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  1. Binh Nguyen

    Binh Nguyen

  2. Binh Nguyen

    Age at which you initially broke par and/or 80?

    Shot my best 81 last month so I hope I can break 80 this year. Break par is still a looong way but Im sure I will enjoy the journey.
  3. Binh Nguyen

    How Much Did You Spend in 2017 on Greens Fees?

    Membership green fee 1200$ I played about 80 rounds last year, at my home club it is about 35$ Per round but different courses cost from 50$ to 150$. (Caddie and carts include). Let's say it averages about 60-70$ per round then it would be 60x80= 4800$ for the year. Total would be 6000$ for last year. Not counting gasoline, practices fee etc Oh shit, I didn't think it would be that much.
  4. Binh Nguyen

    My Swing (Binh Nguyen)

    Hi all I am back. It were very busy 2 months for me to go online to update things but I managed to sneak in practices here and there for my instructor from evlor. I came to practice at least twice a week, quite proud of myself for that. I am working at haft speed punch shot exclusively to change the picture, especially the impact. Got some progresses along the way (keep my spine angle better through downswing..) but it was a very hard road I think. Got some days you had good results immediately and some days all you got is shanks after shanks like today.. And usually after one feedback it would take me 2 or 3 practices to really get the result that I want. Still could not get my hands more forward at impact. Came across very good Ben Hogan tips that made my hips moving better but still need more practices.
  5. Binh Nguyen

    2017 Hero World Challenge Discussion Thread

    Is it only me that not feeling exciting see TW swing anymore? Of course I would love to see him play well and be back on top, that would make a great story but this time I am not having much expectations for him right now. It feels just like watching Lonzo Ball launching a 3 now if you know what I means.
  6. Binh Nguyen

    Lexi Misses Two Footer, Loses Player of the Year

    Damn, what a tough break for her.
  7. Binh Nguyen

    Skins Game Question

    I am not so sure about how you guys play skins but in my country there are 2 way to do it. 1. Play for holes. Win one hole, you win 1 skin. Near pin and get a par 1 skin, 1 longest 1 skin, birdie or sandy par 1 skin etc.. water hazard and you get 1 skin penalty... But if I'm a 14 handicap and play with a +1 handicap he would have to give me one stroke from index 1 to 9 ( 14-1=13, 13*0.7=9.1 so it is from 1 to 9). 2. Play for strokes. Everyholes if you win by one stroke you get one skin, 2 strokes 2 skins etc But in the beginning I am get my 13 skins money first if I am play a +1 handicap guy. This is what Korean guys used to play and we learn from them. 3. Everything Literally everything above. But after all skin games favor higher handicaps players I think, and the key here is have the right handicap when playing with players you hardly know hehe
  8. Binh Nguyen

    How to properly undergo a swing overhaul

    Finding the highest priority to work on and what would you do with it is the biggest merit to having a good instructor IMO.
  9. Can not hit my 3W and rescue at all recently although my Driver and irons dont have any big problems. Changing the ball position helps, like A LOTS. Move the ball back in my stance and suddenly everything going well again.
  10. Binh Nguyen

    My Swing (NatalieB)

    Means bunker? :p Aiming for the flag is a right choice then? A little bit right of the green would be a little safer. I have no ideas about her ball flight though.
  11. Binh Nguyen

    My Swing (NatalieB)

    Haha i know that I have better chance to win the lottery before have a HIO. And it is hard to have the discipline to NOT aiming for the flag all the time. Sometimes you just lose the focus.
  12. Binh Nguyen

    My Swing (NatalieB)

    Wow congrats! haha so it is good to aim for the flag sometimes :D
  13. Binh Nguyen

    What are Your 2017 Golf Goals?

    2 months left, it would be nice to "broke" under 10 I guess. 81 is my goal. Next year will be broke 80.

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