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  1. My $0.02: (a) Consider squatting and deadlifting. I had chronic back problems from age 18 when I had bulging discs at L4/L5 until my early 40s. Both herniated along the way and I didn't have a pain free day in my life -- until I started squatting and deadlifting. Obviously you'll need good form and start cautiously but look into it. (b) There's a lunatic on Youtube, Robin Matthews, who was a PGA instructor in England, but has given it up and advocates, essentially, no coaching and learning feel by not watching the ball. In any event, I think there's something there you might wa
  2. I don't think Woods has any idea about what loyalty is. He's never hesitated to cast someone aside when he/she has lost utility. With that said, I believe Tiger is better situated to evaluate LaCava than I could ever hope to be.
  3. I'm willing to put up with terrible entertainment for some eye candy. Nonetheless, I found it unwatchable.
  4. Actually, I wasn't interest in those who didn't, so that's why I didn't ask.
  5. My frustration with the teaching pros I've worked with is a lack of direction for practice following lessons. I'm sure the good ones will structure specific practice sessions. x number of balls with drill #1, y number of balls with drill # 2, etc. My last two local pros, I've asked them both specifically for that guidance and they don't seem able or willing to provide it. Frustrating. Before that I'd tried lessons with 3 different pros as I was first learning and, frankly, didn't know enough to ask for that guidance, but it wasn't volunteered. So, 0 for 5 with what seems to me like a ba
  6. My golden retrievers are well-trained and well-mannered and I would love to have them accompany at my course. They wouldn't be a distraction at all. I've contemplated pushing my club for a dog day or limited times where dogs would be allowed. And then I remember that our members (or at least a sizable minority) can't be trusted to fix ball marks, rake bunkers, or replace/fill divots.
  7. I think that identifying the number of viewers lost due to glacial play is difficult if not impossible. Certainly we can agree that the Tour is not gaining viewers on account of slow play, no?
  8. It's like the person at the grocery store cash register who waits until the grand total to start looking through her purse for her check book. Like she had no clue whatsoever that she would be expected to pay. Sure, but everyone expects to wait to hit their shot. Just not for more than 4 minutes after one of the three has already hit.
  9. In my view, there's nothing classy or polite about taking up everyone's time unnecessarily. It is precisely the opposite.
  10. So, if you were the rules official that day, you'd have assessed the 2 shot penalty against Holmes? Is Noren subject to a penalty for failing to call the penalty on Holmes? If so, what is it?
  11. What if he'd waited 10 minutes? Would the PGA have penalized him then?
  12. Fair enough. How many people made eagle during the tournament on 18 via chipping or putting vs. holing out?
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