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  1. I swore on a golf course a couple times:)
  2. Justin Rose played with style, and carried himself with grace and class: well done, Justin.
  3. David Duvall is being very gracious about Jordan: some of these other golf channel guys have rocks in their heads: Chamblee is so bitter: he acts like he needs a high colonic.
  4. Congratulations, Jordan! Rory showed class and grit, Phil played great, Tiger did good, and I'm really happy that Charlie Hoffman qualified for next year's Masters: he did really good, especially given the fact that he played the last two days with Jordan and Phil: great job, Charlie!
  5. There are considerate people and nice golf courses on planet earth: One just has to wade through the Greedies to get there, same as any other place they smell money:)
  6. That gal in the"Hannah and her Horse" commercial is molten lava: they're trying to get us to endure the commercials. Golf Channel is ninety percent commercials, with the occasional golf shot thrown in.:)
  7. Hubba Hubba:) I don't know about Tiger's coach.
  8. Anybody know where the radio coverage is?
  9. Conversation between Zen caddie and Zen golfer, on the eighteenth fairway, for the Win. Caddie: "Club?" Player: "I see the shot on the canvas of my mind, trackless, as the sky is, to a flock of birds." Caddie: "Indeed: Who is the you you were before you were born? Club?" Player: "Indeed, the same one as the father who makes the grass green. Six Iron.":)
  10. Maybe some of these guys just aren't as fanatical about winning as we think they should be. I think my expectations of them are more about me, and my projections on them, than them.
  11. Yep: fantasy, is right: pretty hypocritical, a bunch of lounge lizards, still mad that a black guy kicked their butts for years: he's, still, pretty darned good, Tiger:)
  12. I don't so much dislike Tiger, as find him hard to like: I, definitely, understand frustration. He is what he is: I do better when I don't have expectations.
  13. Thanks for the pin sheets, guys! How cool!
  14. Why not just give a hand, and keep it to yourself? These guys can be so insecure: does everything have to be a urination contest?
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