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  2. After 3 weeks laid up due to knee sprain I had a surprising good round shot 78 on par 70, but there was like 8 chances to make birdie but miss all,so I left a few putts out there. Happy to get out and swing a club.
  3. Rory Mcllroy married Erica Stoll his long time partner at the Ashford Castle in his home country, wishing him all best for there future. Married life might just be good thing for the great Irishman, with a good wife to guide him. Congratulation to them both.
  4. It's probably a little bit short sighted to say how is Alex Noren at 8 seed and who is Yuta Ikeda,the world rankings set the field and it is a world match play event,not a USA match play, these players choose to play mostly in there chosen tour's, so if you look outside the USA PGA, look across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans you find European,Japan,Asian,tours to name a few, over the years some of the best world ranked players from all countries, play in these tours, so I say it bit short minded, really short minded to call them second rate, is the OPEN Championship second rate. End round
  5. I mostly play close to my handicap, but also can be inconsistent which can let you out from .5 to 1 strokes but then you shoot a good score like 7 under your handicap, and I get the same type feed back you should be on a lower handicap. I always submit my cards ,good or bad where I see some guys do not put in good cards to keep higher handicap, like if they have 40 stab ford points and know there a higher score in so they bow out. Thing that irks me is guys on 25 + handicap play 6 /7 times a month and only play comp on medal day hoping they can win it, hard giving people 14 shots when they hav
  6. I use a Puma staff bag, great bag clubs don't jam up when taking then out , and heaps off room for all accessories and balls etc.
  7. Hope the new shaft works out, let know the outcome. Played today my TM driver was on song, but a couple irons shots off the par three's were pretty awful.
  8. Another one those days, was playing well, then put 2 in the water on the 17th par 3 finished with a 8 , then par the last to have a 87. Seem lately I have one bad hole each round which is annoying when you play well rest of the holes.
  9. Had game on Sunday with a guy who using a Aldila Shaft king cobra 10.5 head driver think said was a 60 gram regular, but he in his late fifties and did he get some yardage out it, I hit my TM aeroburner around the 230 mark most times (I am late sixties), he was constantly about 30/40 in front of me so reckon you choice off shaft might be good one. The parting conversation for day was great drives, but sad about your wedge play, I shot 81 he was + 85. Just remember length not everything.
  10. Finding a driver that suited can be some what of a marathon, over past 3 odd years I changed driver quite few times and at a reasonable cost, I tried the SLDR in 10.5 with a diamana red shaft but it was not for me, then a ping G25 with a TFC 189 R shaft but could not control it, then a Titleist 915D with a Diamana red 50 was a big disappointment it never got to a course only hit it on the range, sold it real quick. Then I picked up a Cleveland custom black with a bassara E 50 R shaft great driver for tight courses you can put the ball off tee on a sixpence out around the 200m. Looking for more
  11. I would like a spare Diablo in the back room, not that mine looks like failing, mine is classed as 4 wood is like 15.5deg had it now a few years, think I keep a eye out to see if I can pick up another one, give the idea of new model a miss.
  12. Well Stenson is back with the Diablo in his bag for the Valspar, guess the GBB Epic did not fill the card, my Diablo still in my bag and think it be permeant furniture.
  13. Home course shot 79, blew out with a triple bogie on 16th then finished par, birdie so was happy with finish to have good score with only one bad hole.
  14. Altitude,small greens, a course that can bit the aggressive player will make for a interesting four days, some people might find the altitude oppressive, change in altitude +4500 ft. can take time to adjust. Being at 7600/800 ft. will take some adjustment in body and mind.
  15. Rain playing havoc with the Honda , hope for a fine Sunday and some good golf.
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