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  1. 3 that I will make an attempt to see each Christmas: Scrooged Its a Wonderful Life Christmas Vacation
  2. The unbelievably hot Megan Fox...
  3. My personal belief is that each man or woman must decide for themselves what his or her purpose is. For my purpose, I choose: 1. To live each day to my full potential, whether I be at work or at play. 2. To be the best husband and father I can be. 3. To win as many skins and sides in my weekly foursome as I can. Oh, and I'm pretty fond of yoga pants too. ;-)
  4. 11 GIRs...haven't hit my irons this well in some time!
  5. I'll be there on Sunday myself! For Father's Day, one of my sons bought me 2 tickets for the final round. I've never played Pinnacle, just driven by it many times...beautiful course! Looking forward to watching some live women's golf...I've never had the chance to see the ladies tee it up. Like Kyle, I'm excited and curious to see how well they hit it.
  6. Worst shot I ever witnessed: The guy was a total windbag, which makes the story much funnier...always bragging about elite courses he'd played and low rounds he'd shot. I never saw him break 90. So he is with a driver in hand from the tee box...the ball goes straight between his legs, ricochets off the ball washer behind him, and nails him in the back of the leg. Man, it was hard not to scream with laughter while he's hopping around the tee box grabbing his leg.
  7. Hi Titan and welcome aboard!
  8. Welcome aboard Harry...enjoy!
  9. Hi Brendan...welcome aboard!
  10. Hello Nathan and welcome aboard!
  11. As near as I can figure, its about 95. In over 30 years of playing, I'm sure I'm forgetting some courses. The majority of these are in Oklahoma, but I've also played courses in CA, NV, AZ, TX, MO, AR and KS. Only one international trip where I played...Ottawa, Canada.
  12. Hello Brown and welcome aboard!
  13. Hello @Shakester...wel come aboard!
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