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  1. Golf season is in full swing (pun intended). Use those unused vacation days and plan a golf getaway weekend with your buddies. But what if that requires you to fly? Airlines do allow you to check your golf bag.. but at a cost. So you've put together a guide that will make flying your clubs less of a hassle. In your opinion, what's the best airline to use when flying your clubs? Click here---> http://goo.gl/verXJK
  2. For those of you looking to fill Wisconsin on your course map, we recommend these 5 courses: http://lp.golfmiles.com/wisconsin
  3. We've all been following the coverage and without a doubt, this major at Chambers Bay will be one we won't forget. All experts have their pick for who will the 2015 U.S. Open this weekend. You may think Rory McIlroy is overrated, but there is a reason he is the world's no. 1 golfer... BECAUSE HE CAN HIT A GOLF BALL OUT OF COLESLAW. No seriously this is unbelievable. ESPN's Sports Science set up the ultimate one-of-a-kind challenge course to test Rory's skills. And let me tell you he passes with flying colors. Click here to view the whole video -----> http://goo.gl/qNNnXr How do you think other players would do on this challenge? Here's what it looks like to hit a ball out of coleslaw... looks messy
  4. Thank you so much for the feedback, it is really appreciated. I think we can make it clearer on the website as to how much you will earn. We are adding gift cards as a reward next week. Just to give you an idea of the value: the minimum reward is a $5 gift card and on some tee times you can earn up to a $100 gift card on 1 foursome. I hope you play well this weekend and enjoy the US Open!
  5. We do not charge booking fees. We are adding gift cards next week.
  6. We do not charge booking fees. Next week we are adding gift cards as a reward along side Miles and Points
  7. -10 back nine...wow!!! If somebody who we never heard of scored -16, surely in the next 50 years, a top pro on a easy course can shoot -18?
  8. It seems nowadays we are capable of booking and ordering anything we want online or through our phones. Thanks to GrubHub, fulfilling my late night munchies has never been easier. And let’s be real, when was the last time you called a hotel to book a room? So in this day in age, when we try to avoid human contact at all costs, why do golfers still call golf courses to book tee times? At Golfmiles we are building the best online tee booking engine and we'd love feedback from golfers like you guys! QUESTION: What don’t you like about booking tee times online? Happy Golfing, Sarah Social Media Guru & Marketing Assistant
  9. Thanks for the comments. It would be interesting if the PGA held a tournament with the aim of reaching -18. Let's just say they set the course up easy and limited it to 7,000 yards max. I think it would make for an exciting couple of days!
  10. I believe it is but I think I will be an old man before it happens! Physical side: I think golfers are close to the physical limits of how far they can hit the ball and play the game. Sure there are a few guys like Rory and Bubba that stand out from the crowd but as my grandfather always said - 'Putt for Dough, Drive for Show'. A golfer can only get so big and hit it so hard before their accuracy levels deteriorate or worse still, they do long term damage to their body (Tiger). Equipment/Course side: There must be some inflection point in the (near) future where the rules officials / golf course owners realize that course economics do not work on 8,000 yard golf courses. Sure there will always be a few exceptions but on the whole people like to have fun playing golf. I know very few golfers who enjoy 500+ yard par 4s or 250+ yard par 3s. Equipment manufactures understandably want to sell you the next biggest and best driver but I think golfers realize that they are never going to hit it 250+ yards no matter what you put in their hands. That comes to the most important part of the game that pretty much everyone ignores! The mental side: Most professional golfers on any given day can shoot the best round of a tournament. So why is it that some pro's rank number one in the world and some rank 256th (Robert Rock, just incase you wanted to know). It is of course the mental side that really differentiates the best. This is where I think the most progress will be made in the next 20 years. This is how golfers will be able to achieve the magical -18. Golfers have been close but none have made it past -12 in a full top league pro tour event. Pro's over the last number of years have started to embrace the mental side of the game much more. Celebrity psychologists such as Bob Rotella has a queue of Pro's waiting for him on the putting green before every tournament. I think Pro's will lead the way on experimenting with the mental side of the game much more. Don't be surprised to see meditation tents at a PGA Tour event by 2050 . Love to hear your thoughts. Regards, Dave
  11. Hi Scott, We are adding courses every month but it is a slow process. We hope to have another 1,500 courses by August. In relation to the APP, we have a mobile responsive site and the APP will be ready for the 2016 season. In the next 2 weeks we are adding gift cards to the awards catalogue you can receive on each tee time. Have a great week and I am looking forward to the US open. I think Graeme McDowell, Retief Goosen or Justin Rose have a good chance. Chambers Bay is now on my Bucket List. Best Regards, Dave Co-Founder
  12. Hi, Guys We are Golfmiles.com, a new golf booking engine started by two Irish fellows. We built the site to make golf easier by Charging NO Booking Fees Providing an easy 36 Hour Cancellation Policy And Rewards Golfers with Frequent Flier Miles every time they book (United, American, JetBlue, plus 6 others) We moved to Chicago a few months ago and would love to talk to Golfers here (and even invite you in-office for a coffee, free stuff, and a tee time or two. Thanks Asha Golfmiles.com
  13. Sorry about your golfnow experience. Please see our PM. We would love to talk with you.
  14. We all have friends and golfing buddies who fall into one of these stereotypes. I'm ashamed to admit this but I am the 'excuse guy.' Which golfer type drives you up a wall? http://tee.golfmiles.com/stereotypes-golf-dude/
  15. Awesome Poll Guys. You may have noticed our banners on the forum. We're a tee time booking engine that rewards golfers with airline loyalty points every time they buy a tee time. If you're interested in trying online booking visit our site or PM us and we'll see if we can get you setup with a free tee time (offer is limited).
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