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  1. Scotsclaff

    2017 Masters Tournament

    That's right his putt wasn't to win it. Regarding play offs,at the The Open they have a 4 hole stroke play scenario which makes sense because they have daylight until 10pm at night and the fans who paid their tickets get to enjoy it. Any play off on Monday sees empty stands and the poor ****ers who paid their money go away with a bitter taste in their mouths due to not seeing the conclusion . So many play offs at the Masters sees the best player come through apart from Larry Mize. An 18 hole play off works for me,as I can watch it live on TV,**** the poor fans who have taken time off work,saved money and organised babysitters to go to the event. To my friend Iacas,thanks for banning me again for voicing an opinion.I would have loved to join the banter during the final round of the Masters...unfortunately you are a snowflake panderer. UH OH !! banned gain.
  2. Scotsclaff

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    A girly reporting on golf. Meh!! FFS!

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