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  1. Problem with option for never having broken par, is that it also would collect those who never broke 80. I was actually mostly curious about relatively accomplished players -- understanding there is a chasm between breaking 80 and breaking par. Yes, of course there is. They are common markers however.
  2. At what age did you first break par and/or break 80? I've never done either, although I've come close to the latter several times. I expect we'll see pretty young ages for both as players who are decent enough to accomplish this probably started early and had some modicum of skills.
  3. Was this Poor Etiquette?

    Totally appropriate to concede the putt. I do think it would be a little crappy to make a guy go through his pre-shot routine, line it up, take his stance, and then concede it. I would have probably apologized for the late concession and explained that my brain works slowly most times. It does raise a question for me: When is the last moment a shot can no longer be conceded? Obviously, if you concede just as he takes his putter back, he shouldn't breach the rules but completing the putt. On the other hand, he reads the putt, places his ball, and starts to approach the ball -- if you concede at that point, he can't complete the putt without it being improper assistance. Where in between those is the line?
  4. Glad I'm not alone. I played several years ago on a cold, moderately windy day. At the turn, I looked at my buddy and said, "I'm a beaten man. I'm moving up to the whites." Had a lot more fun on the back, but still it was a death march.
  5. Mark Crossfield vs. Taylormade

    I am very entertained by Crossfield and the muppets. I don't pay much attention to his club reviews because I'm very firmly in the Indian not the Arrow camp, with the possible exception of driver and, even then the right fitting probably matters a lot more than the clubhead. All of which I would think Crossfield (and, I'm guessing iacas) would agree with. His whining about TM did grow tiresome. I believe Crossfield is an honest guy and will do his level best to continue to review impartially. I'm just not sure it is possible. I analogize it -- very loosely -- to politics and lobbyists. Lobbyists have access to the politicians. Granted we can probably agree most lobbyists and politicians are less than scrupulous, but if we give them the benefit of the doubt, a lobbyist sits down with a politician and makes important points about a bill that the politician maybe hadn't considered. That affects his or her vote. Titleist has more access to Crossfield than the other brands, so it will have more opportunity to educate him and provide greater detail about its products. Moreover, he probably will develop relationships with and like the Titleist folks. Armed with all this knowledge, it will be natural for him - while fully intending to retain impartiality -- to sing Titleist's praises more than others.
  6. My thing with Kostis is that he will analyze a swing and sometimes say something like, "and that's why he missed left there." And the reality, of course, is that he knew what had happened already. Just once, I'd love to show him a swing -- from any angle he wanted -- and ask where the ball went. Because I'm guessing he'd have no clue.
  7. Do I get an award for getting my first eagle since returning to the game after am 8 year layoff this summer? The 4th hole at Fountaingrove, 490 yard par 5. Driver, 5 iron to 10'. Made the putt for my second eagle ever, and first since starting to play again a couple years ago. Looking to break 80 in 2018!
  8. Breaking 80 Thread

    Had my chance to break 80 today. Played The Meadow Club, a 1927 Alistair MacKenzie design outside Fairfax in Marin County. Par 71. We played the Blue/White combo (71.4/133), about 6,450 yards. Shot 80, but had no clue. 41 on the front, 39 on the back. 3 putted 18, including a 4' second putt. We were kind of in a hurry and I just walked up and swiped at it. Only later did I realize I would have shot 79 had I made it. On the other hand, I surely would have yakked it anyway had I known of its import.
  9. Your Final 10 Rounds

    I think I have to bump the Preserve off this list with San Francisco GC replacing it (played there yesterday). I would bump one of The Preserve or Vintage, but beause The Preserve is a lot like Mayacama (or vice versa) but Vintage is very different from both, I have to bump Preserve from the list for variety. Mayacama gets the nod over the Preserve because it is walkable.
  10. I kept waiting for something to go wrong, but I'm thrilled to report we got out to SFGC without a hitch. And just a spectacular day in San Francisco. Warm for December, sunny, almost no wind. The clubhouse is so old school, basic, but beautiful. There's no effort to impress with the interior but it just oozes class and history. They've retained their original lockers from the 1930s. The menu is basic, with no prices. Food was great, service quick. The course is just a phenomenal Tillinghast design. Very forgiving off the tee and then tough greens with brutal bunker complexes. There wasn't a silly hole on the course. The caddies are a salty lot -- exactly what I want in my caddy. Give me crap for a bad shot, but laughing along with me. One of our caddies looped for Phil Mickelson last week at the course. He wouldn't tell me what Phil tipped but it was north of $500. I didn't tip $500!
  11. Your Final 10 Rounds

    Yes, the course is basically unscathed. The greens had been punched the week before the fire, and now the course has been sitting there for 6 weeks with no one beating the cr@p out of it. During and after the fires, power was out to the area and all our irrigation control boxes melted. I think they have been replaced by now. We were able to get water trucks onto the course about 5 days after the fire to get waters on the greens or they would have been lost. There are many, many trees that have been removed and are being removed. The course is not yet open, but should be open by year's end. We lost our entry house, maintenance facility, all our maintenance vehicles and golf carts, the club house, and one of our bathrooms on the course, but our athletic facility is fine. So, now we need to deal with getting the new club house built, which may be a blessing in disguise as it was not very popular with members anyway and now we have insurance money to rebuild. Golf courses do pretty well in wild fires, it turns out. Mayacama had lots of trees burned and brush burned around it (as well as at least one bridge), but the course looked unscathed this past weekend.
  12. Your Final 10 Rounds

    In no particular order: 1) Bandon Dunes 2) Pacific Dunes 3) Portmarnock GC (the original old course outside Dublin) 4) Mayacama GC 5) Martis Camp (spectacular mountain course in Tahoe -- also my best round ever) 6) Rock Creek Cattle Company (so fun and playable, awesome Big Sky beauty in MT, and fantastic, friendly service) 7) Fountaingrove (home course) 8) Fall River Valley (goat track but fantastic layout and a ton of fun) 9) The Preserve 10) The Vintage Club (Mountain Course) I'm supposed to play San Francisco GC Wednesday, so I'm guessing The Preserve or The Vintage Club will get bumped off.
  13. A few pics from Mayacama yesterday. Chamber of commerce day for sure. So quiet out there it got almost eery on the back nine. Spectacular condition -- so nice to play 18 holes and not see a single ball mark on a green. Only bummer was the signature 15th hole played as a par 3 because the fire took out a bridge crossing. Playing with caddies and walking is always a blast. I have to tip my hat to those caddies because it isn't an easy walk without a bag, let alone carrying two of them. Played like dog poo, but naturally the golf god's granted me a birdie on 18 to make sure I keep playing. Gorgeous clubhouse, tremendous service. Still looks like SFGC is happening Wednesday. *Fingers crossed*
  14. I'm sure something will blow up in my face and this will all go sideways, but through good fortune and old fashioned begging, I am playing Mayacama tomorrow and San Francisco Golf Club Wednesday! A shame I've not touched a club in 3 weeks. I know I can take photos at Mayacama, so will share some of them. Not sure what the protocol will be at SFGC but if I can I will.
  15. Brandel Says He Was Wrong About Tiger

    Good point, I was mixing stats there. So really just over 1 MPH of club head speed.

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