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  1. Feeling that I’m getting much better at ball striking and even visually. All that work on rotating the body finally paid off a bit. I will have a competition in April, hope that I will get to my peak by then.
  2. Finally had a good round today, hitting the ball pretty well while playing with the new swing. I could have confidence today to strike the ball with 80% of full swing after struggling between old swing and new swing for like two months.
  3. A lots of instructors now promote a backswing with plenty of depth like your new swing and I thought that would your instructor wanted you to do. But with the ball position that close I don’t get it, maybe temporarily and move further in the future.
  4. I’m back after awhile. My golf journey of course is still going on. Working on transition for the last couple of months. A lots of reasons but it surely takes longer than I thought. And I’m only half way to there, maybe 60%. The checkpoint is when my arms parallel to the ground my hips would be open back pointing to the target. And when I could do that the early extension would go away. I could do it at 60% speed but at full swing Im not there yet.
  5. Damn, missed this post and did not notice about the video and the coupon. Will definitely check it and buy it later.
  6. I am back after almost a year lol. This year is gonna go down the toilet for everything Business involved so I decided to dedicate my time for golf once more. I am rebuilding my swing from the beginning especially after the COVID lockdown my swing was just... just say it was not pretty. Follow an instructor for almost 2 months now and I am seeing a lots of improvements as you could see in the picture and in my newest video. Shot my best score ever 79 last week also. Im just working one thing at a time and right now my priority is my backswing.
  7. Got my 4th eagle in 2 years after got nothing from the first 5 years. And I finally broke 80 last Tuesday with a 79 ( Bogey my last 4 holes but I managed to hold on).
  8. Or you can FaceTime yourself with a phone and an iPad.
  9. What Pretzel said is true. We did have a lots of strong ways to isolate and quarantine people in the beginning but I think the people here understand that in order to quickly control the virus we would have to sacrifice a little bit. And almost everyone here cooperated with the government willingly. I think it is way more difficult in the US especially with the situation right now. Luckily we are successful for now. Ultimately we are still struggling with the economy because almost every countries out there still having troubles control the virus and in the world today we can not su
  10. We just chased all the cases and practically quarantined every one that contacted with the one that had COVID 19. Beside we kind of understand how China works so we prepared from the very beginning.
  11. In Vietnam we have 0 case out there in public for about 2 months, only some cases coming back from other countries and they are all quarantined. So everything is back to normal for more than 1 month.
  12. I find women golf is interesting enough and will certainly watch it before regular PGA events without lots of big names. Had a chance to watched it live once when they played last year in Taipei, pretty nice experience. Lydia Ko was still the biggest draw even when she was not playing well recent years. And I think women golf is much more interesting than WNBA or women soccer where the difference between men and women are too large.
  13. Thanks. Remember very happy for her finally winning ones.
  14. One thing I realize is that range balls and normal balls would get you different results. I was hitting range balls only to get about 220 yards average and was a little bit frustrated cause I knew I was hitting them quite solidly and the I said what the heck. Took my two balls from the bag and hit them then poof, carried 240 yards each.
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