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  1. First round of the year on Sunday.Here's to the first step of the journey to breaking 100. Been striking the ball well at the range this week, hopefully it transfers over to the course. Hopefully I pick up where I left off last year with my 101 but I'm not getting my hopes up. How's everyone year been so far?
  2. I played my first round of golf ever mid-summer last year and ended up shooting a 110 which I thought was actually really good for never getting lessons. The next 2 times out I couldn't even post a scorecard. Easily was shooting over 150-175 and just flat out quit after having to pick up my ball every single hole. My dad immediately took me to get lessons the next day. After around 5-6 individual lessons I played my 4th and last round of golf for the year and shot a 55-46 for a 101. Couldn't believe how well the lessons improved my game. Going out for the first round of the season in a couple
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