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  1. Big Bang Theory Homeland Shameless The walking Dead
  2. I try to tee off at 530 AM just to avoid the endless waiting after every shot! I am done and home by 10 or 1030 and gives me plenty of time for other things!
  3. i put mine in but was unable to get a link. you can see i am in the group though. thanks frank
  4. Hello All I am selling my Flak Jacket XLJ Golf Sunglasses & Accessories. They are perfect! Item Specifics Frames grey smoke with black nose and ear rubber One extra set of grey rubbers Flack jacket xlj vr 28 golf lens Nano Lens Cleaner Total cost new was $288 I'd be willing sell for $125 shipped CUS Paypal only Thanks Frank
  5. 32 and snowing was the coldest. As for keeping the balls warm I use hand warmers in the cooler portion of my bag along with a couple of balls. I use my driver adjustment tool to punch a hole in the ground for the tee.
  6. I shot 77 qualifying for my club championship. The par is 72 and was playing at 6900. This was also my lowest round ever.
  7. it seems to me that my hybrid (nike vrs 18) goes a little further than my 4 iron, but it rolls forever
  8. It's been five months since I purchased my Nike VRS irons so I thought I would share the highlights. I also went with the VRS line for driver and utility. I have gone from a 16.9 to an 11.9 I shot 77 in my qualifying round for my club championship Placed third in the championship (first time in match play) They might not be for everybody, but they suit me. I love these clubs!
  9. I have played twice since purchasing these and could not be happier. They are long and forgiving, but was still able to feel the ball on the face. I was able to move the ball a bit, but mainly they are straight! When I went to test and buy clubs I never thought I would test let alone buy the Nike product. I love the look at address as well as the black and red....
  10. So I will start from the beginning.... I purchased my clubs at TGW because I have had good luck there in the past as well as the guarantee which allows you to return them for full price in 60 days for another set. The fitting process was pretty cool and was the first time I had taken the time to do it. They fit me for shaft and lie angle and it turns out I am 2 degrees upright. I was able to try every club that was in the GI and SGI range and choose the Nike VRs over the Cobra Amp. Shot dispersion was pretty close on the two, but the Nike just "felt" a
  11. My new irons came in and can't wait to get out and bang around Saturday morning! This day can't go by fast enough!
  12. have not played the D25 yet, but the c25 were straight and long....
  13. try the wilson staff C25. straight and long.....
  14. simple rule i was taught not that long ago by a wise person(my wife). When you run into three a$$holes in one day the third one is you, GO HOME!
  15. Does anybody have an update on this? I'm looking to upgrade from my I Golf to this....
  16. OK so I'm in a "team" league match and our opponent ball hits his partners bag beside the green. the ruling would be? thanks
  17. i have an i golf neo ...$99. simple and easy to use. also very small. http://www.igolf.com/store/hardware/Bushnell_Neo_Plus/89/
  18. just got a ping Scottsdale y worry .......LOVE IT
  19. I just bought the k 15 after getting "fitted" at the the golfer warehouse. Based on a bunch of swings with a K 15 I was given 4 different combinations of the K15 and G15. I was then able to make an informed decision as to which club would be more consistent on the course. As I said in the beginning I bought the K 15 and was hoping that the computer generate choice would work. Well, I just got back from playing my first nine with it and ........YEAH BABY! I went from hitting 33% to 83% of the fairways, the one miss being 5 yards off the fairway. Needless to say this was a small sample, but I am
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