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  1. Myrtle Beach Golf Course Recommendation

    While Grande Dunes will probably be in better shape, I much preferred the scenery at Tidewater. To me it comes down to condition vs aesthetics
  2. For those that walk... carry or push?

    49 and I carry.
  3. First trip to Myrtle

    Not to burst your bubble, but you can do much better. Although I have not checked prices in a while you could probably put a better package together for the same money. I would consider your courses all middle of the road, nothing different about them than courses you can play in your area. Check out www.golfdesk.com for good deals. You can play : Legends package....3 rounds $150 5 rounds $220 (includes b'fast, lunch, 2 beers) Glens group.....between $206 - $233, pay for 3 and get 8 rounds via replays Big Cats package....play all 4 for $172 (has 2 of the better courses in the area) Barefoot.....4 courses for $318 All lodging is extra, but can be had for around $35/night pp based on 4 people. PM me if you want more info, I have been to MB over 20 times.
  4. Hilton Head / Savannah Golf

    Have you had a burger at Harold's? Forgot to mention in my reply that a meal at Harold's is a must.
  5. Hilton Head / Savannah Golf

    Our favourite course this year was Old South. Try Blowin Smoke BBQ in Savannah.....get the Jumbo Beef Ribs, you won't be sorry. For Happy Hour, I recommened Aunt Chilada's in HH..... try the grilled wings.
  6. Canadian Liquor Stores

    Should be available at most Liquor Stores in Ontario http://www.lcbo.com/lcbo-ear/lcbo/pr...R=&language;=EN
  7. Hilton Head Golf

    Looking to play 4 courses in Hilton Head, not counting the courses at Palmetto Dunes (staying there and playing there) We have decided not to play the courses at Sea Pines, so other suggestions would be appreciated, including off island. A packager I talked to mentioned OldField, a Greg Norman design....has anyone played it? What are your favourites? Thanks
  8. I was told the same thing by an employee at the Myrtle Beach store a couple of weeks ago. He said that Acushnet wouldn't even pick up the phone for Arthur Blank. ( unsure how he would know that)
  9. Check into the Legends in MB. For your time period you can get a 3 night 3 round package, with breakfast, lunch and 2 beers, cart ,taxes for $390. Not sure of the replay rate at that time of year but I would think no more than $50 or $60. You can stay on the Legends property and if you play the 3 Legends courses you will have no travel time. That area is also not in the tourist trap area you are worried about. The Glens Group [Glen Dornoch (very nice), Heather Glen (27 holes and underrated IMO), Shaftesbury Glen (always in top condition), Possum Trot (avoid) ] is also offering a good deal. 3 nights/ 3 rounds/ 3 free replays for $438 all in.
  10. Barefoot Golf and Resort

    I agree with the Legends suggestion. You can get a 4 night - 5 round package until May 9 for $520 all in. The same package from May 10 -23 drops to $376. I have played all but the Dye course at BF and personally like the variety the Legends courses offer. Legends is currently offering breakfast, lunch, and 2 beers at each course you play included in the price.
  11. Cleveland Golf

    In my bag are: 25* Halo 22* HiBore Both of these hybrids are money for me. CG11 58* bent to 56* 3 dot wedge. Excellent wedge, I use it from 100 yards in for almost every shot. currently looking for another one. Added after the season.....CG7 irons and 19* HiBore XLS
  12. 5 Wilson Staff gloves @ $5 each 2 Taylor Made hats @ $10 each.
  13. Frogger towel......inside is wet, outside is dry