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  1. Optimized launch conditions have a lot to do with driving distance. We took a GPS around the course with my friend and measured his driving average for that round to be around 320 yards. His swing speed is around 120, maybe slightly over. Compare that with JB and Bubba and the numbers are similar. He's a great ball striker and a scratch handicap, so that explains a lot as well. He also hits a high launch low spin sweeping hook. On the converse, my ss is around 115 and I struggle to average 290 off the tee, even while striking the ball very well. I have low launch med/high spin launch conditions, which would explain that. However, if I tee it up high and really try to hit up on the ball I can move it almost as far as my ridiculously long friend, but I can't control it. The people who are getting all bent out of shape about how far people claim to hit it need to calm down. Keep in mind that most tour pros play a little more spin on their drives, which helps with control. The guys who bomb it, like Bubba, Phil, and JB, are getting high launch low spin. Anyway, I've sacrificed some distance for control over the last year (I think I posted earlier in the thread with my all-out numbers), so these are my stock numbers at the moment: Driver: ~285 3 wood: 265 3 hybird: 235 4 iron: 215 5 iron: 200 6 iron: 185 7 iron: 175 8 iron: 165 9 iron: 155 PW: 145 54 deg wedge: 120 60 deg wedge: 90 64 deg wedge: 75
  2. Tiger, Camilo, Sergio, and Jamie Sadlowski.
  3. I golf so much that I tend to have 1 or 2 remarkable shots every year. This year I have two that come to mind: A chip in for birdie and about 500 dollars on mens night: the birdie pot hole was playing really difficult; 210 into the wind to a narrow green, little room for error. I was in jail off the tee, short and right. Had to chip about 10 feet uphill to the green with the pin cut about 30 yards away from me. Dunked it. Driving the green on the par 4 ninth at my course: 350 yards uphill, never drove that hole before, hit probably the sweetest drive of the year into the heart of the green.
  4. This summer I sacrificed a week to work 12 hours every day for my parents because they needed the help. As a reward, this Christmas I get an entire new set of golf clubs, including: New driver, most likely 909 D3 Taylormade burner T3 wood, 14.5* Mizuno mp 32 3-pw Vokey Spin Milled 54, 58, and 62 Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2
  5. Try a proV1 and if it's still not spinning, it's you. A good ball striker can get a proV1 to spin back with a walmart wedge.
  6. Chances are good that your upper body is moving forward in the downswing to produce a steep angle of attack. This is good for iron shots, but bad for the driver. Focus really hard on keeping your upper body and head behind the ball when you hit your driver and that will promote an ascending strike, which is ideal for the driver. When my driver isn't working I can usually fix it by focusing on staying behind the ball.
  7. I'm a wolverine, no questions asked. I aim at flags no matter how far out I am. Even with 3 wood, I'm aiming straight at the pin. I'll always pick the risky shot that looks cool over the high percentage shot. 60 footer from the fringe? The putter stays in the bag. I'll try to carry it 58 feet with my 64 degree wedge and have it dance around the pin. I'm almost sure I could be a + handicap if I played smarter, but it's just not my personality. The only benefit to my style of play is that when I actually NEED to hit a flop shot or crazy spinner I have no trouble with it because I get so much practise on those shots.
  8. some sort of caddygear junior driver, big birtha hawkeye, ping g2, cleveland hibore (the original) I'm still playin the hibore, though I'll have a new driver for spring. I'm pretty sure it will be a 909 D3. :)
  9. I love that hackers play them. I can go in the bush and get them free.
  10. I love my 64* callaway. It's my go-to club for touch shots that require a ton of spin from short distances. I have a specialty shot where I open the face flat and whif the club under the ball, letting the grooves grab it while the club is hitting the ball with the face almost parallel to the ground. It's too much loft for a flop so the grooves grab the ball and throw it forward low with a TON of spin. I've gotten 20 foot chips to spin back 4 feet with it. My only beef with the 64* is that I have to take my 3 iron or 3 wood out of the bag to play it. I'm thinking of changing to a 54, 58, 62 set up to get the best of both worlds.
  11. You need to stop spending so much time ripping on superior golfers and work on your golf game. Esp that ugly swing (and 36 handicap) of yours.
  12. -45 celsius here (-50 fahrenheit). Damn you Canadian winter.
  13. Personally I can't hit a club consistently if I don't like the look of it at address. I hit my mp-32's far better and more consistent than my old callaway x-12's and my titleist 704 cb's. I know an mp-32 isn't a "true" blade, but it's the closest thing you'll find in left handed. Besides, it looks damn near identical at address.
  14. I block more shots than you can imagine. I think you need to swing from the inside to block a shot. With the inside path you don't release the club properly and blammo: a push straight right (or left in my case).
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