireee. Really hit it longer about 20,25 yards compared to the old shaft. Hit some nice irons too. Putting was decent. But somehow can’t get up and down from nGIR. The other days when I couldn’t get a GIR to save my life but my chipping was saving my asses. Not today. My index is trending down after stalling for a while so right now golf is fun again haha.
  7. I recommend reading some book by Dr Bob Rotella, could do wonder to your mental game.
  8. Shot 90 today, 40/50. Had a very nice birdie on par 5 at the 6th hole ( I was 2 over after that hole), winning it for my team but it all went down hill from there. Could not buy a par for the rest of the day, even it was nGIR and even 2 or 3 three putts. Luckily my friends struggled today too so I still came up winning a little bit. Plan to see my instructor next week. Feeling my ball striking improved a lots recently but the scores are just so so. My goal this year would be break 80.
  9. Playing at your level and teaching need two different skill sets I think. I don’t know about the US but in Japan only like top 20 of the players there could live by playing golf exclusively, the others all have to do teaching or second jobs.
  10. Cantlay is leading now. Whole new ball game
  11. lol woods playing it safe
  12. Wow, now is the REAL chance for 2 strokes swing haha great shot by Woods
  13. There goes the 2 strokes swing lol
  14. Wow nice shot by tiger, 2 points swing chance
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