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  1. Not a chance to get on a course by your self. Rules are 3 or more people unless someone cancels, then you can go out in two's. But that is not the problem. I only get one day a week, so I need to get to the practice range on weekdays after 8 pm. That is why I need a mat that will mimic grass on a course. And BTW, golf is not on the decline at all here.
  2. I take quite a big divot each time I hit an iron from 6-7 iron up. How about these mats? http://www.realfeelgolfmats.com/
  3. Here in Japan, I have never seen a practice range that does not have mats instead of grass. I tend to hit down on the ball which in some instances can cause jarring of the hands. So by the end of the session it seems my swing has adapted to hitting off the mat. Then I go to a course and it takes me half a round to get back to hitting the way I do. So over the last year when I go to a range, I just hit my driver and spoon, no irons and my golf is better for it. Thing is, I still need to practice my irons. Any suggestions? Is there a mat that mimics grass out there?
  4. Shot a 76 today with 31 putts!!! On top of that, only one 3 putt. Ball striking of my irons was not as good as I have been playing of late today. Still managed to throw in a double bogey as well. On the up side, 4 birdies.
  5. I voted yes. Married 16 years, my wife hates the game, but if it gets me out of the house she does not complain. I think it is just a case of priorities, make sure you put family first in most cases and there should not be a problem.
  6. I agree, definitely a mental issue, but I guess I tend to over read those short ones. In the name, Japan.
  7. Probably average about 30ft. I am pretty sure I am reading them correct, but I must admit I leave a fair few putts short of the hole on those 4 footers. I get worried that I will go too far past the hole and be left with another putt I don't want. So I guess it is taking the safe route and NOT hitting a 4 putt, but obviously that does nothing for my score.
  8. Yes, I tend to hit a good share of greens, but like you said, most are over 15ft from the hole and more. Lately I have been blowing out my scores with an untimely OB which results in a double or even tripple bogey. One of my recent games I had 14 pars with 3 doubles and one tripple. Had a few 3 putts in there as well. No , chip most times unless the the ball in on nice short fringe grass or is relatively flat around the green and the grass is very short beyond the fringe (Very rare) And I am only counting strokes when I am actually on the green. Put it this way, I blow about 3 o
  9. Hey all, so over the last six months I have averaged 37 putts per round with an average score of 79. I have come to the conclusion that I suck at putting. Anyone have any advise on how to improve this? And BTW, my most missed putt is usually within 4ft, which of coarse entrails a 3 putt.
  10. I don't think I have ever worried about what another guy was doing. I am too caught up on trying to get my game on. Just enjoy YOUR game and it will be that much better. Cheers.
  11. 385 yards into the rough, about 380 yards carry.
  12. My nipples, they always rub on any type of shirt. Honest answer.
  13. Why is the hole in the middle of the fairway?
  14. Raining wet and cold, par 72 、6,693 yards back tee. Just about every tee shot on the front nine out of bounds, only the par 3's were not. Just could not get into the rythum. But, the back I shot my best ever round, I could do no wrong except a 3 put on of all the holes , the 18th. Nerves got me I think. Front nine 53, 7 out of bounds Back nine 34, 3 birdies, 5 pars , 1 bogey Total 87,
  15. I have played about 40 or there abouts times thus far ,this year. Usually once a week, sometimes twice. There are plenty of golf coarse's once you get out of the big cites. The average cost for a round where I tend to go is about $160-$200 lunch included. Some of the expensive places are well over $300 lunch included. But, that said ,there are some coarse these days that you can get on for about $70-$80. But the quality is not good and they are usually very short. Yeah, golf ranges are a sport in its self, not every one can afford to go to a coarse every week. Sorry my bad, I read it and just
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