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  1. One. Sept 18th 2001. 175 yards over water with a tail wind. 9-iron. Ironically that's my x's birthday.
  2. Burning Tree in the DC area. La Costa Wolf Creek in Mesquite NV. The original Desert Inn in Vegas (now redesigned as the Wynn)
  3. Driving Accuracy Percentage: 54.3% - 178th on tour
  4. Wie finished ahead of Annika? So she WON the US OPEN and Annika didn't? WTF???
  5. My local deal is pretty good. With a $75 yearly pass I can play about 12 courses for $20 walking, $31 riding...
  6. I don't believe in superstitions. They're bad luck.
  7. No problem giving up the nuts since I'm done with them.
  8. I used intelligolf for a while but I'm also a mac user and got too irritated having to power up a windoze peecee POS to take advantage of it. I'm writing my own software which will be available online soon, and free.
  9. As a 2 I get clocked by handicappers.. For the last couple of years I'm much more happy only entering in tourneys or matches which are GROSS ONLY. If I lose then fine but I'm not going to to give a 24 handicap 2 strokes on a par 5 and have to eagle the damn thing to tie his par.
  10. As a member of 3 clubs who have match play there are a couple of thoughts I have. 1. One club has a 2pm start time on the final day the match is to be played. If you and your opponent never set up a time you show up at 2pm the last day. By 2:15-2:30 of your opponent doesn't show you win by default. 2. The club in which I'm president will be DQing BOTH players in matches that do not end on the date specified. It's the only way to make sure things finish on time and we send a winner to the local tournament of champs. I would have told the dude that we play on the date specified or he f
  11. She's only carrying 11 clubs in the bag.
  12. I'm not in one, I'm in three. I have lots of GREAT friends and tons of great experiences with my buddies from my leagues.
  13. Golf is 90% mental, and the other 10% is just in your head...
  14. I have the gitters big time in tournaments. The problem is I KNOW I'm capable of good golf and I want it SO bad that I get really intense. On shots that are normally cake for me, like say a 3 foot putt, I'm very nervous. The more times you go through it and experience it the easier it gets.
  15. Every couple of months I go through about a 2 week period of INSANE driving. I'm talking 340-350 with NO thought at all. Then suddenly it disappears back to 280-300. It's either timing or hitting it RIGHT on the sweet spot. I'd love to bottle that and do it all year.
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