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  1. Popped up a few times on Google so I checked it out.
  2. Majority of the time its a Pro V1 or V1X. But I've been playing others lately to see if I can get something else working for me.
  3. Agreed. The '07 Burner fairway woods are incredible and you can find great deals on them. I'm in the process of picking up one to match my 5 wood.
  4. I agree with you, a heavier wedge is a must for me. I've tried every wedge and the Nike line, Vokey, and Cleveland wedges seem to be the best. Try some out and see what fits you best. Good luck!
  5. 41-41 for an 82. Missed an ace by 14" on number 11. My round after that felt great and I felt like everything was working.
  6. Nice find, but I will one up you haha. Found a 58* SM Vokey in the used section at Carls Golfland. The club hardly looked hit at all, like you said less than 10 balls had been hit. I looked over the thing cause I never believed it was only 35$. One of the best deals I have ever found.
  7. Haha exactly what I thought of.
  8. 84 today. Had an awesome pitch in and a nice lag that ended up dropping in. Beat most of the heat and was out at 8 this morning.
  9. Played at 8 this morning and shot a 41-43-84. Hooked a few tee shots which is unlike me, got it working after a few holes. Putting was a little bit off but that also seemed to get better as the round progressed.
  10. I've hit both wedges and they're both great. The forged one felt a tiny bit smoother when hit to me, but that's just me. As for the Nike 3 wood, I agree with golfro. I prefer all of Nike's older models than the Dymos and everything else they have released.
  11. MI Rob

    Kobe Bryant

    Kobe is definatly my favorite player, he always hits "that" shot. Hopefully the Lakers win the Finals and he wins Finals MVP. Got this shirt when it came out lol
  12. Thanks to all active service members and Veterans. My Grandfather Marine who was on Iwo Jima, Father in the Navy, Aunt in the Air Force and best friend in the Navy.
  13. Get the irons if you hit them better than the MP 57s, but not if you just want everything to match. Nothing at all wrong with all matching clubs, I do like the look of it.
  14. Thanks for that Dominic. I live about 10-15 minutes south of there I will check it out.
  15. I had a great weekend up there. Very pleased with EVERYTHING they have to offer. We left later than expected so we could only fit in 18 on saturday on the Signature and had to sit out the rain sunday morning and played 18 on the Fazio. Besides some crazy flys and mosquitos because of it being spring, the courses were outstanding. I will definatley be going back.
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