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  1. I found a "refurbished" Pro v1 on the course in some deep grass. It looked brand new. My Son noticed the refurbished lettering. I hit it into a par 3. When we got up there the ball had a hole in it. Inside it looked like the ball was rotten leather skinned, and dipped in white paint. I'll see if I still have it and get a pic.
  2. One thing that gets me out of the zone is certain conversation. I like to talk, but when someone asks " would you rather have this car or that car? ", and then they commence to giving a 30 minute explanation of the different options. Really!!!!!! On Law & Order they don't interrogate someone that harsh. It like someone reading you an 800 page book that you care nothing about. When that starts, I'm ready to go home.
  3. You'll like that Cobra 5-7 wood. Also, as you get better you won't outgrow it. I can hit a 3 wood if there is green grass and a fluffy lie. Lately I'm experimenting with different 3 woods, and have better luck with the low profile ones. The large (tall) face ones are like a mini driver. Good for fluffy lies and tee shots.
  4. Thanks, I'm gonna try this. After an injury to my right shioulder a few years ago, I quit extending my arms. This should get me back to an extension.
  5. The group this guy plays with say that he's had that same swing for 35+ years. It does look like a possible cover up for an injury. I do know that he has a Cobra driver that is way offset. He bought another Cobra driver that was offset through weighting, and hosel adjustments. The proshop had it adjusted for a max hook, and he still was hitting a straight/fade, unless he closed the face. That tells me he must have a death-tight grip on the club.
  6. Here is a sketch of how it looks. My Son says it's closed more than that. When this guy swings, his body looks like he is throwing a heavy bag of cement into the back of a truck. Thanks for all of the info? I wouldn't say anything to him, just wondered how/why. I'm glad to see people still playing at his age. It is funny though, he trys to tell everyone what they need to do.
  7. I have watched an older guy play. He is in his late 70's. When he goes to address the ball, he closes the face around 20-25* degrees. He hits his shots real short and fairly straight. His backswing is short, also. He takes the club back. When it is pointing straight up in the air, he starts swinging down. He does this with all of his clubs, except putter.
  8. I have a set of Top Flite Tour Titanium irons. These are Pro clubs like Payne Stewart played. They dont, and never did sell these at Walmart. I hit them every now and then. Great clubs.
  9. I play til it's lost or scuffed. Usually, lost. I pick up stray balls and play them, if not scuffed. Save all my scuffed for shag bag.
  10. I have a cobra amp cell 5-7 wood. It is set on 6 wood. I can hit it high 210 yards off of a tee, and, it lands like a sack of potatoes. Or, hit it regular and carry 225 off a tee. From the fairway it goes 215-220. It is a real versatile club. I bought it new, for $45 on Ebay.
  11. The drivers made by Cobra are hard to beat. You can get the ZL, Amp Cell, or Biocell, for $60-$100. They are adjustable and easy to hit.
  12. My Diadic Cleveland 53° wedge is real close to 80 yards, with a firm swing. With this swing it flys high, and drops without much roll.
  13. Not a good 230. About 25 foot off of the ground. It bounces about 10 times and rolls the last 30 yards. I still hope I can play at that age. Jack
  14. My Father in law uses a 7 & a 9. He is 74 years old. His driver only goes about 230. On some par 3's he is on and putting for birdie. His usual score 70-76, for 18 holes.
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