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  1. I went to a fitter on Saturday, “The Complete Golfer” in White Plains, New York. The service and knowledge level was impeccable and I sincerely recommend it to everybody on this board. I shoot 100 as of now. I am playing with •Taylor Made RAC OS Irons- Regular Shaft •Taylor Made Rescue Dual 3 & 5: Regular Shaft •Calloway 11 Degree Driver – Regular Shaft I am right handed and my swing has become pretty consistent. However, I push a lot of balls out to the right. The fitter took several tests, on several machines, measuring everything from Swing Speed to ball speed, spin, etc etc… Hi
  2. My budget isn't tight. I'll spend money on something that is good, will help my game and will last a while. What's a decent amount to look to spend here?
  3. Are you referring to my existing clubs? Also...I plan on buying them in the next month or so, as I will be able to play every day for about 2 week at the end of the year.
  4. Hey guys... I'm forutnate to have one of those great wives who wants to get her husband a new set of irons for his birthday. I shoot about 100 or 105. I currently play with: -Big Bertha Driver -Taylor Made Rescue Dual # 3 -Taylor Made Rescue Dual # 5 (My favorite club...my baby...my hero) -Taylor made RAC OS Irons 4-sw(I don't normally hit the 4 or 5 iron, I usually hit the rescues instead) What do you recommend for new irons? I want something very forgiving and HIGH QUALITY set. I'll spend a grand if need be, because i know i'll have these clubs for years. What you recommend? (
  5. I like the Taylor Made Rac OS 2 for a beginner. You can get the set now for like $300!!! Throw in a couple of Hybrids and you are set.
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