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  1. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    I figured out that in some shots my left arm had the tendance to do the chicken wing a little bit and on bad shots I recognized my upper body did not turn enough. So In the past couple of sessions I started working on a more connected follow through and finish. now if I want to achievea descent finish I am forced to turn my upper body properly and my left arm is really staying close to my left side Although I have the feeling that this new finish would make me shorter, if at all, the opposite is the case. It only feels shorter since its more compact but due to the compact follow through I feel more control over the ball and the ball contact is also a lot crisper.
  2. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    So this happened today, got the feeling I am getting to the target site more easy and that contact improved quite a lot. Ballfight is still pretty neutral which is nice. Got a pretty descent feeling about the swing at the moment. But as usual, I am always open for drills or ways to improve :D Thanks a lot for your help
  3. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    @mvmac cool, perfect I will try it, but i guess I won't have much trouble with that position, because I think thats actually somewhat the position I was in before I tried to get my right shoulder turn more back But I will try the drill anyhow :)
  4. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    @mvmac Wow cool, really nice comparison, I guess My upper body got a little bit more upright when I was trying to get my right shoulder a little bit more back as well. I probably need to develop the feeling of turning into my right side. Finally some new pieces I can work on during the preparation of the season. I really appreciate all your help, awesome! Thanks so much.
  5. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Ok, this morning I tried the wall drill and hit some balls into the net and guess what @mvmac again a super good and easy drill which I guess really helps to get to my left side. additionally I tried out to make my transition smoother and develop the feeling to start accelerating a little bit later in the downswing. I had the impression I was hitting it as good as never so I had to go to the range and check out the actual ball flight. It was crazy due to the smoother transition I got the feeling of swinging with less power in a better rhythm but still the ball went super long. I brought only my 5 iron, but that went carry to a flag which stands at about 175meter so 190 yards. Really crazy feeling since I did not have the feel to swing it hard.
  6. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    @mdl Yeah, I see your point and its a good one too. Thanks so much for your input :) I just tried it a little and by straightening the back leg more pushes the rest of my lower body more actively towards the target. Quite I nice move indeed. But I guess in order to build that into my swing I really need to do all the other parts 100% naturally, so I can totally focus on it. At my point those pieces are still in the fine tuning category.
  7. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    @mvmac cool, I will try that, hopefully again one of your very effective drills :) I guess, turning the hips more around with less sway will get me better to the target side as well. @mdl du you mean more like a squat move? I guess I understand what you mean. The thing is, I don't want to have to many "construction sites" at once. I did quite a lot of changes in takeaway, plane and path in order to fight the pull recently. Plus I am trying to reduce the early release. I guess I am only able to work on one, max two pieces at the time so I will try tighten these changes and try out the hip drill of mvmac. And when I got that right I will address the leg/knee movement. Its definitely on the list, never ending story that golf swing :D But its awesome fun
  8. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Ok this early release and the overall picture of the swing yesterday didn't let me sleep well :P so I went out into the rain and tried to grind it some more, and guess what I like the results, so good sleep tonight :P Less early release, follow through more fluent Bad camera angle and as well slightly toe hit but more lag, and more fluent then yesterdays :D
  9. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    All day it was raining over here in Germany but thank god when I left uni it stopped. Usually its the other way round :P So time for a quick training session. I filmed both front and back. Unfortunately the angle of the back view is a little bit offline. My goal is to really get a feel for the swing and to make it really smooth so it will be pressure resistent as well. Although playing wise I really got it going, in some situation its getting to hectic and I tend to fall back into old patterns. I guess to one point thats kind of normal and takes time on the other hand I want it as fast as possible what is also kind of normal for my personality :P But I mean thats maybe the psychologic lesson I get for free :P @iacas The thing what I really still want to improve is the release, I would love to hold the lag angle just a little longer but I don't get it.
  10. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    @iacas unfortunately I only got an old front on view from November. I will film a recent one soon. The last month I put the focus more on plane and path to get rid of the pulled shots which fortunately seems to work quite well with the right "feelings"
  11. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Hey guys happy new year to all of you! I am still working on the drills mvmac sent me, really really good if someone has difficulties with the right shoulder turn and dipping of the head. In order to cure the pull shot which occurs when I am trying to hit it really hard or pressure I added a little bit more of an insight hand path in my takeaway but allowing the club still to be on the outside and forward of the hands. This then helps in transition to keep the club "behind". As well I am using the image, of a wall behind me on which I am trying to pull the club along for as long as possible. With those in mind I can really go for it and have the security not to pull it :D
  12. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    I tried out a drill I saw on youtube, really worth giving it a try to get a good feeling for transition an weight shift. I am doing my backswing with a very narrow stance and as soon as I reach the top, I step into the downswing.
  13. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    Hey thanks again for the good drills! Got the feeling they are improving balance and rhythm quite well :)
  14. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    yeah on the backswing I guess the problem is my left knee, it won't get forward towards the ball enough :( In the downswing and follow through the hips are opening and I am getting to the left side without any problems.
  15. My Swing (JaNiclas)

    It seems to be really hard to open up my hips without losing much of my balance somehow, was trying to give it all I can yesterday but didn't change much after all :(