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  1. Found the info via an EBAY pro shop seller. There were 2 models of this club, the VRS and the VRS X. The X model was a forged offering and for what ever reasoning, Nike did not put the nexcore printing of the toe. So my thinking that they are / were a knock off, has been rectified.
  2. Picked up a set last night and noticed that pictures show on the toe face (vertical) there was printing nexcore. This set does not have that. Does anyone know if that was stamped or laser etched? If stamped, it's possible that it just wore off. Aside from that, they look exactly like the Nike pictures for that model. Appreciate any feed back.............
  3. Very frustrating dealing with anyone that's a know it all and very condescending. Now I remember why I haven't been back to post here in over a year.
  4. Well Kuchar's does not fit that criteria. His handle is braced against his forearm and is held as you specified - in relatively one place in all three dementions I totally understand "WHY" it was put in place, as I previously stated. Again, I understand at the present time, they have no problem with the un-anchored stroke, but that's not to say a problem might not be forth coming on the big tour if Scott should happen to win and others follow suit and start using the long putter again. I realize this is nothing more than pure speculation on my part, but my overall confidence
  5. I understand the concept of Kuchar's stroke, that's why I used the more standard stroke reference. When using a belly putter, it's not a pendulum stroke. The stroke is still made with the arms and hands and the putter angle is very much the same as a standard putter not pressed to the belly. Now the long putter is closer to, but not quite a pendulum stroke. There still is an angle from putter head to shaft. There is reported griping coming from the senior tour about Langer and the USGA has clarified that he is not anchoring, but rumblings are still on going. Main point of contention is t
  6. The banned usage of anchoring was/is a total joke. For well over 20+ years it was legal, until a couple of players started winning when using it and a few influential players got their shorts bunched up and started moaning foul. The USGA/R&A catered and made IMO, a political appeasement move. But it's totally fine for Matt Kuchar to anchor against his forearm, I mean anchoring is anchoring, but that's OK, only because it looks like a more natural standard putting stroke. I really would like to see Scott use and win with the long putter un-anchored and see the fallout that would ensue
  7. Dave, your more than entitled to your viewpoint and beliefs, but the main crux of what not only you but others are not comprehending or perhaps just want to totally disregard, because it does not fit your agenda, is the fact that the marshal was duty bound to enforce an arrest and the only available resource tool available was his weapon. Hopefully you never get your home burglarized and especially when your at home asleep, because that thief and that's what he is a thief, just like the guy with the clubs, might just want to do you considerable harm if you encounter him. Now don't say it's two
  8. OK, some folks just do not want to read and comprehend.................The fire marshal, even though retired, is STILL CONSIDERED A PEACE OFFICER, which is law enforcement. Now under this heading, he is duty bound to take steps to apprehend. No it's not like being in the armed forces, apples and oranges. Correct on the part that not every arrest calls for an officer to draw the weapon, but an officer has several other implements available that this particular fire marshal did not have - mace, baton, other officers coming to assist via radio alert and most of all age and conditioning. An a
  9. The good guy isn't a very good guy. I'm at a total loss on this comment...........Just because of a verbal threat to a real bad guy. I have to shake my head and laugh at the majority of posts about how reckless this arrest was and people where in danger and so on and so forth. Just because a uniform officer makes an arrest on the street against a bad guy, with a weapon drawn, you do think that the surrounding folks are not in danger. Any time a weapon is involved things can go south, but thankfully it does not happen the vast majority of the time. Some stated facts.....1) The gunslin
  10. Upon reflection, all folks that carry should have to go back and take a 2 hour course on how to use verbal commands. Here's a great example................If the fire marshal used the following , I think everything would have turned out so much better............... "YO PLAYER.........GET YOUR FACE IN THE DIRT OR I'M GONNA BUST A CAP IN YOUR AZZ.........YOU FEEL ME PLAYER.........
  11. No apology necessary, but thank you anyway. The entire point was / is that the FBI stats, regardless of fallibility, are the only offered stats to the general public. In addition, we, the general populace, have no way of garnering that information to refute any or all of that information that's offered. Thusly, since there's no one and no where to access this information except for the FBI, we won't see or hear any specific criticisms, except from here. As for news reporting, again regardless of sensationalism, is offered to the general populace on a daily level, both locally and nat
  12. So anecdotal reports and media coverage is a more reliable indicator of crime rates than the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting data? OK, I'm trying to understand your point of contention, but you actually contradict yourself. First you say, in a condescending way, that I should look at different gov charts and tables, but then you go on to say and I quote....... "You can also certainly take issue with the FBI's data or methodology"..........and in your area you've surpassed murders and property crime. Now did this information come from FBI statistical info or just from your local news sources
  13. Have no idea what happened to a prior post about statistics / but I suppose I said something that was taboo........but again I'll attempt to rebutt a similar statement............. "Okay, I'll say it: Violent crime is on the decline in America. Statistics have supported this. The news likes to sensationalize every piece of violence. It makes us afraid. Making us afraid feeds various political agendas." The above is of two fold interest and is kind of a contradiction..............Again the word statistics rears it's ugly head and then a further assessment on feeding political agendas
  14. Double exclusion if the gun was not present. 1) Old man has no way to stop said thief and thief goes on his merry way and still has the stolen items.........2) Old man attempts to physically restrain and gets his butt whipped and possibly gets worse and winds up in the hospital or worse. Both scenarios only favor the bad guy, who is a bad guy because he has no regard or remorse for anyone else. Police would have only taken a report, if they showed up in a fairly timely manner. But if dispatch forwards a call of man with a gun or in this case officer holding at gun point, the response is immedi
  15. As has been stated, local rule or committee...............but if neither exist, muni course that really does not give a damn, then it's up to your playing partners. There's no reason that one should be either penalized for a shot that could be playable under normal conditions or taking the chance on getting injured by attempting to hit a stupid shot. If you insist on playing by the rules to the letter, then it's an unplayable lie and you drop. It's highly doubtful that one would encounter such a lie in an organized event, but if they did, refer to local rule/committee.
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