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  1. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver! Dustin Johnson -14 Jordan Speith -13 Justin Rose -12
  2. thanks for the incite I'm getting better with my wedges, but I'm still not comfortable and the strange thing is I'm a pretty good putter.
  3. My controlled distances on average with forged clubs is low I guess, but I'm more consistent i know these are high numbers, but its the truth. Im not trying to be arrogant but I am 6'4" with a 36in vertical I'm athletic and flexible I'm similar build to Dustin Johnson. The reason why my handicap is high is because I am not accurate with my wedges and irons, I think because I have to change my posture so much with smaller clubs cause of my height. I don't know but Im trying to dial it back and score better. average (max everything i got) Driver: 275 310 3 wood: 250 280 5 iron: 215 230 7 iron: 193 210 8 iron: 170 190 Pitch: 135 151 52 degree 110 130 Driver: Nike Covert limited edition X Stiff 3-Wood: Callaway XR Stiff 3-Hybrid: Nike Covert Stiff Irons: Nike Pro combo Stiff 1in longer 52 Wedge: Nike x groove 56 Wedge: Cleveland 588 RTX 60 Wedge: Cleveland 588 RTX Putter: Odyssey mallet
  4. I'm long because I'm 6'4" athletic and strong but I'm terrible at scoring
  5. I think you all make good points. I've been told that the reason why I can hit the ball far is because I'm 6'4", so I have a lot of leverage. I'm pretty much the same build as Dustin Johnson. Im athletic but it does not translate into golf very well for me. I can get good distances because I have a coach, but even he has a hard time keeping me on plane consistently. I am starting to concentrate more on accuracy because distance does not mean any thing if you can't score, which is my main problem.
  6. My controlled distances on average with forged is low I guess but I'm more consistent: average max Driver: 275 310 3 wood: 250 280 5 iron: 215 230 7 iron: 193 210 8 iron: 170 190 Pitch: 135 151 52 degree 110 130
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