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  1. I thought about going to this, but by the time I decided to get Saturday tickets, they were sold out. I guess I could get tickets from something like StubHub, but I have no interest in dealing with North Jersey traffic (I don't know whether Union County is North or Central Jersey, since Wikipedia says it's both).
  2. USA Today's definition of tantrum is a lot different than mine
  3. I do the opposite and leave my entire shirt unbottoned. Gotta show off the chest hair. Granted I'm not like Bubba and it doesn't look like I'm wearing a sweater.
  4. Two good DTL views are at 1:10 and 2:35
  5. I saw this thread a few days ago, so I figured I'd do one. I spent the first several holes messing with camera angles and what-not, a lot of which didn't even have me in the picture. My phone ran out of juice shortly after I started to get the hang of it, so I only got four holes in. I didn't feel like doing a voice-over for this, but I will for the next one. I'll post a hole-by-hole recap in here. I need to remember to charge my portable battery so I can get in a full round. I think I managed to record the shortest stretch of four holes on the course... Forgive the vertical video; I used my cell phone and balanced it in one of the side pockets of my bag. Hole 8 Nice bit of product placement for Cobra to start the video. This hole is short but it can be tricky, because the ball will be below your feet for your second shot if you're a righty. I hit a good tee shot, though I was a bit disappointed with the distance. I had about 130 into the middle. The flag was a bit back of the middle, and it was an uphill shot, so hit a 7-iron. I hit it a bit fat, but it just caught the front of the green. This green usually gives me a lot of trouble, but I made a pretty good two-putt for par here. Hole 9 Another short hole, driver here can be a bit risky, due to a couple bunkers on the right side of the fairway, but it's not a very difficult hole if you're in the fairway (or even the rough, really). I hit a pretty good 3-wood here, but again the distance could've been better. I was about 130 from the middle, with the flag front left. I just went for the middle with an 8-iron, and struck it pretty well. Not the greatest putt (the part where I start tapping the green with my putter is some weird tic after I hit a lousy putt, I guess), but I'll always take a two-putt for par. Hole 10 This hole makes me nervous, because it runs right along the parking lot, and I'm always afraid I'm going to pull-hook the crap out of my tee shot and send it through someone's windshield. My tee shot missed on the front right side of the green (that's usually where I miss). There's a deep bunker about five feet behind me (you can't see it in the video), so if I'm going to miss, front right is the spot. Decent second shot, probably should've made that putt, but oh well. Hole 11 Another short-but-tricky hole. The fairway is pretty wide, and it's a downhill tee shot, but the fairway runs uphill so you don't get much roll from your tee shot. I was about 120 to the middle with the flag towards the front, and it was an uphill shot, so I figured a soft 9-iron would do the trick. I struck it well, perhaps a bit too well because the ball ended on the back of the green and left me with a difficult putt that I wasn't able to get close. This is the toughest green for me to putt on. Three-putt for bogey.
  6. I started when I was in 8th grade (I think that means I was 13...). I'm 24 now, and I feel like I haven't gotten particularly good until the last couple years or so. There are few things that you're too old to start at age 16, and golf isn't one of them, especially when you've presumably been playing sports most of your life.
  7. Despite having read this thread around the time it was posted, I haven't tried this until recently, as in the past month or so. Once I got the distances down, I started hitting way more greens and I'm and putting up a lot more scores in the low 80s. Still have yet to break my personal best of a +9 79 in terms of total strokes, but I did break it in terms of strokes over par a couple weeks ago (+8 80) and that felt pretty good. Hitting an 8-iron from 130 out is so much easier than hitting a full-swing pitching wedge. I'm still dogshit at putting, but that's a conversation for a different thread.
  8. Cold-blooded is the only way I can describe those last few holes for Stenson. That putt on 15 was unreal.
  9. It's like watching Shrek golf. Gonna have to agree with @Valleygolfer on this.
  10. Some friends and I were playing last summer and the course was really backed up. I had a pretty good front nine (41), but we had a lot of time to kill at the turn, so we had a "few" drinks at the clubhouse. Ended up with a 55 on the back, but I'm pretty sure I had a good time.
  11. I think that's a pretty good comparison, not that their winters are particularly cold.
  12. I'd give golf another shot at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, where players won't be traveling to hell on earth to compete for a gold medal.
  13. To address one of the more important topics of the US Open - Diana Murphy's speech - apparently it's insanely difficult to speak normally when hearing your voice played back to you at a slight delay. I don't know if that was mentioned in this thread and I'm too lazy to find out, but there it is.
  14. The latest was around 7:30pm for me for nine holes, though I try to get out before 7. On one of the courses, I get a tenth hole because that one goes into the clubhouse instead of the ninth
  15. I have issues with the shanks from time to time. I'm pretty sure it's due to me falling toward the ball during the swing, but I don't know for sure. I do seem to hit it better when I make a conscious effort to keep my weight more toward my ankles/arches of my feet as opposed to the balls or toes (might be wrong like most facets of my game), so I think that's the problem.