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  1. Thanks for the share of the Map and checking out the trip! Most appreciated! @iacas @RandallT @David in FL Are you coming to the PGA show? I'll be there and will be great to meet you!
  2. Hi there Golf Travelers! Rovos Rail & Long Cove Club (Hilton Head Island) designed an exclusive luxury Private Golf & Safari Train charter. This once-in-a-lifetime trip is open to US citizens only! Trip Date: 10th - 25th August, 2017 All Inclusive Package: This trip features three nights at the luxury Sabi Sabi Game Lodge where you'll be spoiled with the best game viewing experiences in ultimate luxury. Then you'll be picked up by the Pride of Africa, Rovos Rail. We'll take the 10 day journey from Sabi Sabi to Cape Town playing the top golf courses in South Africa. Your Cape Town experience include the famous Stellenbosch/Franschhoek wine lands and the best the Mother City has to offer. Everything's included: Seven games of golf, caddies and carts Private luxury flights to Sabi Sabi (Kruger Park) Three nights in Sabi Sabi luxury private Game Reserve Nine nights on the Most Luxurious Train in the world, Rovos Rail Three nights at the One & Only Hotel, V&A Waterfront Non-golfers' itinerary All meals & beverages All excursions, luxury transfers & guided tours Click HERE for the detailed itinerary Golf Courses: (with their ranking) Leopard Creek (2nd) Durban Country Club (5th) Champagne Sports Resort (35th) Humewood Golf Links (11th) Fancourt Montagu (6th) Fancourt Links (1st) Pearl Valley (8th) For detailed info on the packages available / gallery / contact info, please click HERE. You may also contact me: al@rovosgolf.com We would love to see you in August 2017!
  3. Very interesting indeed @Club Rat, it is a 190m tee shot from here. The little fairway starts at about 150m. The view to the other side is just as spectacular.
  4. Thank you sir! Captured it last year around May. We are on our way to Cape Town here.
  5. Al Vorster

    Jack Key #1

    So simple, but SO important. Back to basics was never a bad idea...
  6. Al Vorster

    Golf Travel in South Africa

    South Africa is one of the best golf destinations offering the international traveler the best Safari and Golf experiences.
  7. Great pics! Would love to play that course!
  8. Don't get me wrong here. The purpose of this drill is more to gain mental strength rather than the technique for any club you choose. Since it is harder to hit the last (longest) club, you get only that one chance by the time you get to it to up the % of the result. The idea is that you have already completed your practice with the clubs you are working on and then do this drill to see how that practice relates to a pressure situation simulated on the range.
  9. I think the driver and longer clubs are certainly important, but the mid and shorter irons are in my book the most important clubs. If I missed the fairway with the driver, I'd like to know that I have a good chance of hitting the green after a recovery, and if I do hit the fairway, I still want to hit the green to try make the birdie. Also, on a course you'll hit driver only 10 or so times where the shorter clubs are hit all the time. Would like to know your thoughts @iacas :)
  10. A simple way to simulate the Golf Course pressure on the driving range... Follow these steps to simulate the pressure of the course on the driving range. Step ONE: After your regular stretches, warm up with 12-15 shots. Hit these shots with a relatively short iron. Small swing with a slightly assertive routine. Step TWO: Use FOUR golf clubs. Long, medium-long, mid and short. A good combo will be as follows: 9-iron, 7-iron, 5-iron, FW-wood OR driver, 4-iron, 6-iron, 8-iron. Step THREE: Make groups of golf balls as pictured above: 4-3-2-1. Step FOUR: Hit four shots with the shortest club (9-iron). Three shots with the mid-club (7-iron). Two shots with the med-long club (5-iron) and lastly one shot with the long club (FW-wood). It is 10 shots covering various distances. Get the percentage and be true to yourself. 70% is a great result! Why? Note the following… The shorter shots are ‘easier’ as it is clearly an easier club to hit than the 5-iron. So make these shots count and make sure you get on the scoreboard here. You’ll need it later. By the time you get to the last three shots you are hitting more difficult shots and you feel that pressure, as on the course. Also, on the course you are hitting the very long clubs a lot less than the mid and shorter clubs. This simple drill simulates all of that and you are actually practicing with a purpose. Remember to go through your whole routine before every shot. It’s all about taking the course to the range, not the other way around! Go for a specific target and be honest with yourself. Does the shot count or not? This form of practice also takes time, so you are not wasting time by hitting shot after shot and practicing mistakes!
  11. Errrr.... Typo: Els and not Else... Sorry about that :) Is there a way to edit a topic started post?
  12. It's gotta be the 17th at Oubaai for me. The course is in Herolds Bay near George on the famous Garden Route of South Africa. It's the first Ernie Els signature course in South Africa. The hole is short, but depending on the conditions, your club selection may range from 4iron to pw.
  13. Yep, @WUTiger, that is a great idea. I attended the show this year and it was fantastic. Our company had a stand in the travel section. You meet amazing people! I especially enjoyed the PGA seminars and training provided to fellow pros about the industry. You'll be able to get in @dave_pga as you are a pro too. Just go on their website and register as a pro..
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