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  1. i really liked the burner when i was trying out drivers. i dont know enough about the weighting systems to fool around with those so i would go with the burner.
  2. i would like to add a new putter. my dunlop perfect line putter that my friend gave me just isnt cutting it. looking into the cleveland classic 1 putter or maybe a Yes! Tracy. summer and spring is usually when i throw money at golf stuff, fall and winter is when i go crazy with guitars and guitar accessories.
  3. thats a decent compliment for a rookie quarterback because that means he's doing everything that all the other pro qb's are doing. i'll take that on sunday.
  4. yikes. i could never justify that. golf is growing in japan a lot like baseball has been booming over there
  5. my cleveland hi bore xl has a higher pitch than what i was used to with my old maxfli driver. i love it though.
  6. yeah my 2k larrivee d-60 guitar kinda makes my golf clubs seem kinda cheap
  7. tiger 09 is pretty awesome, especially online. i dont like that they took off the luck attribute though.
  8. there is a used Yes! Tracy I putter up here that i have to putt with everytime i go into the golf store. Its used and at a good price, i may go snatch it monday. Congrats on the putter!
  9. i like the chart all except for the part that tells you how much you have to improve.....it hurts my feelings too much! increasing GIR from 3 to 8 (267% increase) increasing Iron Accuracy from 20 to 53% (265% increase) thanks for the reference!
  10. sweet, if they are in anyway comparable to the VP models they should be nice putters.
  11. Lincoln Brewster-This Love awesome guitarist
  12. lack of confidence around the green is a stroke killer. i could never get my SW to do like i wanted it to around the green so i got the 60* and i can stick them close usually. i encounter more need for shot making around the green than with a hybrid
  13. i can never get the ball to stay low enough with the hybrids. maybe i need to back it up in my stance a little more???
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