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  1. Oh my word, that was so intelligent. I will politely bow out of your forum. Take care, and have a great season everyone.
  2. By the way, Iacas, you are in complete violation of your own statute. Just your avatar alone is a direct violation.
  3. I did not promote anything. Just because I own a website does not mean I'm trying to sell you something. I always put my website address in my signature. Promoting would have been me asking you to visit my site. Oh and by the way, I see plenty of advertisements on the sand traps behalf. maybe you should delete them too. But I doubt that's going to happen.or maybe you should just learn how to be a moderator.
  4. Exhausted, maybe, but I wouldn't put it past him to win this week as well. He's in the zone.
  5. Hi everyone...tried posting an introductory message and it got deleted? Also tried putting my name in my signature and it says I don't have permission? Thanks in advance for any help. -Poke.